factless BoM … and their media shills at ABC

The bias and facts-less reporting goes on and on and on. BoM’s lack of historical knowledge is only a tidge better than ‘their’ ABC. First ever July cyclone for the region off Queensland: Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on. It didn’t take much for these amateur meteorologists to show them up for what they are. Clueless.

Forecaster David Grant on the ABC:

“We’ve never had a July tropical cyclone in the Queensland region before.

Australia has only had one other officially declared July cyclone, which formed off Western Australia in 1996.

The official tropical cyclone season runs from November 1 to April 30.”

There’s been at least a dozen, including some quite severe. Go and have a look. As ‘Another Ian’ suggested at WUWT about the previous post, they must be suffering from ‘Climate Parisitis’.

Newspaper report, Cyclone, 1935, July,

July 1935, Click to enlarge | Trove

It’s an epidemic, Warwick Hughes does some fact checking: Australian BoM claim that Perth has had the warmest June ever is not true everywhere around Perth

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Paris-itics unleashed …

The Paris Push for the November COP is in full swing, led by the ABC Paris-itics. Seriously? Tsunamis caused by global warming?

Too much panic is never enough. Fran Kelly asks Stephen O’Brien, lawyer and UN official, about that the effects of climate change which are “already being felt”. She does not blink when his answer includes more frequent and more severe tsunamis. His qualifier…  It’s not a question of “if”, but “when”.

Yes, yes, this is “best and brightest” ideas from around the world, apparently. […]

Even worse. Making it all up:

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climate data “unusable” … and corrupt

Climate fail, of the biggest kind. A disaster for the global warmists.

Government Climate Data Found Unreliable

Written by John L Casey SSRC on 29 Jun 2015

Effective immediately, the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), a leader in climate prediction, has dropped the US government’s ground based global temperature data from its list of reliable sources. co2 fraud

This significant step has been made by the SSRC after extensive review of the US government’s ground temperature data and its wide divergence from more reliable sources of climate data, namely satellite systems.

The SSRC has found multiple flaws that it says render the US government’s climate data virtually unusable. The SSRC has further observed that the US government and specifically, President Barack Obama, have routinely deceived the people regarding the true status of the Earth’s climate, its causes, and where the global climate is heading.

In the past, the SSRC has used five global temperature data sets, three ground based (NOAA, NASA and HADCRUT) and two satellite data sets (RSS, UAH). These data sets are analyzed and an integrated picture of all five allows the SSRC to produce its semi-annual Global Climate Status Report (GCSR). HADCRUT is a combined set from two UK science groups.

As of today, the SSRC will no longer use the ground based data sets of NASA and NOAA because of serious questions about their credibility and allegations of data manipulation to support President Obama’s climate change policies. Use of HADCRUT will also be suspended on similar grounds.

According to SSRC President, Mr. John L. Casey, “It is clear that during the administration of President Barack Obama, there has developed a culture of scientific corruption permitting the alteration or modification of global temperature data in a way that supports the myth of manmade global warming […]

How embarrassing for ‘climate science’. All that adjusting, homogenizing, tweaking and twerking the data, for nought! At least the satellite data is OK:

[…] While the use of satellite data only, will limit the depth of quality of the Global Climate Status Report, it will at the same time allow us to still provide the best available climate assessment and climate predictions possible using only the most reliable data.”

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tracking dinosaurs …

The world’s most impressive and substantial dinosaur footprint highway is about to be bombarded by a number of human Paleontologist and assisting researcher’s footprints, drones and lasers. The Broome coastline for 200 km contains examples of at least 16 different species, centred on James Price Point. Begins the season with this opening event:

Roebuck Bay Working Group's photo.

Palaeontologist, Dr Steve Salisbury will be in Broome on Tuesday July 7 to speak about the research he is leading on Cretaceous dinosaur tracks. When Steve is trying to work out what is going on with the tracks on the Dampier Peninsula, he imagines he is right there amongst the dinosaurs! Steve is a great speaker, you will be impressed.


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the next crisis? …

You can only doctor the real data for as long as you it takes for real research to happen. The Greek crisis could be just the beginning:

The US is in a mess.

Of course, that percentage is close to the number who use food stamps.

It gets worse:

Most government debt per person:
3. US – $ 58,604
12. Greece – $ 38,444
42. Russia – $2,297
48. China – $ 1,489


Only Japan and Ireland are in a worse fiscal position than the US.

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ideological crash and burn …

[…]How much of Greece’s current economic problems were caused by the made Hellenic dash into renewable energy? The answer, unsurprisingly, is most likely quite a lot.

Greece, like many small European economies, has placed a substantial focus on green energy, seeing it as a quick leg up into the big league – an easy way to attract generous funding from rich green neighbours like Germany. On paper it must have seemed a fantastic opportunity […]

A major cause of the looming Greek bankruptcy, Green Energy subsidies. The subsidies are also unraveling Italy’s and Spain’s economies. The EU is not in a happy place, the Greeks have run out of ‘other people’s money':

green_money_windmills Climate cash

Did green madness help create the Greek debt crisis?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The unfolding Greek financial crisis is front page news. The repercussions – bank runs, unsustainable debts, deadlocked creditors – could easily lead to major consequences worldwide. However misconceived the Euro currency was, its downfall will be painful on a global scale. How much of Greece’s current economic problems were caused…

Read it all.

Green ideology:

THEY REALLY, REALLY SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THATCHER: The Greek Crisis: Too Little Democracy, Too Much Bureaucracy.

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‘Twitterati’ undone …

The ‘new media’ is a failure. The rash of left wing journalists twittering and facebooking on the internet, story after story, does not inform or educate their readers. More to the point, the ‘one liner’ is all that’s noticed, most often a vile comment about their political foes.

