life of plenty …

Excellent conditions this wet season brings out the poor cousins of butterflies and other associated predators.


Grub from a species of Rhinoceros beetle from the garden

Out in the field or at home, nature carries on. Here a Sea Eagle on Cable Beach gently wafts along the top of the beach, where turtles eggs are due to hatch, at signs marked along the beach.

2017-01-16-17-34-30-3Not only do Monitor Lizard’s thrive in bush, but here a baby found it’s way into my bedroom:

2017-01-23-11-54-36Probably waiting for the moths:

2017-01-22-10-44-41 2017-01-22-10-45-44 2017-01-23-11-40-30-3lizzie paired

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on censorship, cry babies and snowflakes …

Now there’s a winner, President Trump, Facebook, Google and all the Progressives that once were called ‘media’, have doubled down with the Censorship, Omissions and Fake news. Evidence is seen everywhere, every touch leaves a trace:

Image may contain: text

Speak freely

Just took this screenshot – it is attached to a post of a friend.
What does Fb intend to do with the post after people ‘vote’ on it?
Any thoughts?

The crybabies are getting to be annoying, but it’s still funny. Also from Speak freely:

Some weird goings-on…… RT are accused of siding with Dems., yet have been barred by Fb and possibly Twitter.

RT is back on Facebook now. Facebook’s chief, Zuckerberg, is a Hillary supporter and donor. I have also found my keyboard stops operating if I try to enter a comment on certain climate scare pages. Here’s another strong Trump supporter whose pages have been dropped off newsfeeds.

Zuckerberg hates me and is censoring me. Here’s how to beat the system and ensure Uncle Kidney’s posts are in your timeline. 🐸

1. Go to Facebook settings (looks like a gear icon)

2. Select ‘news feed preferences’

See more

Tina Bruno Facebook app restarts my phone every time I open it last few days. Had to delete and use browser…no problems seeing your posts.

Duane Goodson I am having the same problem with my page reloading constantly, I tried two diff browsers and even restarted my computer, I also type in responses etc, once I get them typed they will not load.

 Twitter has finally restored gay Breitbart editor, Milo Yiannoppoulos account, on pressure from President-elect Trump. The LGBTQ community of snowflakes are still protesting his educational tour. More than likely, Milo will ban Twitter.

He has made their lives hell! The more these progressive companies do this, the more likely Trump gets 8 years as Chief, and Pense 8 more if he wants. It’s up to what the “Snowflake Cry Babies” get up to now, I guess. Sponsored by Progressive cry babies like Moore and biggest loser, George Soros.

What’s this? An apology for spreading bulldust at/from The New York Slimes?

Warning. Clicking on any link will cause Cry Babies to want to crawl into their Safe Rooms.

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climate reality and the absurd …

Tony Heller has been auditing weather homogenization, purification, scarification and all other methods of creating a funding opportunity. I found these notable quotes from the world’s best on his site.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  • H. L. Mencken

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

  • Voltaire

“Reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.”

  • Richard P. Feynman

“Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.”

  • Michael Crichton

“Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled.”

  • Michael Crichton

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts”

  • Richard P. Feynman

“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.

  • Galileo Galilei

History continues to repeat, the past was also hot or hotter:

The Heatwave Of January, 1896 In Southeast Australia

“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.”

  • Mark Twain

January, 1896 was the hottest month in NSW history, with some locations seeing temperatures over 120 degrees on ten consecutive days. Mark Twain implied that it was just across the partition from hell.

TimesMachine: August 18, 1896 –

The average maximum temperature in Bourke, NSW that month was 110F (43C)

The Bureau of Meteorology ignores all pre-1910 temperatures – because they wreck the global warming scam.

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biology stabilizes climate …

Dr Judith Curry posts this remarkable observation from an Oxford scientist and lecturer, Biology is responsible for our planet’s climate equilibrium.

Beyond Physics: Advanced Biology and Climate Change

by Clive Hambler

All living and dead carbon based molecules emit gases as they live, die and decay, helping the planet ward off extremes of climate, putting paid to the ‘CO2 causes warming’ nonsense. A long and thoughtfull article, with this excerpt standing out:

[…] The question “how” is life involved is the simplest: some species release chemicals that become cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), without which water remains a vapour. Some species secrete a gas, DMS (dimethyl sulphide), which seeds some clouds. Some plants secrete gases with similar properties, including Volatile Organic Compounds such as isoprene and pinene. Clouds are often observed rising over rainforest trees and other forests. It has been known for hundreds of years that some forests create rainfall (and I hypothesize that life in lakes similarly creates some of the clouds associated with them) […]

Read it all at the top link.

Biosketch.  Clive has been an Oxford College Lecturer in biology at Merton, St Anne’s, Pembroke and Oriel. He joined Hertford in 1998 and is the college’s director of studies for Human Sciences. He works in Oxford’s faculties of Zoology, Geography and Anthropology. He is coauthor of the acclaimed book Conservation, published by Cambridge University Press (see reviews).


