deconstructing global warming and renewable energy nonsense …

Alarming alarmists have been caught out in recent days, propagandizing a scary story blaming CO2, David Suzuki doing his worst, which you can read here. First, Dr John Ray at Greenie Watch, on Suzuki’s rant: “In good Warmist style, David Suzuki’s latest relies heavily  on “ad hominem” abuse rather than any discussion of science.  Suzuki is however still popular in Canada so his fellow Canadian, Patrick Moore,  has written a reply”:

Ranting is all they have, as new EPA head, Scott Pruitt, led by President Trump’s ‘pen and phone’, starts to deconstruct the EPA agenda, driven by the previous Obama administration. Congress voted to support his agenda today.

The EPA tried to fool the American people into legislation that former House Speaker John Boehner at the time said, “is being shoved down the throats of hardworking people with no input, and places landowners, small businesses, farmers and manufacturers on the road to a regulatory and economic hell.”

Luckily, President Trump has made rescinding this exact regulation a priority. Just this week, Trump signed executive order Restoring the Rule of Law, Federalism, and Economic Growth by Reviewing the “Waters of the United States” Rule, to review the EPA’s overreach.

Trump announced, “EPA’s so-called Waters of the United States Rule is one of the worst examples of federal regulation and it has truly run amok and is one of the rules most strongly opposed by farmers, ranchers and agricultural workers all across our land…The EPA’s regulators were putting people out of jobs by the hundreds of thousands and regulations and permits started treating our wonderful small farmers and small businesses as if they were a major industrial polluter.”

As Trump removes the “navigable” waters rule the Obama Administration wanted, Congress is working to prevent government from attempting to fool citizens like this in the future.

Now by passing the Walberg legislation, the House is preventing this blatant public misinformation. By forcing agency heads to provide information regarding pending regulations to the public in a clear and concise way, Congress is following through on what Trump has begun; removing executive overreach and bringing government back to the people who provided consent to be governed.

The global warming nonsense is slowly being deconstructed by the adults now in charge. WUWT agrees:

Guest essay by Paul Driessen

Statue of Diogenes at Sinop, Turkey.

The Greek philosopher Diogenes reportedly carried an oil lamp during the daytime, the better to help him find an honest man. People everywhere should join Congress and the Trump Administration in search of honest energy and climate policies – as too many existing policies were devised by special interests seeking money and power, and often using imaginary problems to justify their quest.


Read them all.

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wild and free, horses in the Kimberley …

This post is inspired by a new follower, A Horse For Elinor. I have grown up with horses myself, all the way from a small private Primary school in Zimbabwe that taught horse care and riding, formerly Rhodesia, then in Australia, decades with little interaction other than the odd attendances of race meetings.

Eagle School was a wonderful boarding school, that closed due to terror activities in the late ’70s.

Horses have thrived in many regions of the Kimberley, developing into the tough and sure footed brumbies and wild horses today. They can now be found from the Blue Mountains in the East, the deserts of the heart of Australia and the heat of the Pilbara Iron Ore country.

‘Our own’ wild horses in the Broome and Kimberley region are beautiful, stunning, fascinating to watch and interact with, and this series of photos I hope do justice to our efforts to prevent the slaughter of these animals by the ‘authorities’.


The living world of Nature has always called to me,…

 Craig Downer, a mustang scientist from Nevada was one of the highlights of our agenda when he visited the Kimberley and toured the rest of Australia’s wild horses after leaving here. Some of my other ‘wild’ Broome friends come to check me out:

Craig Downer, pictured with my partner and horse lover and defender, who organized Craig’s Kimberley trip with me. ‘Smarty’ the ‘hound’ appreciates attention too.

These horses are mostly the progeny of those that were rescued from mustering in the extreme north of the Kimberley. Only one of the original is still here after 10 years, after natural attrition. They never mixed with other wild horses in the same area. They are now not so wild, once the colts and stallion were gelded. The fight goes on to stop the slaughtering of our wild horses from helicopters and adopt management plans instead, as advised by ecologist Craig Downer. Some pics from the Lake Gregory region near the Tanami Desert where Craig Downer visited.

