increased greening is CO2 caused … new paper

This paper published at Nature Climate Change last year blows the AGW theory out of the water. CO2 never was a culprit, but does the opposite, causes greening.

Greening of the Earth and its drivers

Global environmental change is rapidly altering the dynamics of terrestrial vegetation, with consequences for the functioning of the Earth system and provision of ecosystem services1, 2. Yet how global vegetation is responding to the changing environment is not well established. Here we use three long-term satellite leaf area index (LAI) records and ten global ecosystem models to investigate four key drivers of LAI trends during 1982–2009. We show a persistent and widespread increase of growing season integrated LAI (greening) over 25% to 50% of the global vegetated area, whereas less than 4% of the globe shows decreasing LAI (browning). Factorial simulations with multiple global ecosystem models suggest that CO2 fertilization effects explain 70% of the observed greening trend, followed by nitrogen deposition (9%), climate change (8%) and land cover change (LCC) (4%). CO2 fertilization effects explain most of the greening trends in the tropics, whereas climate change resulted in greening of the high latitudes and the Tibetan Plateau. LCC contributed most to the regional greening observed in southeast China and the eastern United States. The regional effects of unexplained factors suggest that the next generation of ecosystem models will need to explore the impacts of forest demography, differences in regional management intensities for cropland and pastures, and other emerging productivity constraints such as phosphorus availability.


The greening of the environment is set to continue in the US without the destruction that the wind turbines are doing to the environment in so many ways. “The War on Coal” is over:

The Senate confirmed Scott Pruitt on Friday to run the Environmental Protection Agency.  Vote was 52 to 46


Time to burn more coal, seeing that temperatures are crashing:

Since record highs caused last year by an ‘el Nino’ sea-warming event in the Pacific, HadCRUT 4 has fallen by more than half a degree Celsius, and its value for the world average temperature in January 2017 was about the same as January 1998.

Update, Senator Allen West nails it:

[…] These government employees must be fired.

They cannot operate in this realm of feeling “untouchable” any longer. Their paychecks are signed by us, the American taxpayer. They don’t work for any political party, cause, or in advancement of an ideology. They are part of the swamp, the bureaucratic administrative state, and there is no place more indicative of that than the IRS and the EPA. This agency in the past eight years was used as an ideological agenda weapon of mass destruction.


The authors of the Greening Paper:

Nature Climate Change
08 June 2015
29 March 2016
Published online
25 April 2016

H/t Greenie Watch

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a ‘hockey stick’ graph to look forward to …

Forests, with tremendous 60 odd years of increased growth, spread’s through the Tibetan Plateau. Warmer weather combined with fertilizing with more CO2 has brought astonishing growth to forests everywhere since 1960.

A Brief History of Tree Growth in Tibetan Plateau Alpine Forests

Paper Reviewed
Silva, L.C.R., Sun, G., Zhu-Barker, X., Liang, Q., Wu, N. and Horwath, W.R. 2016. Tree growth acceleration and expansion of alpine forests: The synergistic effect of atmospheric and edaphic change. Science Advances 2: e1501302.

Introducing their work, Silva et al. (2016) report that “in some alpine ecosystems, the combined effect of climate warming and rising CO2 levels has been shown to enhance the productivity of dominant trees (Jacoby et al., 1996; Korner, 2012; Salzer et al., 2009), which could lead to forest expansion.” Working on the eastern side of the Tibetan Plateau, the team of two U.S. scientists and four Chinese researchers thus set out to investigate this phenomenon and the mechanisms driving it. More specifically, they “sampled dominant Abies faxoniana trees and combined dendrochronological and isotopic measurements to examine changes in tree growth, resource use, and time of establishment over the past ~250 years.” And what did that work reveal?

As illustrated in Figure 1, Silva et al. report that the dendrochronological analyses showed steady increases in tree growth since the early 1900s that intensified during the 1930s and 1960s, reaching “unprecedented levels” during the past few decades in which “annual growth increments were 5 to 10 times higher than those documented in the 19th century.” As for the cause of this incredible growth, the six scientists report that their “measurements of stable isotopes (carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen) in tree rings indicate that tree growth has been stimulated by the synergistic effect of rising atmospheric CO2 and a warming-induced increase in water and nutrient availability from thawing permafrost.” And this great greening of the earth continues unabated.

