grain of salt, and that ethanol biofuel …

Biofuel has become a Green’s owned dilemma, destroying rain forest for Palm Oil, destroying motor car engines, yet the original idea was to save carbon emissions, or at least be carbon neutral. Well, they sure got that agenda wrong too according to a new study:

From the “road to hell is paved with good intentions” department:

Biofuels not as ‘green’ as many think

Go back to basics when calculating the greenhouse impact and carbon neutrality of biofuels, researchers urge

Statements about biofuels being carbon neutral should be taken with a grain of salt. This is according to researchers at the University of Michigan Energy Institute after completing a retrospective, national-scale evaluation of the environmental effect of substituting petroleum fuels with biofuels in the US. America’s biofuel use to date has in fact led to a net increase in carbon dioxide emissions, says lead author John DeCicco in Springer’s journal Climatic Change.

The use of liquid biofuels in the transport sector has expanded over the past decade in response to policies such as the US Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and California’s Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). These policies are based on the belief that biofuels are inherently carbon neutral, meaning that only production-related greenhouse gas emissions need to be tallied when comparing them to fossil fuels.

A lot more at the link (WUWT). The comments too, make interesting reading.

A snippet from the author, DeCicco: […] Continue reading

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good for the environment …

The Green Blob will be miffed, fracking is good for the environment. Good for the environment. Go on, say it again slowly so they can understand, Fracking is good for the environment. Count the ways.

The oil and gas boom is reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Monday.

“The increased production of oil and natural gas in the United States has, obviously, been a major story in terms of our economy, and also our environment,” Moniz said at a field hearing in Seattle convened by Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington, the top Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

“The natural gas boom, in particular, has led to the displacement of high-carbon coal with low-carbon natural gas producing fewer [carbon dioxide] emissions,” Moniz said.

Moniz’s comments follow those by the head of the Energy Information Administration, the Energy Department’s analysis arm, earlier this month, indicating that carbon emissions are lower than they have been since 1992 because of increased reliance on natural gas from hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking.

Yes, fracking is good for the environment, the footprint is small, produces some CO2 suitable for agriculture, and provides feedstock for fertilizers and the manufacture of plastics.

Fracking in WA for gas

Fracking in WA for gas

sticking to gas power.

sticking to gas power.

However, the ignorance continues:



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Greens lose … says Greens

Good news on the Environmental front. The Greens lost, according to this email request for more money. No, I wont be donating $10 or even $1, but I am thankful the loony Queensland Government lost this vote! Resign now, is all I can say.

You see, I like the extra CO2 emissions, they are a massive benefit to our economy, not your negative, failed scaremongering of farming communities. It’s no wonder you lost, people are waking to the scam.

Dear Tom,


This week, we lost. Independent MPs sided with the opposition in Queensland’s parliament, cutting down a bill to restore sensible tree clearing laws in the state.

Since the Campbell Newman Government demolished the laws back in 2013, 1,000,000 hectares of trees have been cleared.

If you saw our report on tree clearing, you’ll know how that affects Australia’s CO2 emissions. Not to mention the copious native animal habitat destroyed. Or the extra sediment that now runs freely onto our irreplaceable Great Barrier Reef.

We know we can win this, because we’ve succeeded many times before. And, as always, the science lies firmly on our side.


Our organising teams are ready to activate the Queensland community:

  • We’re already pursuing a range of legal options
  • We’re working closely with federal parliament, urging it to step in
  • We’re uniting the international community to protect both our climate and Reef.

All we need is your help.


Thanks for your support. As the fight for sustainable tree clearing laws in Queensland continues, we’ll keep you up to date with all the important developments.
Yours for nature,

Lyndon Schneiders
National Director

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faces of Cable Beach, Broome …

Cable Beach has a number of different faces, as different as if they were from different beaches. Low tide and high tide are so different, in landscape and ecology and in recreation. These images are from a few days including this weekend, click to enlarge:

Underside of a beached jellyfish

Underside of a beached jellyfish

DSC02842 - Copy

Rare swell brings some surf

DSC02847 - Copy DSC02849 - Copy DSC02863 - Copy DSC02873 - Copy DSC02877 - Copy DSC02879 - Copy DSC02882 - Copy - Copy DSC02883 - Copy DSC02844 Sunset of one day and dawn a few days later. Fabulous weather.