It’s Australia’s shame that wild horses are treated so badly, many going back to descendants of WW1 where hundreds of thousands lost their lives in our quest to survive the cancer of oppressive governments.

It’s about time authorities invoked the management plans in the ecological papers published by Craig Downer. That goes for the US mustangs and burros too.

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Kimberley yellow …

Insects favorite colour is yellow. Yellow is the most often seen flower colour in the north west region of Western Australia, including hundreds of Acacia species.

plants-1744plants-1751 plants-1755 plants-445

Thespesia thespesioides

Thespesia thespesioides

plants-200 plants-769 plants-772 plants-840 plants-907 plants-1088 plants-1141

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wind industry denies science …

Wind power is not just a disaster to those countries and regions where they have been installed, but have trashed the environment where they are manufactured.

This toxic lake poisons Chinese farmers, their children and their land. It is what’s left behind after making the magnets for Britain’s latest wind turbines…

 Rare earth processing has shown just how much damage that the environmentalism and politics of the climate change pushers chuck at the rest of us.

 Science deniers in the wind industry

The human health consequences of manipulated measurements

Helen Schwiesow Parker, PhD, LCP

Like the tobacco industry before it, the wind industry has spent decades vehemently denying known harmful consequences associated with its product, while promoting its fraudulent feel-good image. Dismissing or denying the serious health impacts of industrial-scale wind turbines is wishful thinking, akin to insisting that tobacco is harmless because we enjoy it.

The problem with wind energy is not just its costly, subsidized, unreliable electricity; the need to back up every megawatt with redundant fossil-fuel power; or its impacts on wildlife and their habitats.

Infrasound (inaudible) and low-frequency (audible) noise (slowly vibrating sound waves collectively referred to as ILFN) produced by Industrial-scale Wind Turbines (IWTs) directly and predictably cause adverse human health effects.  The sonic radiation tends to be amplified within structures, and sensitivity to the impact of the resonance increases with continuing exposure.

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enhancing plant growth with CO2 …

Atmospheric increases of carbon dioxide are responsible for an enormous boost in crops and forests, resulting in Australia’s record crop yields in 2016. Grain crops have warmed to extra CO2 in a big way. Now latest papers show how 300parts per million more CO2 has an immense benefit in vegetable growing. Tomatoes show their love of extra atmospheric CO2 in latest research.

Cotton production too, is especially responsive to higher CO2:

How Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment Enhances Cotton Production (28 February 2017)
The topic is discussed by one of the premier researchers to explore the topic…

Go to the links and explore your favorite vegetable and see what use plants make of CO2.


Solanum fruit, an Australian native species.

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Greenpeace caught in fake ‘rhetoric’ …

Greenpeace gets caught out lying about forests and their relationships with extra carbon, temperature and the global warming scare in Court.

One case in Canada and another in the State of Georgia has found Greenpeace backpedaling fast on their forest destroying scare stories.

[…] No “forest loss” was caused by Resolute, the groups concede — now that they are being held accountable.

As the Financial Post also reported,

But now Greenpeace says it never intended people to take its words about Resolute’s logging practices as literal truth.

“The publications’ use of the word “Forest Destroyer,” for example, is obvious rhetoric,” Greenpeace writes in its motion to dismiss the Resolute lawsuit. “Resolute did not literally destroy an entire forest. It is of course arguable that Resolute destroyed portions of the Canadian Boreal Forest without abiding by policies and practices established by the Canadian government and the Forest Stewardship Council, but that is the point: The “Forest Destroyer” statement cannot be proven true or false, it is merely an opinion.”

In other words, Greenpeace is admitting that it relies on “non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion,” and because its claims are not meant to be factual, the group believes it cannot be held legally responsible for what it says.

 Wow! Former Greenpeace founder Dr Patrick Moore is scathing about the activists group for many years has plenty to say about their activist nonsense, uncovered by their evidence in Court.

Read the whole thing but this last part of the post on WUWT is very telling:

[…] It will come as no surprise that Greenpeace is also funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Rockefeller Family Fund, the same groups that have been bankrolling #ExxonKnew every step of the way.

