open spaces …

The NorthWest of Australia is renowned for it’s open spaces. Here are some of them:

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lower tides, sea level, caused recent coral bleaching …

Falling sea levels, not warming, is the cause of most bleaching of coral events in 2016.

This post by Jim Steele shows how corals are affected by El Nino events when the trade winds slacken that bring weather to the north Queensland region and Barrier Reef.

Makes sense. WUWT reports:

Guest essay by Jim Steele

Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism


[…] Indeed the Great Barrier Reef had also experienced falling sea levels similar to those experienced by Indonesian reefs. Visitors to Lizard Island had reported more extreme low tides and more exposed reefs as revealed in the photograph above, which is consistent with the extremely high mortality in the Lizard Island region during the 2016 El Niño. Of course reefs are often exposed to the air at low tide, but manage to survive if the exposure is short or during the night. However as seen in tide gauge data from Cairns just south of Lizard Island, since 2010 the average low tide had dropped by ~10 to 15 cm.

That’s how I saw things here in Broome 15 years ago. The Gulf of Carpentaria’s dead mangroves may have been another ‘low tide event’. From a comment by Professor Ridd:

you may be interested that there was a mass mortality of mangroves in the Gulf of Carpentaria last year also caused in part by a temporary drop in sea level associated with El Nino. It was a huge event. see link below or I can send you the original paper.
I should add that I have looked at many of the videos of the bleaching taken from aircraft and it is difficult to see how the figures that Hughes presents are credible. In addition a parallel survey of GBR bleaching done by tourist operators indicated far lower levels than reported by Hughes team.
It looks like another example of results we cannot trust.
Peter Ridd
James Cook University

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Obama normalized spying on opponents …

[…] Unfortunately, our national media isn’t just anyone. Rather, it is a highly-organized, supremacist, left-wing cult interested only in power. Therefore, in order to achieve the ends of destroying Trump’s presidency, our media’s Chris Cuomos and Scott Pelleys and Jake Tappers and Andrea Mitchells and Chuck Todds all see it as perfectly acceptable to use the means of destroying these sacred constitutional norms…

So, it’s time to destroy this mob of espionage enablers with facts. John Nolte has them covered with a superb column at The Federalist.

[…] Obama weaponized the IRS against his political opponents, those everyday, powerless Americans in the Tea Party.

Obama weaponized the Department of Justice against the media, even though the media adored him.

And now, perfectly in keeping with The Chicago Barry we all know and loath, like the leader of a Banana Republic, he weaponized state surveillance against his political opposition.

And if I were U.S. Sens. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz, I would be aggressively looking into Obama’s spying on my own presidential campaign.

Unethical and illegal. Susan Rice must be taken to task along with her enablers and complicit media. (Via Glenn Reynolds)

As Glenn Reynolds often writes: Think of them as Democratic Party operatives and you won’t be far off.

The election loser, omitting the obvious:

HILLARY CLINTON: A lot of other people are to blame for my 2016 election loss.

Image result for spy vs spy
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Fakebook fakes …

[…] The announcement comes a day before fellow tech conglomerate Google rolled out the latest “fake news” feature, which uses media outlets like Politifact and Snopes. (RELATED: Podesta Says Fake News Is A Huge Threat, But The Facts Say Different)

Similarly, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he would be partnering with Snopes to help combat fake news, even though it almost exclusively employs leftists.

(Podesta was hacked by Wikileaks.)

Politifact and Snopes are partisan lefties. Breitbart News:

PolitiFact has pulled a 2014 fact-check on remarks about Syria by former Secretary of State John Kerry after the claim the Obama administration “got ‘100 percent’ of chemical weapons out of Syria” turned out to be false.

Media, eyes and ears, still shut. Politifact and Snopes have nothing to say.

Only $500 billion…nothing to see here, folks…

HUD Director Dr. Ben Carson found a big economic pitfall by the Obama administration. The mainstream media has neglected to …

 Now certain that the alternatives to MSM is where the truth lies.

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rolling in empty popcorn cups … spy v spy v spy v Trump

In today’s episodes on the reality TV show based around Capitol Hill, the plot thickens. Former head of NSA spy agency, Susan Rice was found out and admitted to telling Porky Pies. So, who’s pulling her strings, the only 2 above her in rank were Valerie Jarrett and Barry himself. (Video)

Now it looks as though pro Israeli activists have been spied on too, as well as funding Netanyahu’s opposition. Boy they hated him!

Susan Rice was not alone in spying, reports Gateway Pundit: […]

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report Susan Rice was not alone in unmasking Team Trump officials for political purposes.

Rice admitted to unmasking Trump officials on Tuesday but she was not the Obama official who unmasked General Michael Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials.

That was a different Obama administration official.

It was a coordinated effort by the Obama administration to take down Trump before he entered the White House.
Via Zerohedge and Vessel News:

Now John Brennan from Obama’s CIA has been caught spying too, on journalists!

[…] The focus was on General Mike Flynn, billionaire Erik Prince, and Fox News host Sean Hannity — all of whom had close ties to Trump before and after the November election and had helped the future president with managing his new diplomatic responsibilities.

Hannity was targeted because of his perceived ties to Julian Assange, say our intelligence sources. Hannity was reportedly unmasked by Susan Rice at Brennan’s behest thanks to his close relationship with Trump and Julian Assange.

I remarked a few years ago, that former President Obama may have been a Manchurian candidate, after reading this column, by a writer at, Dan Pangulian, a few days before Obama was elected. How right he was!: […]

Then there’s the issue of Obama’s truly disturbing past. It seems that no matter how stunning the revelations – some of which are finally emerging, no thanks to a shockingly irresponsible and infantile “mainstream press” – they don’t penetrate the public mind. Regardless of the evidence against him, people remain entranced by Obama: Read more at the link

Meanwhile, the winning continues. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

The Great American Jobs Boom Rolls on as Private Sector Creates 263,000 Jobs in March

Donald Trump, Mike Pence

American businesses created far more jobs than expected in March, with the private sector alone adding 263,000 jobs during the month.