Figure 1. Average growth of trees sampled in old growth forests (black), forest border (red), forest patches (blue), and isolated trees (green). Shaded areas represent SEs. Calculations revealing the average growth rates from the slopes of linear regressions (P < 0.001) of basal area increments over time are also shown. Adapted from Silva et al. (2016).

Jacoby, G.C., D’Arrigo, R.D. and Davaajamts, T. 1996. Mongolian tree rings and 20th-century warming. Science 273: 771-773.

Korner, C. 2012. Alpine Treelines; Functional Ecology of the Global High Elevation Tree Limits. Springer, Basel, p. 220.

Salzer, M.W., Hughes, M.K., Bunn, A.G. and Kipfmueller, K.F. 2009. Recent unprecedented tree-ring growth in bristlecone pine at the highest elevations and possible causes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science U.S.A. 106: 20,348-20,353.

Global warming is good for the environment, it may soon end.

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the boycott anti-boycotters commercial revolution …

Kelloggs are losers, after name-calling half of their customers, then Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trumps clothing line. Nordstrom chose the rioters and vandal’s threats over that of many of their best customers. The Ivanka clothing line quickly reaches NO1 clothing line on Amazon. Accounts are being closed and those offended spend big in other stores.

This is just a couple of the poor decisions that a few big Companies have made, bringing progressive politics into the boardroom. Alienate half of your customers is a good business decision?

Glenn Reynold’s:

REVENGE OF THE TRUMP WOMEN: Suburban women ditch Nordstrom and go on a cash-waving rampage to support Ivanka Trump.

A viral video shows a group of women storming into a Nordstrom to cancel their accounts in response to the retailer’s decision to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand, promising to shop at Dillard’s instead.

On Wednesday, Laurie Ray posted a video on Facebook of herself and seven other women — some wearing shirts with photos of President Donald Trump that say “Haters Gonna Hate” — walking into a Nordstrom in Chandler, Arizona, with handfuls of cash to cancel their accounts, The Daily Mail reported.

“I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom for 30 years,” one woman in the video says, speaking into a telephone. “Because of your decision to drop Ivanka Trump, I will no longer shop at your store, nor will my husband or our nine children or our eight grandchildren.”

Instead, the women say they are “headed to Dillard’s to buy all kinds of stuff.” Dillard’s continues to sell Ivanka’s brand.

Smart move. It’s on Amazon, too!

Boycotts occasionally work, but mostly the boycotters end up losing over the boycotted.

Granola, and Sanitarium’s Weet-Bix are the biggest winners from Kellogg’s loss. Got to keep the fibres up and stay regular, progressives! You can get get your Healthy Granola Recipe – Cookie and Kate

Cranberry Orange Granola Bars · Triple Coconut Granola

Cookie and Kates:

Image result for granola pics

Update from Instapundit: The mainstream media have lost half of their readers over the past 16 years, first there was BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome, and now PTSD, President Trump Success Disorder. President Trump, still winning. Now that’s a winning boycott for the Trump Train. Another business fail for Media Companys.

Update: Trump, again.

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CO2, an irrigation farmer’s delight …

More timely benefits of increased CO2, from co2science.

In a timely and most interesting paper, Deryng et al. (2016) report that rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations are expected by many to enhance photosynthesis and reduce crop water use,” but they write that “there is high uncertainty about the global implications of these effects for future crop production and agricultural water requirements under [projected] climate change.” Thus, they go on to combine the results obtained for networks of field experiments and global crop models in order to derive a global perspective on crop water productivity (CWP) — which is the ratio of crop yield to evapotranspiration — for wheat, maize, rice and soybeans under elevated CO2 and the associated climate change that is typically projected for a high-end greenhouse-gas emissions scenario. And what did they learn by so doing?

This exercise suggested, as the sixteen scientists report, that “the projected increase in the air’s CO2 concentration would likely increase global CWP by 10-27% by the 2080s, with particularly large increases in arid regions (by up to 48%, for example, in the case of rain-fed wheat).” And they add that “if realized in the fields,” the effects of elevated CO2 could considerably mitigate global yield losses while reducing agricultural consumptive water use by 4-17%.