Representatives from Greenpeace were in attendance at a secret strategy meeting in January 2016, held at the Rockefeller Family Fund offices in New York, where the activists met to brainstorm how “to establish in public’s mind that Exxon is a corrupt institution,” “delegitimize them as a political actor,” and “force officials to disassociate themselves from Exxon.”

A former member of Greenpeace’s Board of Directors, Kenny Bruno, last year tweeted,

“I don’t want to abolish Exxon. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.”

If it wasn’t already abundantly obvious, these latest developments just go to show how much credulity Greenpeace has.


I hope Resolute takes these eco-clowns for every penny they have and they get shut down. Like the case won against Gawker for defamation, they deserve it.

I completely agree.

canberra-073Update on Twitter:



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scientists break out from ‘consensus’ …

Common sense scientists make a request of President Trump. Three hundred signed up at last count and rising:

Richard Lindzen Petition to President Trump: Withdraw from the UN Convention on Climate Change


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Dr. Richard Lindzen has sent a petition to President Trump, asking the President to withdraw the United States from the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.

The petition contains the names of around 300 eminent scientists and other qualified individuals, including physicists, engineers, former Astronauts, meteorologists, immunology specialists, marine biologists, chemists, statisticians, doctors, military weather specialists, geologists, accountants, a former director of NASA, economists, soil specialists, mathematicians, hydrologists, environmental scientists, computer modelling specialists, and many more. It is a long list.

Let us hope that President Trump acts quickly on Dr. Lindzen’s request.

If anyone you know claims the climate debate is over, show them a copy of Dr. Lindzen’s petition.

Read it all and check the impressive list of those that signed up. “carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. “[…] To the contrary, there is clear evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful to food crops and other plants that nourish all life. It is plant food not poison.”

What I said here 6 years ago, with evidence:

Continue reading

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de-railing consensus …

I’M SO OLD, I CAN REMEMBER WHEN SCIENCE WAS SETTLED: Most scientists ‘can’t replicate studies by their peers.’

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Government can’t get us off sugar: Policies promoting sugar, in no small part, got us into this mess.

Inspired by my reading of Gary Taubes’ The Case Against Sugar.

CPAC Panel: Here’s The Part Of The Global Warming Debate Greens Don’t Want You To Know

Daily Caller News Foundation | Andrew Follett
Research green plants in the laboratory. (Shutterstock/science photo)

‘All EPA’s climate policies to date are futile’

The shoe is now on the other foot, as 300 scientists attack Trump’s opponents by requesting a pulling out of the UN climate consensus nonsense:

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desert style wilderness of the SE Kimberley …

Border country between WA and the Northern Territory close to where the Tanami Desert meets the Great Sandy Desert contains a large freshwater body called Lake Gregory.  Sturt Creek drains from Inverell Station in the NT all the way south to the lake. These images from previous trips have me wishing for a return soon. Click to enlarge. mulan-halls-creek-047 mulan-halls-creek-060 mulan-halls-creek-083 b e e1 mulan-halls-creek-120 mulan-halls-creek-128 mulan-halls-creek-137mulan-halls-creek-103 mulan-halls-creek-175 mulan-halls-creek-176 mulan-halls-creek-304mulan-halls-creek-170 mulan-halls-creek-197

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inadequate computer modeling causes global warming …

This latest paper is by famed climate scientist Judith Curry, dashes the climate model myth related to global warming. The models have failed to represent reality, so the warming agenda of the IPCC is falsified (pdf).

Anthony Watts reports:

New paper explains inherent flaws of computer models predicting future climate change London, 21 February: Claims that the planet is threatened by man-made global warming are based on science that is based on inadequate computer modelling. That is the conclusion of a new briefing paper published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). The…

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The first investigation into the failure of climate science is about to begin after new papers show solar activity is the control and not CO2: 20 New Scientific Papers Link Modern Climate Trends To Solar Forcing

It hasn’t stopped this fruitloop from waffling on. What a comedian.

Burnside chokes on warming ignorance

It is astonishing that Julian Burnside QC still thinks – after years of debate over global warming – still thinks we are talking about soot and not about carbon dioxide gas of the kind he exhales in vast quantities. “Our children and grandchildren will struggle to breathe if we don’t act sensibly and look at what the scientists are telling us.”


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