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brutally cold …

.. I bet people in Europe now wish that they hadn’t listened to the Green Blob, as they face shortages of power and heating during another brutal winter. Over-reliance on green energy and freezing winter weather triggered serious power shortages … Continue reading

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all the ‘left’s’ failed predictions … seers becoming donkeys

Maybe not all, but tell me about anything the MSM got right in the last few years. At least 37 million results says Bing. Google has over 300,000,000 results, but I don’t normally believe Google due to their censoring of … Continue reading

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unique indigenous food orchards on the way …

I got a mention from an interview I did on ABC Rural about our land-use future in the Tropics. Well worth a read how a new Industry will use new methods of land use we call Savannah Enrichment. The WA … Continue reading

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Green garbage …

In the name of saving the environment, thousands of green activists fighting to stop the Dakota Access pipeline are making a huge mess. Those familiar with the camps near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, increasingly are distressed over the pits of … Continue reading

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riding for the disabled …

My recent lack of posts was due to traveling and no internet, but caught up with plenty of family in Perth. One day was a visit to my brother’s voluntary job, at the Riding for the Diasabled farm just north … Continue reading

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on getting younger …

Reducing the age of the body’s cells has always intrigued Instapundit author, Professor Glenn Reynolds. This may even work to his advantage, but probably too late for me: FASTER, PLEASE: Turning back the aging clock. “Researchers from Caltech and UCLA … Continue reading

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corruption, and the Clinton/Australia connection …

A little bit here, a little bit there, and before long they are bigger bits then wham, it’s a whole lot of cash stolen from funds meant for HIV/AIDS victims in the third world. New documents that reveal Bill Clinton’s … Continue reading

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the best new discovery to aid indigenous communities …

My long week of field trips last week was the culmination of years of research for a product or products, led by Queensland Food Science Researcher, Dr Yasmina Sultan-Bawa: Provide a very good income for indigenous outstations and communities with … Continue reading

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Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer’s protein from the brain …

Alzheimers is often joked about when memory fades, but the reality is, a dreadful debilitating disease that affects not just the afflicted. Well, we have news for you. EMSmith (Chiefio) reporting!: Hey Simon! MJ and Alzheimer’s by E.M.Smith Well. This … Continue reading

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the corrupto-fix is in …

The Clinton fix is in. Private meeting in a vacant aircraft to keep out prying eavesdroppers and cameras. The Obama DOJ head gives Bill Clinton a private meeting: MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION EVER: Bill Clinton Up to No Good Visiting Attorney … Continue reading

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