DSC02837 DSC02872High tide of 9.8Metres and a low of 0.9Metres


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the miracle molecule of life …

Sensational, good news about CO2, again:

Elevated CO2 Increases Soil Phosphorus Availability in a Phosphorus-Limited Australian Woodland (18 August 2016)
A new FACE study reveals another significant benefit of increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations for plants growing in phosphorus-limiting soils…

What isn’t it good for? Greenies! There’s always a catastrophe around every corner:

The fossil fuel industry is killing the world’s coral reefs!

 I guess I will just have to stick my head in the oven. Oh no, I can’t, it’s gas, and releases CO2 when burnt.  It sucks to be a Green, (casually ‘unfriending’ Ecowatch). On second thoughts, it’s comic relief. Oh, and mostly bull:

Acacia aneura_1

Now Phosphorus is a very important molecule too for flowering plants, but many Australian species, such as Grevilleas, have adapted to a very low phosphorus soil type. Got to love that extra CO2.

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bulldust busted … coral reefs are healthy

All those stories of coral bleaching causing the death of the Great Barrier Reef are false. The scaremongering from all the usual media culprits were just nonsense, as I said they would be at the time. Heads should roll, beginning with Hoegh-Guldberg, but they wont of course, just go onto the next little thing that frightens them!

Guest essay by Jim Steele

Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism

In my essay, The Coral Bleaching Debate: Is Bleaching the Legacy of a Marvelous Adaptation Mechanism or A Prelude to Extirpation? I presented evidence from a synthesis of the most recent peer reviewed science that demonstrated coral reefs can be very resilient and the gloom and doom claim of climate alarmist Hoegh-Guldberg that “as much as 95% [of the world’s coral] may be in danger of being lost by mid-century.” is most likely biased fear mongering. […]

The above post was added at WUWT after Anthony Watts original post here:

[…] Then in 2015, a team of marine biologists was stunned and overjoyed to find the giant coral reef once again teeming with life. But the rebound came with a big question: Could the enormous and presumably still fragile coral survive what would be the hottest year on record? This month, the Massachusetts-based research team finished a new exploration of the reefs in the secluded Phoenix Islands, a tiny Pacific archipelago, and were thrilled by what they saw. When they splashed out of an inflatable dinghy to examine Coral Castles closely, they were greeted with a vista of bright greens and purples — unmistakable signs of life. –Karen Weintraub, The New York Times, 15 August 2016



The scare campaigns from the Green Blob about the death of the Barrier reef were somewhat biased and political, with little resemblance of science. Read both posts.

Update, the usual culprits continue on their astrolo-science way:

The Great Barrier Reef urgently needs your help! The coal industry is accelerating global warming by mining and burning coal, and is putting the future of the Reef at risk! Join the movement to ‪#‎SaveTheReef‬ today


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carbon fertilizer wins …

Carbon dioxide has now been found to fertilize plants above ground and below, in the soils. That’s what a new paper has discovered, and a precis is here, at co2science.

In an enlightening new paper, Vejpustkova et al. (2016) report how they measured the inter-annual ring-width variations and cumulative growth of ten aspen (Populus tremula L.) trees growing on spots of different soil CO2 concentration within their rooting zones at a natural mofette site (an opening in a region of nearly extinct volcanic activity, through which carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases pass), which they conducted in the flood plain of a stream near Hartousoz in Western Bohemia.

These trees, which were growing in a pure aspen stand, were selected on the basis of the CO2-gas regimes within their rooting zones. More specifically, five of them had mean root-zone soil CO2 concentrations of 10-25% while five others had mean concentrations of 3% or less. And what did Vejpustkova et al. learn by so doing?

