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backing losers with borrowed money …

Chairman Mal is starting his tenure as CEO of Australia in a ‘Whitlam-esque’ fashion, borrowing billions to pay for losers like the CSIRO and other obscenities. …   Not content with  Abbott’s cuts on a ‘warmist’ unscientific lot of ‘pocket-liners’, Chairman … Continue reading

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switched off …

All those Greenie supporters of renewables, like wind and solar, ought to have their own residences connected up to them only, not the grid. Instead the rest of us have to suffer with higher power costs to pay for the … Continue reading

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ten billion dollars in interest a year … budget black hole

Australia is going broke, slowly but surely. The annual debt to be repaid is growing more rapidly. The interest bill alone is TEN billion dollars a year. How many hospitals could be built with that? There is NO light on … Continue reading

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Green/Labor Lunatic tax…given to Nigeria?

BY 2050, Australia will be sending $57 billion a year overseas just for the right to keep our lights on, as a direct consequence of Julia Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax and consequent emissions trading scheme. (from Terry McCrann) Let me … Continue reading

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