“an overload of green-left waffle and censorship if they dare to disagree” …

The Quadrants’ description of the latest waffle seen at The Conversation, a one sided, partisan receptacle for the Green Blob media operatives thrown out from ‘their’ ABC and Fairfax journals.

Andrew Jaspan, 64, co-founder and executive director of   The Conversation, was sent on forced leave last month, according to the Guardian, but not because of his site’s bizarre news treatments: […]

Two other factors were involved:

  • Letters of complaint to the board from some of Jaspan’s Australian and overseas editors about Jaspan’his style and strategy – a reprise of the Age staff revolt against Jaspan in early 2008
  • Top-level concern about Jaspan’s hell-for-leather expansion overseas, despite The Conversation’s shoe-string finances and dependence on taxpayers’ largesse.

As Jaspan put it with aplomb in his 2014 annual review, “Each year takes us by surprise. There’s no road map, and we are making our future as we go along.”

Haven’t believed a thing they’ve ever written, on the occasions I have unwittingly seen it. Fiction, and poor fiction is their forte. This is copying from the Bobama Democrat playbook on Alinsky.

Lots more at Quadrant.

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HILLARY’S WIKI-LEAK — tomfernandez28’s Blog

via HILLARY’S WIKI-LEAK — tomfernandez28’s Blog

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enabling the corrupt …

This video explains how Google cheats the system to back the crooks in power:

How Google manipulates search answers in favour of Clinton.

The video is available from a comment on this post:

Dems killing Democracy? — Massive Voter Fraud for “50 years” and paid activists at Trump rallies.

The tentacles have even reached Michael Smith News after he posted on the corruption of the Clinton Foundation. Not for the first time, either. A few years ago, it was the Gillard corruption reports that caused Google to hide Smith’s site from view.

Corruption enablers, is what they are. It’s not just Google, as Twitter and Facebook are both Democrat operatives and enablers. Wikileaks, Project Veritas and other undercover reporting has shown them up for what they are, Clinton cronies.

The Third World Country That Barry And Hillary Made

Where the media is the Clinton ‘attack dog’ arm: OPERATIVES WITH BYLINES: Journalist emails Jennifer Palmieri to give her a “heads up” on coming sex scandal story. “I need to give you a heads up on something Menendez-related that will affect your new boss so you have time to put together a plan for it. . . . Won’t be breaking news until next week, but likely to be big enough that you’ll want to plan for it in advance. And good luck with today.”

Glenn Reynolds points out this: […] this guy. He publishes in high-level places sometimes, but he’s a PR guy, really, not a journalist, though the difference grows ever more elusive.

Keeping a low, low profile of course: Newt Gingrich on Veritas Videos: ‘Where’s the FBI?’

Apple are there too. Glenn Reynolds, again:

21ST CENTURY ROBBER-BARON CRONYISM: Memo: Google’s Eric Schmidt Working Directly With the Clinton Campaign; ‘Discreet conversations’ also started with Facebook, Apple in 2014.

We can only hope President Trump will be onto them about their “Robber-Baron cronyism”.  Also, from Ed Driscoll at Instapundit:

—Headline, the London Daily Mail, yesterday.

ICYMI: Activist Who Took Credit For Violent Chicago Protests Was On Hillary’s Payroll.

—Headline, the Daily Caller, yesterday.

According to the DNC-MSM, fascism is forever descending upon the American right, but it always seems to land rather far left of the target, to paraphrase Tom Wolfe.

I can go on and on, the corruption is so widespread on behalf of a corrupt Hillary Clinton, but I have things to do. At least the Blogworld is awake and posting!

Update, The Google Search Party!

Update 2 The Facebook Funnies: WikiLeaks: Mark Zuckerberg Looking For ‘Next Steps’ From John Podesta

Podesta was happy to help
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leak opens to flood …

What is there to look forward to about the forthcoming US election? This stunning few emails from Wikileaks. Assange’s internet access has been denied, but insurance is in place. The gloves are off, bank accounts are frozen, media are compliant, The US government is on the warpath trying to stop the inevitable:

BREAKING: Anonymous has 33k deleted emails. Damaging vids 100x worse than Trumptapes. Wiki saving best for last PLEASE RT

CNN have proven the emails are NOT fakes, by suggesting it’s illegal to read them! Heh, lots more at the links:

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the beach …

Away from the Political maelstrom, back to peace at the beach, one of the world’s top ten, Cable Beach. Looking forward to just over 10 metres of tidal change in just 6.25 hours. Reaching 10.5m tonight and down to 0.3m in the morning, a beach scene like no other: 2016-09-16-17-33-18 2016-09-16-17-33-49 hTomorrow, the mud reef will be exposed, click to enlarge:

home-cable-beach-068home-cable-beach-049home-cable-beach-014 db dg ed

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proof of rigging …

Rigging an election? Yes, the Democrats do exactly that, but now they’ve been sprung, despite Twitter’s censoring of Republican activists, and Donald Trump himself:

You think such dirty tricks can’t happen? Welcome to this glimpse of the Clinton campaign in dirty action. Michael Smith:

Congratulations to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

8 operatives infiltrated the Clinton campaign from the grass roots right to the top – the White House. They were there for 12 months.

