big birds …

Out with family, including dogs this morning, a nature crawl, punctuated with stops for pics of birds, trees and water. A well traveled public holiday*. Sunny, warm and light Westerly breezes. Fabulous.


There’s always Brolgas out there!


Lone Black Swan with Pelicans and Ducks


Resting Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos.


Toby’s head has to be out the window, tongue flapping.

dsc03051 dsc03054 Now my daughters’ pics, a professional Portrait photographer.

linda-668 linda-669 linda-675 linda-676 linda-662

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false polling …

Reporting of manipulated polls at ‘their’ ABC fails to give the real result, 61% of Australians do not believe in CAGW. The ABC is sprung, alongside the Climate Institute that produced it, and we can deservedly give them heaps of mockery thanks to Andrew Bolt, here:

The Climate Institute’s latest press release contains more meaningless propaganda – that most Australians believe the climate is changing.

This is meaningless because I also agree the climate is changing – and always has. That is uncontroversial. The issue is how much man’s emissions are now responsible, and on that critical question the Climate Institute’s press release is silent:

Seventy-seven per cent of Australians now believe climate change is occurring, up from 64 per cent in 2012, with trust in the science up from a minority in 2012 to 60 per cent now.

A CSIRO poll of 5000 people last year got an even higher proportion agreeing that the climate was changing – 85.5 per cent. But then it asked the asked the obvious next question and got an answer that the Climate Institute and the ABC would hate: sceptics now outnumber believers in Australia:

True, a worrying 45.9 per cent of Australians do still think man is mostly to blame for what warming we’ve seen over the past several decades.

But those believers are now outnumbered by people who think this warming is natural (38.6 per cent) or not occurring at all (7.9 per cent) — which means sceptics total 46.5 per cent. The rest don’t know.

In fact, even 19 per cent of Greens voters are sceptics.


Buried in the Climate Institute’s report, this embarrassing admission:

a large 39 per cent now saying human activity is the main cause

Which leaves 61 per cent of Australians who believe climate change is either not caused by man or not mainly – or are not convinced either way. My own view is that held by 60 per cent in this poll that man is probably affecting the climate, at least to some extent. That extent, I believe, is very small and on balance probably not to our detriment.

That 39 per cent is the most telling finding. Yet the ABC does not report it, preferring to hype the Climate Institute’s spin instead.

The questions asked reflect the Climate Institute’s agenda, then the published result is an attempt at manipulating the result to suit. Via Climate Depot:

History Keeps Proving Prophets Of Eco-Apocalypse Wrong

  • Ivo Vegter, Daily Maverick

The ability to make accurate predictions is a hallmark of good science. Predictions by environmental doom-mongers have proven to be wrong time and time again. No wonder most people no longer believe them.

Image result for GWPF failed predictions

If we do not reverse global warming by the year 2000, “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels”, warned Noel Brown, a director of the United Nations Environment Programme, in 1989.

Oh dear, missed it, by 16 years at the very least!

Update, Jonova explains how the questions were loaded.

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recording errors …

Mistakes are common with BoM, and who knows when these are corrected, if they are.

Apparently Beverley, in the WA state’s south-west had 402mm rain last night, says BoM’s rainfall map. Beverley is the red spot. (Update, it’s a DAFWA site that has a recording problem. I wonder when BoM notice the error on their data records)

Wheat Belt Rainfall and River Conditions

Display on map

River Conditions
24 Hour Rainfalls
Rainfalls Since 9am
Last 1 Hour Rainfalls

About Map
Note: Map contains unchecked data from automatic equipment.
Please remember to refresh page so the data is up to date.

Move mouse over station for more data.

Map of rainfalls since 9am

Warwick Hughes often finds anomalies like this, and plenty of missing data. Another example: Example of error in Bureau of Meteorology rain data.

I will check back to see when this is fixed. Weather data is very important for people working in agriculture and fishing, it needs to be accurate like it was before automatic instruments became the norm. A superb website, blighted by silly errors.


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conserved wetland …

Some pics of wetlands near Broome, now part of a looming Conservation Park. Birds range from Glossy Ibis to Spoonbills, Storks and Egrets.

buckley-008 buckley-022 buckley-034 a2

Black-necked Stork, or Jabiru

Black-necked Stork, or Jabiru

beagle-bay-road-043 beagle-bay-road-044

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no hot spot, so CO2 cannot cause warming …

This former EPA scientist and economist smashes the AGW agenda, in this hard hitting post. Alan Carlin writes (cross posted at Icecap): New Report Definitively Shows UN CAGW Hypothesis and IPCC Reports Invalid and Thus CPP and Paris Treaty Total Wastes

As discussed in my book, Environmentalism Gone Mad, two of the reasonable inferences from the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) hypothesis (the scientific basis for the world climate scare pushed by the United Nations and the Obama Administration) are that atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels should affect global temperatures, and that the resulting heat generated should be observable by a hot spot about 10 km over the tropics. In fact, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC) argues that both should exist and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) uses the hot spot as one of its three “lines of evidence” for justifying its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Endangerment Finding (EF).