In closing, the four US and twelve European researchers write that their findings “quantify the importance of CO2 effects on potential water savings and, in so doing, highlight key limitations of global hydrological models that do not consider effects of CO2 on evapotranspiration.” And, therefore, they further state that their results “demonstrate the need to expand field experiments and encourage greater consistency in modelling the effects of rising CO2 across crop and hydrological modelling communities,” which efforts would likely suggest potentially positive outcomes.

(My bold) Paper Reviewed
Deryng, D., Elliott, J., Folberth, C., Muller, C., Pugh, T.A.M., Boote, K.J., Conway, D., Ruane, A.C., Gerten, D., Jones, J.W., Khabarov, N., Olin, S., Schaphoff, S., Schmid, E., Yang, H. and Rosenzweig, C. 2016. Regional disparities in the beneficial effects of rising CO2 concentrations on crop water productivity. Nature Climate Change 6: 786-790.

Rainfall has been amazing across Australia for a decade now, ever since ‘climate activist’, Tim Flannery, declared Australia’s new permanent drought in 2007. So, this information is useful for the next drought period.

How Four Plant Species of Australia Respond to Declining Rainfall (10 February 2017)
It is believed by many that a decline in rainfall must ultimately drive various plant species from regions where they currently are found. But such may not always be the case. In fact, it may well be the exception


Ord River irrigation channel

Glassy-eyed” Leftists are hell-bent on destroying productivity with their insane carbon policies.

Update. Somebody should tell them, CO2 is not pollution, but a highly beneficial molecule that benefits us all. Oh, wait, they’ve already been told!

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global warming caused … false prophecies and record crops

The result is in. Global warming causes record crops. Australia’s crop harvest trashes past records, despite widespread frost damage in many areas of Western Australia.

Australia’s winter wheat crop looks set to be the largest ever recorded

It’s been a record-breaking winter season for Australian grain producers with the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) sharply revising its production estimates for wheat, barley, canola and chickpeas higher in its latest Australian crop report, released on Tuesday.

ABARES estimates that total Australian winter crop production increased by a mammoth 49% in 2016–17 to 58.9 million tonnes, some 12 higher than the previous estimate offered in December.

“The revision was the result of yields being higher than anticipated and reaching unprecedented levels in most regions,” it said, adding “generally favourable seasonal conditions pushed national winter crop production to a new record high”.

By crop, ABARES said wheat production is estimated to have increased by 45% to a record high of 35.1 million tonnes. Barley production was up even more, jumping by 56% to 13.4 million tonnes, again a record high.

Canola production rose by 41% to 4.1 million tonnes, equalling the record of 2012–13, while chickpea production increased by 40% to 1.4 million tonnes, again a record high.

A record breaking season for Australia’s major crops, and one that bodes well for agricultural output in Australian GDP.

This table shows the estimated production levels for 2016/17, comparing the results to those seen in the previous two years:

Dr John Day at Greenie Watch adds “Looks like the food shortages that Greenies are always predicting will have to be postponed once again.  From Malthus to Hitler to Paul Ehrlich to the New York Times the false prophecies never cease.”

Update, The people have been duped.

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brutally cold …


I bet people in Europe now wish that they hadn’t listened to the Green Blob, as they face shortages of power and heating during another brutal winter.

Over-reliance on green energy and freezing winter weather triggered serious power shortages across Europe.

European Union nations, including Greece and Hungary, hoarded power due to the cold winter weather. That hoarding triggered shortages that cut off electricity to tens of thousands of homes and sent power prices soaring to record levels […]

Can’t laugh too much because if Labor wins the WA state election next month, we could see WA going down the energy tubes like all other Labor run states.

Some global warming is welcome here, where -50C seems the norm.

