a day off for the streets of Chinatown, Broome …

Broome has some architecture that is more suited to the tropics, so here are some pics with little traffic to hide the buildings. Chinatown is the predominant commercial zone in Broome.

Click to zoom:

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Broome’s east side …

Broome sits on a small peninsula at the southern end of the larger Dampier Peninsula. To the East is Roebuck Bay, where these images were taken. From the boat ramp at Town Beach, where crocodiles are sometimes seen, to the Port of Broome near Entrance Point.

Click to zoom:

Dinosaur prints on Port Beach

The old jetty was once started from the end of the middle bank at Town Beach

Long deserted boat shed where pearl luggers were once repaired.

Retired lugger jetty

Town Beach

Pearling mother ship with hovercraft passing by the falling tide.

Morning fog at Town Beach boat ramp.

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desert country in Western Australia …

Just south of the Edgar Range lies the Great Sandy Desert. Possibly contains much of the recently found ‘forest’. Hundreds of sand dunes running ENE to WSW, open woodlands, grasslands, and rocky outcrops, mixed in with ephemeral wetlands like Dragon Tree soak, a few springs and a lot of flat Spinifex plains.

Where the Kimberley joins the Pilbara, south-east from Broome. Click to zoom:

Oops, my portrait.

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the Tanami region of the SE Kimberley …

Where the Tanami Desert meets the Great Sandy and Little Sandy Deserts, Lake Gregory is a freshwater system with no outflows to the sea, but fills completely only when big floods occur. The last 20 years or so, rains have been good, and water flow from Sturt Creek is found in enough quantities to keep many horses and cattle healthy, only for the government to undertake aerial shooting.

Sunrise over the Wolfe Creek Crater

Lake Gregory

These pics include many from over 15 years ago, click to zoom:

Inside Wolfe Creek Crater showing the salt pan in the middle.

Ipomoea costata, edible Bush Yam

Ghost Gums on the Sturt Creek floodplain

Moon rise near Lake Gregory

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the most beneficial gas …

Climate ‘scientists’ have failed their profession, dragging it to depths not seen since the Inquisition era:

President Trump and EPA must Revisit and Revoke the Scientifically Invalid CO2 Endangerment Finding

The Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council ONCE AGAIN calls on President Trump and EPA to Revisit and Revoke the Scientifically Invalid CO2 Endangerment Finding

See also commentary by Alan Carlin, former economist and science analyst at EPA here.

Key Points:

1. Just Released, Even More Definitive research findings make it even more certain that CO2 is not a pollutant but rather a beneficial gas that should not be regulated.


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Carbon dioxide has continued to lift the world from poverty in expanding forests, crop yields as it out-gasses from slightly warmer oceans. Man is responsible for just under 5% of increasing atmospheric CO2. Even termites exhale more CO2 than mankind.

John O’Sullivan publishes this, from an Industrial Chemist, Dr Mark Imisides:

Scarcely a day goes by without us being warned of coastal inundation by rising seas due to global warming.

Why on earth do we attribute any heating of the oceans to carbon dioxide, when there is a far more obvious culprit, and when such a straightforward examination of the thermodynamics render it impossible.

Carbon dioxide, we are told, traps heat that has been irradiated by the oceans, and this warms the oceans and melts the polar ice caps. While this seems a plausible proposition at first glance, when one actually examines it closely a major flaw emerges.

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travel Kimberley …

Some old pre-digital era pics of Kimberley field trips about 15 years ago, first time on pindanpost, where I started learning about Kimberley trees and other flora.

Melaleuca leucadendra on a creek on Drysdale River Station

Cypress Pine, Callitris glaucophylla in the Phillips Range

Melaleuca argentea along a Kimberley River

Billabong on Tablelands station

Creek crossing on Mt House Station

Livistona Palm trees on the Mitchell Plateau

Melaleuca in a swamp near Broome

Ipomoea pes-caprae on a beach near Broome

Ghost gums and a Pandanus near Galvan’s Gorge in the Phillips Range

Endemic to Broome, Ghost Gum, Corymbia paractia outside Department of Parks and Wildlife, Broome

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a treatment I may need

Injecting your own fat tissue into the joints can help treat bone joint conditions, including injuries and osteoarthritis, according to researchers at Rush University Medical Center. With the help of a new device called Lipogems, used at the time of arthroscopic surgery, researcher can now processes and uses a patient’s own fat tissue to provide…

via Suffering From Joint Pain? Researchers Reveal How Your Own Fat Tissue Can Help Treat That — Sparkonit

After a visit to a surgeon about dodgy knees a few years ago, the only option seemed to be replacement in a few years. My knees improved very quickly on that news, in fear!

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Pilbara region pics …

Here are some older images from some Pilbara field trips from over a decade ago. Of course, I was more interested in trees and plants than scenery. The Pilbara is one of the country’s hotter regions, where rain can be rare, and sometimes cyclones inflicts severe damage to trees.

River Red-Gum at the Sherlock River

Ghost Gum Mallee near Onslow

Mulla-Mullas flowering on a Karratha plain

Mulga tree near Marble Bar

Early wet season shower near Marble Bar

Snappy Gum on a Pilbara hillside

Iron ore range near Shay Gap

Rocky outcrop on the Burrup Peninsula Industrial zone

Ancient Carissa lanceolata near Shay Gap

Deciduous Brachychiton (Kurrajong) at the Burrup Peninsula

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the Edgar Range, Great Sandy Desert …

One of my favorite West Australian destinations, The Edgar Range is at the northern end of the Great Sandy Desert, where intrepid explorer Robert Bogucki found himself after traveling from Sandfire on foot, trying to reach Fitzroy Crossing.

He was rescued 43 days after setting out and the local State Emergency crews had given up, so another crew complete with bloodhound trackers from the US found his trail. A news helicopter then went ahead and found him at the Edgar Range, a 100 plus kilometre long range, in the south of the Kimberley.

Breakaway Edgar Range country

cliffs and ravines of the Edgar Range

pindan posts, paired in severely burnt Sandy Desert country

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out and about near Broome …

My lack of posts recently is caused by popcorn overdose syndrome, watching the US media go into nuclear meltdown. However a few trips to the bush to return to sanity has helped recovery. The result below:

Click to zoom.

Calandrinia sp.

Mangroves on the edge of Willies Creek north of Broome

Broome sandstone


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