James and his team set up a sham offshore corporate entity offering money way outside the law. They recorded Clinton and her team’s illegal actions in response.Today James released Part One. Every day for the next two weeks there’ll be more.

More here. And the tape:


Andrew Bolt reporting, after reporting on Assange’s internet being cut off. Continue reading

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fracking good …

The environment is safe from fracking, a science report admits.


 by ,

  • Hydraulic fracturing operations in Western Colorado are having “little to no impact” on local wildlife, according to a new report by state regulators.

An eight-year study by Colorado Parks & Wildlife researcher Dr. Chuck Anderson found that fracking did not impact the survival or reproduction rates of the local mule deer population, but could potentially have minor impacts on their behavior. The same study found that the industry had significantly reduced its impact on the deer in recent years.

The new findings completely debunks claims by anti-fracking activists who Daily Caller New Foundationhave said for years that fracking negatively impacts western Colorado’s wildlife.

Colorado has enormous experience with fracking and environmental studies. A bit more warming would be in order though. This may get serious, as scientists warn of cooling ahead. […]

Meanwhile, India increases coal production on a massive basis, more than double by 2020!

I bet they wish they have a bit more warming in Colorado, things are starting to look grim and cold soon enough.

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compare and contrast …

A Clinton rally, reported as a big crowd:

Jim Porter: A healthy–meaning large, I presume–crowd? I’ve seen more people lined up to use a payphone.

15 Oct: Twitter: Randy the Deplorable: 3.5 hours before Trump takes the stage, and the line is out to the road, traffic is gridlock, and the sun is shining here in Portsmouth NH.

That’s from a comment made at Jonova. Thank goodness for that. By watching the media I have been so misled. Hillary, it appears, is crooked. The Clinton Foundation is the Clinton Mafia.

A Hillary sex bombshell is about to hit her campaign, while a Trump sex accusation was proved to have never happened. The surprises keep coming.

Actually they aren’t surprises any more. The biggest losers are the partisan media, recovery could take decades. There we go again, The ‘donkey’ Party will be up late every night:

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Wilderness Society goes feral …

The Green’ cunning threat to the Prime Minister. What is it about the Greens and threats to anyone, or thing, that disagrees with them? A target for all the loonies out there, a big pink house! This was their e-mail, today:

Dear Tom,

We have a cunning plan, and we need your help.

Now that BP has done the decent thing and backed out of the Bight, we want Malcolm Turnbull to play his part in protecting this pristine marine sanctuary from Big Oil. Forever.

Companies like Santos and Chevron still hold exploration leases. We want the federal government to rescind them and ban oil and gas development in the Great Australian Bight. So here’s the plan:

We’ll put a billboard asking Malcolm Turnbull to protect our backyard… in his backyard. (That’s Malcolm’s house there in pink.)

Malcolm’s a busy man. The best way to put oil drilling on his mind is to put oil drilling in his backyard. When he sees this billboard in his Prime Ministerial ocean patch, he’ll spit his morning moccachino. We think the media will go crazy for it, too.

Can you chip in?

(No fracking way, bullies! ed)

If we’re going to make headlines, we can’t afford to do this by halves. So we need people like you to chip in whatever you can to help us hit our funding target of $25,000.


Every little bit helps us take this important message mainstream.

Please donate and help us put our floating billboard in front of the Prime Minister’s Point Piper waterside mansion.

If you’re as excited as we are, forward this email to your friends and family. The sooner we hit our target, the sooner we can make our big splash.

Yours for nature,

Lyndon Schneiders
National Campaigns Director
The Wilderness Society

Chip in? Seriously? Maybe now Chairman Mal might decide that his own Green Agenda was wrong, and instead wake up to the idea the skeptics have the science right. After all, the science says that fracking’s fine, too.

The Greens are a danger to us all. Maybe a drilling rig or three outside Lyndon’s place would be in order.

I think some of those that live in the area will be mighty pissed off, Malcolm resides at The Prime Minister’s Lodge in Canberra!

A Green’s shot in the foot moment, this idea of theirs.

sticking to gas power.

sticking to gas power.

Fracking in WA for gas

Fracking in WA for gas

So who is the neighbour that is going to see rigs from this?:

Image result for great australian bight

Update, this is what the Greens call Utopia.

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a pearl north of Broome …

A few more pics from the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. Also a boutique resort, with a restaurant shared by pearl farm workers. Great place for a different holiday, and plenty of boating tours to take.

I selected a ‘glamping’ experience:

2016-10-01-14-06-50 2016-10-01-14-06-57 2016-10-01-14-51-39

The Pearl Farm tour was popular, with guide, and third generation pearler, Terry.

2016-10-02-10-45-46-1 2016-10-02-10-46-32-hdr 2016-10-02-11-25-40Pearls are cleaned, shined and graded at the farm in Cygnet Bay. Matsos Brewery in Broome helped keep things cool in Cygnet Bay while checking out the menu!:

2016-10-01-13-26-04 2016-10-01-14-52-19cygnet-bay-112 dsc03156

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