JC note: You may recall that CE has published previous posts related to this topic, from the team of Makarieva, Gorshkov, Sheil:



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a hotter past … fleeing to the hills

The hottest day on record?
Not 2010, BUT 1828 at a blistering 53.9 °C
Back before man-made climate change was frying Australia, when CO2 was around 300ppm, the continent savoured an ideal pre-industrial climate…….. RIGHT?
This is the kind of climate we are spending $10bn per annum to get back to….. Right again?
We are told today’s climate has more records and more extremes than times gone by, but the few records we have from the early 1800’s are eye-popping.
Things were not just hotter, but so wildly hot it burst thermometers.
The earliest temperature records we have show that Australia was a land of shocking heatwaves and droughts, except for when it was bitterly cold or raging in flood.

In other words, nothing has changed, except possibly things might not be quite so hot now!
Silliggy (Lance Pidgeon) has been researching records from early explorers and from newspapers.
What he’s uncovered is fascinating! It’s as if history is being erased!

For all that we hear about recent record-breaking climate extremes, records that are equally extreme, and sometimes even more so, are ignored.

In January 1896 a savage blast “like a furnace” stretched across Australia from east to west and lasted for weeks.
The death toll reached 437 people in the eastern states.
Newspaper reports showed that in Bourke the heat approached 120°F (48.9°C) on three days.
Links to documentary evidence (1)(2)(3)
The maximum at or above 102 degrees F (38.9°C) for 24 days straight!
Use the several links below to read the news reports at the time for yourself ……
1. By Tuesday Jan 14, people were reported falling deadin the streets.
2. Unable to sleep, people in Brewarrina walked the streets at night for hours, thermometers recorded109F at midnight.
3. Overnight, the temperature did not fall below 103°F.
4. On Jan 18 in Wilcannia, five deaths were recorded in one day, the hospitals were overcrowdedand reports said that “more deaths are hourly expected”.
5. By January 24, in Bourke, many businesses had shut down (almost everything bar the hotels).
6. Panic stricken Australians were fleeing to the hills in climate refugee trains.

As reported at the time, the government felt the situation was so serious that to save lives and ease the suffering of its citizens they added cheaper train services:
What I found most interesting about this was the skill, dedication and length of meteorological data taken in the 1800′s. When our climate is “the most important moral challenge” why is it there is so little interest in our longest and oldest data?
Who knew that one of the most meticulous and detailed temperature records in the world from the 1800′s comes from Adelaide, largely thanks to Sir Charles Todd.

The West Terrace site in Adelaide was one of the best in the world at the time, and provides accurate historic temperatures from “Australia’s first permanent weather bureau at Adelaide in 1856″.
Rainfall records even appear to go as far back as 1839. Lance Pidgeon went delving into the National Archives and was surprised at what he found.
The media are in overdrive, making out that “the extreme heat is the new normal” in Australia.
The Great Australian Heatwave of January 2013 didn’t push the mercury above 50C at any weather station in Australia, yet it’s been 50C (122F) and hotter in many inland towns across Australia over the past century.
See how many are in the late 1800′s and early to mid 1900′s.
You can’t blame those high records on man-made global warming!

Non-government scientists continually find fault from BoM data, exposed by aged newspaper records of events. Compliments to Lance Pidgeon and other dedicated unpaid researchers.

Today, there is air conditioning, and the main scaremongering comes from Canberra, keeping cool with their lakes.canberra-036

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the climate craziness … and “scientifically-illiterate newscasters”


Well that kind of disturbs me, hating the cold as I do. Is this because all the wind farms and solar panels are cooling the earth. Isn’t that what they were designed to do. Except, CO2 continues to rise. Something doesn’t add up. It’s the craziness, says retired Professor, Dr Judith Curry:  Climatologist Resigns Over ‘Craziness in Field of Climate Science,’ ‘Politicized’ Reward System

Something in the water? Enercon, a major wind turbine company admits fault in a court hearing about the sound disturbing nearby residents in Ireland. That will disturb many other pending cases. Meanwhile: Another Colorado ski resort closes because of too much snow. Oh dear, there goes another ‘end of snow’ argument, once the warming catch-cry.

This Professor excoriates the media:

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer ‘outraged by distortions of CO2 & climate intoned by hapless, scientifically-illiterate newscasters’

Even Polar Bears numbers are at their highest in 50 years: Polar bear conservation group blasts Obama for climate alarmism: ‘Sensationalized nonsense’

Fortunately for them, they don’t have to contend with wind turbine blades, which keep killing endangered eagles.