The five researchers — hailing from Germany and the Czech Republic — report that at the age of 25 years, the basal area of the high CO2 trees exceeded that of the low CO2 trees by 39%. And in light of these significant findings, they conclude that “trees can be fertilized not only by elevated atmospheric CO2 but also when fed with CO2 via the roots.” And so we see that whether above or below ground, CO2 enrichment of those environments can prove a blessing to Earth’s aspen trees.

Mean cumulative stem basal area of aspen high CO2 (HC) and low CO2 (LC) trees from the Hartousov mofette location. Vertical bars indicate +/–SE. Adapted from Vejpustkova et al 2016.

Now I am off to burn more CO2 to improve my trees.

Paper Reviewed
Vejpustkova, M., Thomalla, A., Cihak, T., Lomsky, B. and Pfanz, H. 2016. Growth of Populus tremula on CO2-enriched soil at a natural mofette site. Dendrobiology 75: 3-12.

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science and fiction at ‘their’ ABC …

New Senator Malcolm Roberts went into the lions den at ABC Central on Monday night, owning the 6 other participants on climate change, despite what the left thought.

Bringing in Brian Cox, of TV fame science fiction to bolster their ABC’s agenda, was a failure. Let Jennifer Marohasy, an Australian scientist tell the story.

Jennifer Marohasy

Senator Malcolm Ieuan Roberts was correct last night on Q&A to question the integrity of the chart Brian Cox produced from NASA. As I explained in my presentation to the Sydney Institute a couple of years ago (click on following link, which includes quotes from Gavin Schmidt, current head of GISS/NASA about the extent of the remodeling), these charts are a fabrication:…/08/Changing_Temperature_Data.…

No automatic alt text available.
Jennifer Marohasy (replying to a comment from)Steven Mosher, I have a much better methodology which I’m applying to Australian data, working towards my own reconstruction.

 I’ve written a long piece for which Graham Young has kindly agreed to publish – so check that site first thing in the morning. I detail three key errors made by Brian Cox on Monday night, and then provide more of an overview of the problems with homogenisation. Thanks for caring. Jen

Brian Cox will be miffed, but ABC’s true believers will continue to ignore the truth. I will have a look in the morning. The ABC is out of control, and does not follow their charter.

Some more commentary on the Senator’s take-down. Dr John Ray at Greenie Watch says:

Australia: The Warmist answer to climate skeptic Senator Roberts

The Warmist just misrepresented what was at issue.  Showing that there was a slight temperature rise in the last century is not in dispute.  Nor is it in dispute that CO2 levels rose in the last century. What is in dispute is that the two are correlated.  They are not.  During a major period of CO2 rise – 1945-1975, the temperatures were static. So one did not cause the other.  There has been a similar disjunction in the 21st century. 

And the graphs were presented as great leaping lines — but that is pure chartmansip:  Exaggerating tiny differences.

The report below is presented as a defeat for Senator Roberts but that is just the usual media bias.  Fortunately, people can listen for themselves and may conclude that the Warmist failed.  See here

(From what else but The Guardian)

The celebrity physicist Brian Cox came prepared to the ABC’s Q&A on Monday night with graphs, ready to counter claims by his co-panellist, the climate denier and Australian senator-elect Malcolm Roberts.

Roberts, one of four senators elected from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, took the first opportunity to espouse long-refuted climate-denialist claims, including that warming stopped more than 20 years ago, starting the so-called “hiatus” or “pause”.

But Cox produced a graph of global surface temperatures of the past century and immediately debunked the myth, pointing out it is a misunderstanding caused by looking at a small sample, starting from an unusually warm year two decades ago.

Cox didn’t stop there. “Also, secondly, I’ve brought another graph. It is correlated with that, which is the graph that shows the CO2 emissions parts per million in.”

Viewers on Twitter joined in. When Roberts argued that sea level rises had been “entirely natural and normal”, a number of people posted graphs showing the steep rises.

Roberts repeatedly said he wanted to see “the empirical data”. But when the data appeared to refute what he said, he argued that scientists had conspired to manipulate it.

