scientist chickens out …

Dr Karl Kruszelnickian, ABC TV promoter of global warming and other nonsense pulls the plug on a debate with an Australian Senator. Excuses don’t cut it though, the facts were new, he said:

Dr Karl retreats from his offer to debate me.

Dr Karl said he feels he can’t debate me because he couldn’t find ‘common ground’.

Real scientists find ‘common ground’ through measured data and physical observations because that’s what decides science. Science thrives on debate.

Politics relies on opinions.

Dr Karl acknowledged my depth of understanding and nine years researching the climate claim. He said the facts I presented to him on how the UN drives climate claims was new.

 Andrew Bolt tells us why. Dr Karl is a Flannery/Williams-like fearmonger:

Dr Karl, one of the ABC’s  paid climate alarmists, has made claims almost as dodgy as colleague Robyn Williams’ prediction of sea rises this century of up to 100 metres.

So I’m not surprised he’s running from a debate with Senator Malcolm Roberts – a debate which would be a doddle if Roberts really were as silly as warmists claim.

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the science on Broome’s dinosaur trackways … published

A comprehensive new paper from the Dr Steve Salisbury team of Paleontologists, of the many dinosaur trackways that inhabit Broome’s coastline, covered and then uncovered by sand washed by very big tides and cyclones.

Steve Salisbury
 Everything you ever wanted to know about the dinosaur tracks around Walmadany (James Price Point) #DinosaurCoast #UQ
Get the whole picture – and other photos from Steve Salisbury

This ground breaking paper covers the history of the trackways from indigenous myhtology and law. to the history of discovery, to the present day’s use of high technology in discovering many new species, such as the awesome Walmadanyichnus hunteri, named after a friend of mine, lawman Richard Hunter:

FIGURE 14. Examples of associated sedimentary structures within the Broome Sandstone in the Yanijarri–Lurujarri section of the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia. A, ladderback ripples within outcrop of LFA-1, with two near subequal directions; B, interference ripples within outcrop of LFA-1, with one strong direction and two minor orientations; C, water escape structure (WES) in LFA-2 at UQL-DP9; D, Goolarabooloo Maja Richard Hunter alongside the topotype right pedal track of Walmadanyichnus hunteri (UQL-DP11-5) and a large water escape structure that perforates the uppermost part of LFA-1 and the track horizon of LFA-2. Numerous other W. hunteri tracks occur on this platform close to the raised water escape structure.

A really good read for anyone with an interest in the topic. More from the University of Queensland News.

An unprecedented 21 different types of dinosaur tracks have been identified on a 25-kilometre stretch of the Dampier Peninsula coastline dubbed “Australia’s Jurassic Park”. […]

My own pics of the sandstone pavements around Broome, hiding thousands of years of dinosaur movements:

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tropical autumn flowers …

The current wet season downpours have slowed to a trickle, enabling a mass of ground covers and herbs to set flowers. Quite a wonderland, click to enlarge.

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winter weather, hacked by russians …

Weather satellite scientist mocks the global warmers in this excellent article on his website:

[…] Global warming theory is in fact so malleable that it predicts anything. More cold, less cold. More snow, less snow.

What a powerful theory.

And what’s even more amazing is that climate change can be averted by just increasing your taxes. […]

Check it out, it’s devastating for alarmists. Dr Spencer followed that with this even better mockery: The Russians Hacked our Winter Weather

Now that winter has officially ended, I thought it would be useful to address the central role that Russia played in ending California’s drought, as well as in the unusually warm conditions over the eastern U.S. this past winter.


(graphic courtesy of









Dr Spencer, half of the Spencer/Christy UAH satellite weather team, is on a roll, tops it off with this more serious piece.

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ultimate reality entertainment like no other …

This has to be ‘Ultimate Reality’ Entertainment, even better than what Hollywood could have made up. Not even Le Carre could write a thriller this compelling*. “The West Wing”, “Dallas” and “Big Brother” pale into comparison with today’s real life show going on around Washington since Donald Trump told everyone he was running for President.

The media laughed their heads off. Secretary Clinton started counting the ways of sucking up more money for the Clinton Fraud Foundation with partners in Crime Bill and Chelsea, once getting the keys to the bank again. Today, President Trump has a big smile on his face, as his plotters are getting rapidly unraveled.

The smile just got wiped off the NYT’s face!

The NYT struggles to fight off Trump’s use of that NYT headline “Wiretapped data used in inquiry of Trump aides.” I recommend reading this closely […]

There’s a new episode every hour on Fox News**.


*The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward warned on Wednesday that there are people from the Obama administration who could be facing criminal charges for unmasking the names of Trump transition team members from surveillance of foreign officials. […]

**Republican congressional investigators expect a potential “smoking gun” establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, will be produced to the House Intelligence Committee this week, a source told Fox News. […]

In the meantime, the Democrat “opposition” is stuck with Chief Benefactor’s “messianic fantasies”, funding selected ‘Resistance’: […]

Soros is well-known for bankrolling various left-wing activist groups and causes like Black Lives Matter, and was one of the biggest financial backers of Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Soros once wrote that he considers himself “some kind of god” with “messianic fantasies.”

His personal motto, according to that same article, is: “If I spend enough, I will make it right.”

The Democrats really are the party of donkeys. Pass the popcorn.


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mapping dinosaur trackways … new paper

Dr Steve Salisbury and his group of scientists, students have spent weeks studying Broome’s dinosaur footprints in Cretaceous sandstone around many of Broome’s beaches. The result is this paper published today.

It explains many of the new technologies of LIDAR and drones used in fossil footprint research, where more than 20 species have been found along the Broome and Dampier Peninsula shoreline so far.

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Kimberley beaches …

The most isolated of all Kimberley beaches is to the North East of the region facing Cambridge Gulf. Big tides and cyclonic weather can cause large changes from one year to the next, especially near the mouth of the Berkeley River, where sandy beaches spread to the north, and rocky cliffs, mountains and islands to the south. Berkeley River Lodge is just near the river’s mouth.

No access to these beaches by road, click to enlarge.

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the rugged north-east Kimberley …

The West side of Cambridge Gulf, in Western Australian Kimberley’s north east is sparsely populated, due to the rugged country that lies there. The opposite side of the Gulf are the plains of the Ord River Irrigation area surrounding Kununurra.

Images can be clicked on for enlargement.

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Kimberley wild …

..The East Kimberley has some fantastic landmarks and amazing scenery. Balgo, Mulan and Bililuna are the small community towns occupying this region, about 200 + kilometres south of Halls Creek.

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Cable Beach evening …

The late wet season colours at Cable Beach are worth a look. Last evening:

Dog walk time

reflected beach

Roebuck Bay

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