The EF, in turn, is used by EPA to justify all its climate regulations, including its ultra-expensive so-called “Clean Power Plan” (CPP} requiring that many coal plants be replaced with wind and solar-generated electric power at huge expense to ratepayers in terms of outlays and reductions in reliability as well as to taxpayers for government subsidies. The 2016 Democratic Party Platform last July now carries this approach to a new extreme by advocating that all use of fossil fuels be ended by 2050, which is highly unlikely to even be achievable at any cost.

Climate skeptic scientists have long questioned whether the effects of relatively minor (compared to other CO2 sources and sinks) human-caused emissions of CO2 have more than a minor effect on global temperatures and some have even questioned whether the UN and USEPA have even gotten the causation backwards (i.e., because on balance global temperatures affect atmospheric CO2 levels). A very interesting new study shows that their skepticism has been more than justified. By using sophisticated econometric/statistical methods on 13 different climate databases for the years 1959 to 2015 where available, the study concludes that the changes in CO2 have no measurable net effects on global temperatures but that global temperatures affect CO2 levels. The real advance in the new study is that it assumes that global temperatures may affect atmospheric CO2 levels in addition to assuming that CO2 may affect global temperatures (as assumed by UNIPCC and USEPA). This introduces complexity to the analysis but is a crucial improvement over most earlier studies.

[…] Lots more at the link.

So warmer temperature precedes CO2 rises. Simple. Many other reports confirm that the hot spot does not exist, and more still show that increased CO2 does not cause AGW.

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unexpectedly …

Proof of growing land area, in this latest research by the Dutch Deltares Research Institute. We had previously seen where 80% of Pacific Islands were growing or staying the same.

Written by Tom Richard

Coastlines are actually gaining in size in a warming world, confounding climate change claims they would shrink as sea levels rise.  coast

A new study by the Dutch Deltares Research Institute shows the Earth is actually gaining more land than it’s losing, disputing claims that #Climate Change is causing increased sea level rise. The study showed our planet actually gained 107,000 square miles over the past three decades, including 21,000 square miles of coastline. That means continents are gaining in size, and not shrinking.

Conversely, the study showed the Earth had only lost 71,000 square miles of land during this same time period, including 12,500 square miles of shoreline. Some scientists have held that in a warming world, the coastlines would be the first casualties as melting ice sheets poured excess water into the oceans. Even President-Elect #Obama said in 2008 that his winning the election meant the rise of the oceans would now begin to slow. Turns out the oceans didn’t need his help after all.

Completely unexpected

The study’s researchers, led by Gennadii Donchyts, used a tool called the Deltares Aqua Monitor to formulate its conclusions, which were published in Nature Climate Change. The researchers had anticipated the coastlines were already receding only to discover they were gaining in size across the planet. One study author told BBC News they were surprised to find more land than the seas were taking. […]

I am not surprised, I have lived and worked close to the high tide mark, and over the years I see a buildup of erosion caused sand spreading into the mangroves, reclaiming them. Read the whole thing.

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“deaths for profit” …

Watering down drugs for HIV/AIDS patients in third world countries is a rotten, nasty, filthy thing to do. The Clinton Foundation has questions to answer: US Congressional report on Bill Clinton’s role in the deaths for profit Indian Aids drugs scandal

Clinton Foundation Report

Here are a few comments from Charles Ortel. (podcast)


This is worth a close read–Rep. Marsha Blackburn continues to dig into the massive set of public filings issued by the Clinton Foundation and by some of its many affiliates.

The attached report concentrates most upon efforts to “fight HIV/AIDS” internationally that have never, in my view, been validly authorized by the IRS, regulated by government authorities, controlled by independent trustees or audited by competent and informed accounting professionals. […]

Michael Smith, former policeman, detective and journalist has been investigating Clinton Foundation discrepancies and possible criminal activity with the help of US investgator Charles Ortel for some time. Go to his site and check it all out. Here is his latest look at Julia Gillard’s actions with the Clintons: Clinton investment in its Cash Splashing Gillard Tool pays off with $600M CHARGE to the Clintons

Regular readers will be familiar with the Gillard advances towards Hillary Clinton.

