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5 Reasons Why You Need Air Force 1 Crease Protectors


Crease protectors are an essential shoe accessory to have if you wear your shoes a lot, especially if you work in an office , have a job that requires standing on your feet, or you simply wear your shoes every day .

If you’ve never been to a brick-and-mortar shoe store before, you might be surprised to learn just how many different types of shoe accessories there are. Most people just buy black shoes coated with rubber or leather to protect the soles from wear and tear , but there’s also a lot more to it than that .

In addition to having a pair of nice leather shoes, you should also have a pair of cloth shoes that have a crease protector on them . These come in all different shapes and colors and do a lot to protect the back of the shoes from creases and wrinkles. These creases and wrinkles can easily ruin the shoes’ appearance , so it’s a good idea to have a crease protector handy at all times.

You can make even more money with a crease protector if you can sharpen it using a file or sandpaper. Some crease protectors for air force 1 even come with two surfaces that you can easily use to sharpen both the front and rear of the protector .

Before we go any further , it’s probably best if we also talk about shoe trees because these are the things you’ll need to keep your shoes in the best possible shape .

1 . A crease protector is a must for anyone who wears their shoes all day.

The thing about creases is that they happen over time and you can’t see them when they’re forming , let alone stop them from happening in the first place .

If you think about it, when you walk around in your shoes and they don’t fit just right, your feet naturally push against the front of the shoe and create creases there. Over time , these creases turn into wrinkles and eventually form permanent marks on the front of your shoe .

These marks aren’t just unattractive – they also make your shoe really uncomfortable and can turn the best-looking pair of shoes in the world into ones that you’d rather stuff into the back of your closet and never wear again .

With a crease protector , you can prevent your shoes from having these kinds of marks in the first place .

2 . Crease protectors are also useful to have on hand if you’re wearing a suit.

When you’re wearing a suit to work, you probably don’t want to walk around in a pair of sweats all day . Of course, you might feel more comfortable wearing your sweatpants or jeans to the workplace , but that’s probably not the best look to have when wearing a suit.

It’s for this reason that it’s important to have a pair of crease protectors ready in case you’re wearing a suit and need to take off your jacket at some point during the day. This way , you can slip your jacket off without worrying about your suit getting wrinkled in the process .

3 . A crease protector is an essential accessory for anyone who wears jeans or cargo pants.

If you’re a big fan of wearing jeans or cargo pants to work every day , then you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to keep these clothes looking clean without wrinkling them in the process .

This is why it’s recommended that you wear a pair of crease protectors with your clothes every single day – even if you wear the same pair of jeans every day .

Even if you really can’t take every pair of clothes off at work , you should at least try to wear something with creases on them so that you can easily slip them off at the end of the day when you’re done wearing them .

4 . Crease protectors are also useful to have on hand if you have a high-top sneaker.

One of the reasons we recommend having a pair of crease protectors in your arsenal is to protect your expensive sneakers from getting dirty while you’re wearing them – especially if you have a job where you spend most of your time on your feet .

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a clean pair of sneakers and a pair of jeans that have only been worn for a few hours , so wearing a pair of crease protectors can keep your sneakers looking as good as new even if they’re covered in mud from working outside all day .

5 . Crease protectors are really useful to have in your closet , too.

Like any other kind of clothing you have in your closet , the crease protectors should be stored in a neat and organized way so that you can easily find them when you need them .

Be sure to keep them inside a garment bag or inside a small cardboard box that you can easily slide into your closet’s door .

What Are Crease Protectors ?

A crease protector is a thin , flexible piece of cloth that is used to cover and protect your shoe’s backside from creases and wrinkles .

A crease protector is a must-have accessory for anyone who wears shoes every day , especially those who wear shoes to the office or just wear them around a lot in general .

How to Use Crease Protectors

To use a crease protector, all you have to do is slip it under the heel of your shoe , then tuck it under the back of the shoe. This will allow the crease protector to fold over to protect the back of your shoe from creasing .

If you’re having trouble getting the crease protector to fold over , try bending it a little to make it easier to do so. You can also cut the crease protector down the middle if you’d like to use only half of it .

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