Crazy, to come, extra excessive heat? Well, “once upon a time”:

So much hype in the Australian media about how hot it is going to get at Bourke, in western NSW, this week. Once upon a time it really did get hot at Bourke…

Fiddling Temperatures for Bourke: Part 1, Hot Days By jennifer on March 29, 2014 in Information IF you know Bourke, you know Australia, wrote the famous Australian poet Henry Lawson. There is something quintessentially Australian about the place, the harshness of the western landscape, a tenacious s…
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a response to record rain …

Between rain events in the tropics, it’s nice to get out and watch changes happening. The record early start to the wet season of over 400mm (8 inches) looks to be a big year for rainfall ahead. The appropriate response here, click to enlarge:

2017-01-11-11-54-31A Bearded Dragon ( Pogona vitticeps) enjoying some warmth. Often confused with the Frill-necked Lizard.

dsc03331 2017-01-05-10-09-53 2017-01-05-11-25-42 2017-01-11-08-29-32 2017-01-11-08-33-23 2017-01-11-08-43-12 2017-01-11-08-43-18

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fictional ‘climate science and sustainability’ …

It’s been obvious for some time to me, how environmentalist journalism is prone to exaggeration, telling tales and making things up. Ecowatch, in their eternal exaggerations, caused me to do a 5 second search of author Mongabay. Fiction is the result, with a pretty map, ending up at The Guardian:

This Map Shows How Your Consumption Habits Impact Wildlife Thousands of Miles Away

Scientists have mapped how major consuming countries drive threats to endangered species elsewhere.|By Mongabay

After perusing the above news-feed, I commented here after a short visit to Mongabay:

Tom Harley Fiction

Just what I expected to see.

Have a look, it describes the way climatist greenies can influence an environmental agenda, says Stanford University.

The purpose of Australian novelist Guy Lane’s fiction writing is to help normalize the conversation about sustainability. At present, only a small percentage of the public talks about climate science and sustainability. The opportunity exists to bring these ideas to a wider audience through popular fiction.

Cover of the novel Yongala by Guy Lane, featuring the image Sarah by Andreas Franke from The Sinking World collection.

Cover of the novel Yongala by Guy Lane, featuring the image Sarah by Andreas Franke from The Sinking World collection.

[…] The challenge is to embed the sustainability themes so that they do not become didactic or overt, and thus distract from the flow of the story. Fiction novels are not text-books, and themes need to be divulged subtly, with the intent that they work their way into the subconscious of the reader.

This writing process allows Guy to cover a broad range of sustainability themes, including Planetary Boundaries, the Blue Economy, Eradicating Ecocide, the rise of the global Superclass, algae biofuels, and the role of the mainstream media in keeping us all in the dark. Guy’s writing process has three distinct levels: theme, context, characters and plot.

In ‘normal speak’ translation, leftist propaganda or science fiction. They are quoting this ‘Guy’, a Guardian Fake News writer:

  • Guy Lane | The Guardian


    Guy Lane . Guy Lane is Assistant Picture Editor, News. 19 December 2016. … climate change wildlife energy pollution science media crosswords blog editor quick

    So Stanford University is a Guardian reader. Heh. Reality becomes fiction, or is it fiction becoming reality. Ask Guy:

  • Guy Lane Fiction Writer

    Guy Lane‘s novels showcase the ideas of a practitioner and thought-leader in sustainability. He is a strategist, advisor, commentator and entrepreneur.

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    a golfing ecology …

    Checking the local golf club this morning, the early sunning of lizards, and fruiting trees on the fairway. The Broome Golf Club has a strong presence of local wildlife and fauna.


    David Neave showing me this Pindan Walnut next to a fairway.

    dsc03326 dsc03332 lizzie

    dsc03326 dsc03329 dsc03331From the Club Pavilion, an Ocean view, and native fruit trees.

    Now to prepare for the next bout of fabulous monsoon rain in a few days.

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    bushland after record rain …

    Following Broome’s December monthly rainfall record of over 400mm, it was time to see the result. From grasshopper swarms crossing the road, to goannas searching for termites and other prey, the dam is full that wild horses use, and the grass seems to grow a foot a week.


    Monitor following dingo track


    This was a relatively small goanna, but claws can still rip open a termite mound (I call it a pindanpost)

    dsc03315 dsc03316 dsc03317 dsc03318

    The trees here are mostly Darwin Box, Eucalyptus tectifica.

    dsc03319 dsc03321 dsc03323 monitor

    Tail ready to whip if I got closer. Which I wasn’t.

    Millions of little hoppers crossing the road, only to get swiped by cars and road trains.

    Crossing from one green flood plain with livestock, crossing to the higher side, with no cattle.dsc03304 dsc03306

    Fruit and flowers agree with the recent heavy rains. The wet has barely begun.

    dsc03281 dsc03290 dsc03297 dsc03302The last petals with the latest shoots of Cyanostegia cyanocalyx.

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