It all started 4 years ago at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative.

Gillard snubbed dinner with Obama to give Hillary more time  to interlock fingers with her billion dollar baby.


After the 2012 $14M Pay for Play top tier treatment, Gillard eased into her Global Philanthropist post political life at the 2013 GCI. […]

Read it all.

Scrolling down will find several posts of Smiths that show the full extent of corrupt practices from retired leaders.

Update, Smith’s latest:  Joint report to PNG Police Commissioner and PNG Ombudsman regarding Clinton Foundation Frauds in Papua New Guinea

Dear Commissioner and Ombudsman,


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betting on carbon …

[…] “Carbon dioxide cannot physically cause global warming. It simply does not absorb enough heat.”

Dr Ward demonstrated his confidence and said: “I’m offering $10,000 (£7,510) of my children’s inheritance to the first scientist that can actually demonstrate that [carbon dioxide causes global warming], because I know now and my understanding of the physics, it’s physically impossible for that to happen.” ”

Dr Ward is on a winner, except that activists rarely have more than two bob to rub together. Maybe one of the Gore-Bot crowd. Perhaps Tim Flannery? No, he lost heaps when the Geothermal Energy proved a dud. Green groups always seemed to have enough to pay out for an agenda: Emails show indications that the EPA is corrupt – kowtows to green groups.

Update, Tony points out the hypocrisy, and massive exaggeration, in a comment at Jonova:


20 Sept: BBC: Roger Harrabin: China embarked on wind power frenzy, says IEA

Wow! How thrilling.

Pity it’s not quite how it is.

While last year (end of 2015) the total actual generation for wind power was 3.6%, for some context to place this year’s, umm, frenzy into perspective, now at the end of August 2016 it has risen to around 3.9% of total power generation.

For some context, the total Nameplate for NEW coal fired power is 29,000MW, just for the last 8 Months, so around 1000MW per week of new coal fired generation, all of it, the latest tech HELE USC plants. (That’s the equivalent of 11 new Bayswaters (2640MW old tech) just in the last 8 Months)

Coal fired power is still supplying 74% of China’s total generation, down fractionally from end of year 2015, when it was 74.2%.

As to actual power consumption in the Residential sector, you know, homes where people live actually having electrical power, the total for this 8 Months is 13.6% of total consumption, up from 13.3% at end 2015. Compare that with the rest of the already Developed World where the Residential sector is up around 30 to 40% of total consumption.

China has a long ….. long, long way to go to catch up to the Developed World, and only REAL electrical power with a 24/7/365 availability can provide that.


Source – Actual China Power Data from China

A 0.3% increase is frenzy? Coal is still king.

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hottest fakes …

Weather manipulating site, NOAA, makes up heat records in areas where no instruments exist. ‘Hottest August ever’ is a fallacy of made-up data, sprung by Tony Heller:


They don’t actually have any temperature data in Namibia or Angola, or over about half of the Earth’s land surface for that matter. “Gray areas represent missing data.” They simply made the temperatures up.


201608.gif (990×765)

Satellites cover almost the entire Earth, and they show that August was cooler than 1998 and 2010.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Temperatures in southern Africa were almost exactly at the 1979-2000 mean. They weren’t anywhere near a record.

That’s how NOAA operates, making things up! Read the rest at the top link.


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the first climate fraud case to the Courts …

The first climate fraud case hits the Courts shortly, involving carbon credits, tax and scammers. The straw that breaks the fraud wide open? Believe it! This 60 million pound fraud case begins the pushback against the giant scam.


I have been making steady progress in preparing the first of two or three index cases in which scientific “researchers” or the “universities” that shoddily provide cover for them have committed open scientific frauds. It will only be necessary to succeed in one or two of these cases and the rest of the scamsters will realize the game is up and will run for cover.

I have no idea whether Professor Swingland or his alleged accomplices are guilty of anything, but the fact that the public authorities are at last willing to move against alleged climate scamsters – something that would not have been possible under the sappy, wet true-believing regime of “call-me-Dave” Cameron – is, whatever the outcome of the trial, a significant step in the direction of reminding the profiteers of doom that governments will no longer automatically provide protection for them and that they are, after all, subject to just the same laws as the rest of us.


Read it all.

Update, Heh: Climate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

Guest post by Kent Clizbe. Government employees willing to tell the truth about climate can be handsomely rewarded.


The federal government has a vigorous program to identify and prosecute fraudulent grant applications and administration–the False Claims Act.  It provides rewards for insiders who reveal grant fraud.

(Via The ‘Abominable‘ Deplorable, Tony Heller)

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