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Best Eyeliner Use Women Soft Contacts


Most women who wear glasses know that it’s pretty difficult to apply eye makeup themselves. While some women who wear glasses think they don’t need to apply makeup to their eyes since the glasses are covering them. Most know this isn’t true, people can see right through your glasses thus, want to look their best. This is where the issue begins.

At this stage most women will try contact lenses as a replacement for their glasses. Now they are able to see and can apply eye makeup such as mascara and eyeliner to their hearts desire. This this article we will discuss the best eyeliners and mascara to use for women who wear this makeup.

Soft, Waxy Eyeliners

The prefered eyeliner to use are the soft waxy types as they are easy to apply to your eyes. The problem that women who wear contacts face is that by the middle of the afternoon a foggy film will develop on the contacts making it difficult to see. Then having to find a bathroom to rinse out your contacts and re-insert them is no way to spend an afternoon!

Liquid Eyeliners

The problem with liquid eyeliners is that it is very difficult to get the liner between the eyelashes and to the root of the eyelash, leaving it uncolored and blotchy looking. After failing with the liquid eyeliner some try cake eyeliner which is applied in a different form, as a brush. However that eyeliner didn’t last very long and was easily smeared. Plus there are certain brands that affect women’s eyes differently, often irritating them.

Don’t get discouraged yet! After extensive researching and reading testimonials of real people (women) who used this eyeliner it has to be the perfect solution for those who wear contacts! With this eyeliner you can get it between your eyelashes and even around the root making for a think and luscious appearance. This eyeliner is called Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner.

You will have to purchase the Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner Brush along side with the eyeliner though. We would recommend that you search up Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner and read some reviews before you go ahead and purchase it.

It’s a fairly simply process, just line the eye by dotting the eyeliner across your eyelash line. To blend the newly applied line, brush upwards.

A technique that is quite helpful is to wet your eyeliner brush shaking off the water, then stroke the eyeliner brush back and forth across the surface of the cake eyeliner. You want the texture to not be dry, or too wet, sort of just right. If your brush gets too wet, dab it onto a paper towel. After you have your eyeliner just right place it on your eyelash line and wiggle it back and forth slightly. You can apply this to your entire eyelash line which will instantly produce the beautiful look of thick luscious eyelashes. If you have multiple colors, play around with it and experiment with different textures. See what looks best on your person.

Add some eye shadow and mascara to the works. You know have eye makeup that should last you all day and night long, it doesn’t bother your eyes and makes you look stunning! You don’t even need those false eyelashes anymore

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