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BoM blips the weather …

First blip is the record cold in a large area of the South West of Western Australia:

[…] The BoM says the south of WA had its coldest winter since 1990 and the coldest September min on record (coldest mean also, but they don’t say so). September SST off the south-west was +0.08C, according to BoM data. How do you get repeated hits of the coldest weather since 1897 when the surrounding seas are warmer than average? Both NOAA and the record-breaking south-west cold weather over the past six months have been suggesting that the BoM’s SST anomaly baseline, algorithm and/or buoys aren’t a true reflection of historic averages.

A highly agenda destroying blip, where comments also report significant rainfall records broken too:

[…] Thats all I have time for – there must be a stack more. Watch these stunning cold records get fair coverage in the news media.
Daily maximum temperature anomaly for Australia – this map is for the 8th – The map for the 9th will update later.

BoM’s radar figure for Australia has blown a fuse or something too. One of the blip images of the loop for Australia saved here. Continue reading

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manipulating an agenda and losing …

The science says NO CAGW is caused by CO2:

Role of atmospheric carbon dioxide in climate change

By Martin Hertzberg, Hans Schreuder


The authors evaluate the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) consensus that the increase of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is of anthropogenic origin and is causing dangerous global warming, climate change and climate disruption. The totality of the data available on which that theory is based is evaluated. The data include: (a) Vostok ice-core measurements; (b) accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere; (c) studies of temperature changes that precede CO2 changes; (d) global temperature trends; (e) current ratio of carbon isotopes in the atmosphere; (f) satellite data for the geographic distribution of atmospheric CO2; (g) effect of solar

activity on cosmic rays and cloud cover. Nothing in the data supports the supposition that atmospheric CO2 is a driver of weather or climate, or that human emissions control atmospheric CO2.


The Political Science Class, however, is still hashing out consensus nonsense, a losing agenda, worried, I am sure, by the  recent whistleblower revelations, and a new Sheriff in town, that undermines their lining of pockets!

[…] For example, U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology issued a misleading press release. These types of statements by policymakers that attempt to take one study/dispute and blow it out of proportion are both unhelpful and misleading. We will be working with the science committee to demonstrate the scientific consensus on climate change and to encourage them not to interfere with the scientific process.

Really! What’s changed? Oh, that’s right, Obama is gone. Pass the popcorn!(H/t Greenie Watch)

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abandoned and discarded from the Kimberley …

Not everything found in the Kimberley is alive, flourishing, or green.


A burnt out, abandoned bus in bush near Highway 1 south of Broome above, and below, a rusty but still used barge in Wyndham.


A former pearl lugger engine shed, then fish factory, now unused in Chinatown, Broome.


Formerly a fishing boat from Broome, now a part of various landscape furniture:


Then, a long gone caravan on floats, at the vagaries of big tides, mosquitos and sand flies:


Next, an abandoned camp in the Great sandy Desert.


That’s me on another long gone fishing vessel in Broome, The “Beadon”. Named after a creek from Onslow, now an oil and gas town on the Pilbara coast. The Beadon was a trap fishing vessel in the same period as a picture above of Patricia II.

go-hard-orNext, a long abandoned ‘pearl panel’ cleaning shed…


The next pic features a renovated sail maker’s shed, then a disused diesel power station, replaced with modern gas power system.

dsc02545 broomes-now-silent-diesel-power-station

A very common scene in the Kimberley, an abandoned trailer near Wolfe Creek.


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hot as hell field trip … Sandfire

Just completed a 2nd field trip a month apart, to see what changes to vegetation to target plant species next to, and on a sand dune close to the Sandfire Roadhouse. One of the hottest places in Western Australia, this trip each of the 2 months this year entails a round trip of 650km, in a single day.

The weather was very hot. With an inch and a half of rain last night, the middle of the day was 38C and steamy, an appreciated temperature over 41C, so Sandfire did live up to it’s name. That’s what is expected here where a sea breeze is very rare, the Roadhouse being about 8km south of the 80mile beach.

Ground cover herbs come into the scene with a show of ground hugging herbs. Below are some interesting pics, to me at least, green and colourful after recent good wet season rainfall. Click to enlarge:


Calytrix carinata


Capparis spinosa, ssp nummularia


Evolvulus, Heliotrope and Hybanthus






Gossypium australe


Solanum emerging through a Saltwater Couch grass




Ventilago viminalis, Medicine Bark Tree

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