“The data has been corrupted,” he said at one point, arguing that Nasa and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology had manipulated data to make warming look unusual. That led to questioning about whether he was sceptical that Nasa landed people on the moon, which Roberts denied.

Greg Hunt, the former environment minister and current minister for industry, innovation and science was also on the panel and was asked about the CSIRO’s move to climate research cutbacks.

Hunt said the CSIRO had made that decision but that he had reversed it: “I made the decision that under our watch it would be given priority.”

But the host, Tony Jones, pushed Hunt on how many climate scientists would be lost from the CSIRO after the changes were complete: “Very briefly, give us some numbers. How many were sacked, climate scientists and how much did you re-employ?”

Hunt refused to answer, saying: “I’ll let others go over the history of that.”

As the Guardian has previously reported, the CSIRO will sack 35 climate scientists but there will be 15 new hires. The organisation will therefore lose 20 of its roughly 110 climate scientists.

No, I can’t bring myself to watch ABC either. The Guardian obviously didn’t.

Update 2: Jonova slam-dunks Cox too.

Update 2: Physicist Lubos Motl on Brian Cox.

Update 3: Dr Jennifer Marohasy promised this op-ed in the “Online Opinion” site, and concludes with,

“[…]Temperatures at old Brisbane aero, the closest of these station, also shows a long-term cooling trend. Indeed perhaps the cooling at Amberley is real. Why not consider this, particularly in the absence of real physical evidence to the contrary? In the Twitter conversation with Schmidt I suggested it was nonsense to use temperature data from radically different climatic zones to homogenize Amberley, and repeated my original question asking why it was necessary to change the original temperature record in the first place. Schmidt replied, “@jennmarohasy Your question is ill-posed. No-one changed the trend directly. Instead procedures correct for a detected jump around ~1980.”

If Twitter was around at the time George Orwell was writing the dystopian fiction Nineteen Eighty-Four, I wonder whether he might have borrowed some text from Schmidt’s tweets, particularly when words like, “procedures correct” refer to mathematical algorithms reaching out to “nearby” locations that are across the Coral Sea and beyond the Great Dividing Range to change what was a mild cooling-trend, into dramatic warming, for an otherwise perfectly politically-incorrect temperature series.

Horton, the somewhat disillusioned editor of The Lancet, also stated recently that science is, “Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.” I would not go that far! I am not sure it has taken a turn for darkness – perhaps just a turn towards the make-believe. Much of climate science, in particular, is now underpinned with a postmodernist epistemology – it is simply suspicious of reason and has an acute sensitivity to the role of ideology in asserting and maintaining particular power-structures including through the homogenisation of historical temperature data. (my bold)

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out and about …

The joys of working with plants, the field is such a good place to be each week. A few pics from this week, click to enlarge:

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos


Click twice to see the ants that created this.


The paperbark forest


Dragon Flower Tree, Sesbania formosa

Bottoms up DSC02808 Termite mounds on a slightly saline flat, above, compared with another in woodland nearby below


Timonius timon:Timonius timon2DSC02806 DSC02794

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warming climate, Arctic nonsense …

Doom and gloom was the Arctic agenda, by the warmist set, the melting was a ‘tipping point’ for global warming! Well, there’s some news for you, the satellites don’t agree. The past 37 years, the summer temperatures are little changed:

No chance of submarines surfacing in an ice free North Pole like they did in the fifties and sixties!

The ‘Green/left agenda, which has taken decades to set up a socialist future led by the UN is unraveling fast. The science they used was also wrong, and their global warming models subsequently messed it up.

Now we have a new “Ship of Fools”, but this one had planned on circumnavigating the ice free Arctic, (excuse me while I laugh) and drink the crew’s vodka supply instead while dodging ice floes soon after starting off:

Arctic Pong

Favorable winds have helped the Ship of Fools progress over the last two days by pushing the ice offshore, but they seem to have run into a blockage again and haven’t moved forward for 12 hours.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.46.47 AM

Beware the looming ice age.

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