Australian politics are so boring.

Update, Grand Master troll wins:

DON SURBER: Trump trolled the media to cover Obamagate. “Hate to say I told you so. But I did.”

Who are you kidding, Don? You love to say “I told you so.” That’s half the fun of blogging.

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electricity powered road, shorted …

No media interest here, except the internet ‘new media’: Idaho’s $4.3 million solar road generates enough power to run ONE microwave 


And that’s on a good day. To call it a failed experiment would be an understatement.An expensive solar road project in Idaho can’t even power a microwave most days, according to the project’s energy data.

The Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways project generated an average of 0.62 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per day since it began publicly posting power data in late March, reports The Daily Caller. To put that in perspective, the average microwave or blow drier consumes about 1 kWh per day.

On March 29th, the solar road panels generated 0.26 kWh, or less electricity than a single plasma television consumes. On March 31st, the panels generated 1.06 kWh, enough to barely power a single microwave.
Read the rest of this entry »

That’s OK, it wasn’t their money or something.

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Media OKs Trump surveillance on the 2020 election opponents …

It gets weirder and weirder. Apparently the Democrat and Media operatives from all the usual culprits will be fine if  the Trump Administration spies on his opposition for the 2020 Presidential election, people like Elizabeth Warren and Chelsea Clinton, which means Billary and the Clinton Foundation of course. Michelle Malkin:

[…]  Also, his best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who said Rice didn’t do anything wrong.

And if you need more convincing, Marie Harf vouched for Rice. I’m sold!

If you’re keeping score at home, this all started out with Democrats and mainstream media (pardon the redundancy) mocking Trump for claiming members of his transition team were “wiretapped” during Obama’s last months in office, and it’s now at the “any surveillance that happened was totally legal” stage

More popcorn recipes please …

The Democrat opposition media and their overlords’ talking points are fading fast.


They were designed to obscure the spying that the Obama administration had carried out on Donald Trump for almost a year until the inauguration in January. Schiff hits the fan: House Dem dials back Trump and Russia accusations (open thread)

 by Doug Powers


Narrative in search of supporting evidence

Reality: Former US Attorney: Rice Ordered Spies To Produce ‘Detailed Spreadsheets’ Involving Trump

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice (R) and former Defense Intelligence Agency Director retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, incoming White House national security adviser, shake hands at the U.S. Institute of Peace "2017 Passing the Baton" conference in Washington, January 10, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Update, the Chicago Tribune breaks away from the ‘pack’.

Update 2, this is better than watching Hollywood movies, or reading thriller novels:

CNN Fake News: Obama Lackey Jim Sciutto on Rice-gate: ‘Ginned Up’ by Trump Admin (VIDEO)

Apr 4th, 2017 3:29 pm by Why is a former Obama appointee, CNN employee Jim Sciutto reporting on Susan Rice? A RedState article from early Tuesday … 62 Comments
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shellfish supreme …

Just received my copy of  award winning Living Molluscs, by Charles E Rawlings. A large hardbound copy, with great photographs of living molluscs across the world.

I purchased mine through Andrew Isles Bookshop in Melbourne, posted to me in Broome, an excellent business with excellent titles on offer in the Natural History arena.

The widely traveled author was in the Broome region last year and diving off Ambon in Indonesia this year, so another book of living sea animals will be in the offering soon I guess. A previous volume was called Living Shells.


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the truth is going to hurt …

It’s no wonder President Trump is enjoying himself, watching the Democrat opposition and Media enemies self-immolate over Russia’s supposed spying, while ignoring the elephant in the room, themselves. From the President’s senior adviser:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Oh dear, overdosing on popcorn. Four more years of this. The White House has the documents, just shared with the Congress Intelligence Committee’s chairman.

Judge Napolitano from Fox News also has evidence from British Intelligence. What’s popcorn like dipped in chocolate? Or even wrapped in bacon.

Maple Bacon Popcorn

Popcorn popped in bacon fat is a decadent snack on its own. Maple gives it a salty-sweet flavor profile that takes it over the top. Serve immediately after drizzling the maple-butter mixture on so that it doesn’t get soggy.


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Victoria’s ‘dark ages’ begin …

Today, once mighty Victoria, came down to importing power from Tasmania! Yesterday, they turned off the last coal-fired turbine in an amazing show of vandalism. The state that built a desalination plant for the rains that would never come again, still unused, since the cables and wiring got eaten by rats.


The last two Hazelwood brown-coal generators will go offline on Wednesday ahead of Friday’s closure.

Yes, Victoria really has reached the ‘dark ages’:  First day post Hazelwood – Tassie Hydro props up Eastern electricity grid

Comments from the north and during an eastern wind drought. Generation by Nemwatch – Price and Demand from AEMO. For bigger Nemwatch chart

QLD demand 6,042MW with generation 6,959MW running a modest surplus in view all grids need some spinning reserve.
NSW demand 8,306MW with generation 7,686MW running a surprising deficit. Must be maxing imports from Qld.
Vic demand 5,373MW with generation 5,328MW small deficit should have spinning reserve. I have never seen Vic in deficit in a year or more watching.
SA demand 1,525MW with generation 1,323MW running a deficit – must be importing from Vic.
Tas demand 1,277MW with generation 1,902MW running a big surplus – Basslink must be humming at near max 600MW feeding power to SA, NSW and Vic.
Verily our politicians have wrought harm to our electricity system.

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