The outstanding twitter that proves this point has just cost Fairfax a $200,000 payout for defamation! Yet few actually read the linked article:

Of The Age’s 280,000 Twitter followers, just 789 followed the links to stories that eased the sting in those defamatory tweets.

Oh, and another warning, this time to Age’s social media marketing team. That’s a shocking hit rate for your biggest story of the day. Tweeters seem too lazy even to hit a link.

Continue reading

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land use requirements for Green’s renewable energy … enormous

[…] loss of tropical rain forests which may be caused by Pope Francis’ suggestion fossil fuels be replaced by solar and wind energy sources that require vast land areas for their implementation.

Examination of land requirements show it takes 6 acres per megawatt for solar energy and 60 acres per megawatt for wind energy.  The typical megawatts of solar and wind energy to produce the same output of a 1000 megawatt nuclear power plant would be 5000 megawatts solar and 3000 megawatts wind, respectively.  Thus land requirements for the solar plant are 47 square miles and 281 square miles for the wind farm.

The United States’ annual electricity production is a little greater than 4 billion megawatt-hours.  It would take 500 1000-megawatt nuclear power plants to generate that amount of electricity.  Dividing that electric power production equally with solar and wind energy would require 11,800 square miles of solar farms and 70,000 square miles of wind farms.  No mention is made about energy storage problems.

Those figures condemn the Green activists promoting this amount of land degradation.

There is so much that is wrong about the papal encyclical, that is pointed out in the article published here. Read it all.

Pope Francis versus the scientific facts

James Rust


The 184-page letter consists of 246 paragraphs of which 7 (paragraphs 20-26) are devoted to POLLUTION AND CLIMATE CHANGE. […]


Those Stubborn Facts: Bill Gates Confirms Analysis of Google Experts – Renewable Energy Is Failed Solution

2015-06-28_165952Article: The establishment climate science experts have long pushed their favored policy of fossil fuel energy production being replaced by renewable energy sources. The indisputable result has been a literal green energy fiasco in many countries as political leaders fall all over themselves to make taxpayers massively subsidize the green energy projects of billionaires and powerful corporations.

Yet when informed high-tech analysis is applied to an objective review of renewable green energy, it becomes readily apparent that current renewable energy options are abject failures on all counts, including the goal of reducing global warming.

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preaching nonsense …

If the pontiff truly believes “excessive consumption” of modern conveniences is causing evil “climate change,” will he be shutting down and returning the multimillion-dollar system Carrier generously gifted to the Vatican Museums?

If not, I suggest, with all due respect, that Pope Francis do humanity a favor and refrain from blowing any more hot air unless he’s willing to stew in his own.

When the rich and powerful do what they preach, I may start to listen to them.

Will the Pope follow his own advice and turn off Vatican air-conditioning?

Or is he just another Green/Left hypocrite?

Unlike Pope Francis, I believe that air-conditioning and the capitalists responsible for the technology are blessings to the world.

Perhaps the head of the Catholic Church, who condemned “the increasing use and power of air-conditioning” last week in a market-bashing encyclical, is unaware of the pioneering private company that has donated its time, energy and innovative heating, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment to the Vatican’s most famous edifice for more than a decade.

That’s right. While the pontiff sanctimoniously attacks “those who are obsessed with maximizing profits,” Carrier Corporation — a $13 billion for-profit company with 43,000 employees worldwide (now a unit of U.S.-based United Technologies Corp.) — ensures that the air in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel stays clean and cool. […]

Of course he wont turn the air con off. He’s a hypocrite, just like all other global warming preachers.

The Beagle Bay Church pictured here in the hottest region of Western Australia, on the other hand, has no air conditioning.

a religious agenda

a religious agenda

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NOAA’s peak rubbish …

[…] It’s part of the twin peaks thesis: Peaking carbon dioxide levels will cause peaking temperatures, which will lead to catastrophic climate and weather. Unfortunately for alarmists, the chaos isn’t happening.

No category 3-5 hurricane has hit the United States for a record 9-1/2 years. Tornadoes, droughts, polar bears, polar ice, sea levels and wildfires are all in line with (or improvements on) historic patterns and trends. The Sahel is green again, thanks to that extra CO2.  And the newly invented disasters they want to attribute to fossil fuel-driven climate change – allergies, asthma, ISIS and Boko Haram – don’t even pass the laugh test.

The NOAA report appears to have been another salvo in the White House’s attempt to regain the offensive, ahead of the Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Climate Conference. However, a growing number of prominent analysts have uncovered serious biases, errors, and questions in the report.

Climatologists Pat Michaels (photo), Dick Lindzen, and Chip Knappenberger point out that the patmikeNOAA team adjusted sea-surface temperature (SST) data from buoys upward by 0.12º C, to make them “homogenous” with lengthier records from engine intake systems in ships. However, engine intake data are “clearly contaminated by heat conduction” from the ships, and the data were never intended for scientific use – whereas the global buoy network was designed for environmental monitoring. […]

– See more at: http://www.cfact.org/2015/06/25/twin-peaks-twin-lies/#sthash.VNFVeQXd.dpuf

The misuse of statistics is epidemic amongst the scaremongers, doing the bidding of their political masters before Paris COP. Fortunately there are many skeptical scientists who are able to peer review the ‘rapid-fire’ press releases of Obama cronies.

Judith Curry: Scientists speaking with one voice: panacea or pathology?

This review by Curry of  ‘social science’ and consensus of a discussion by Mike Hulme of the University of East Anglia is a good representation of how consensus fails science. Curry concludes: “And its time to put the ‘consensus entrepreneurs’ back in a box.  Imagine a world without consensus entrepreneurs; there would be no need for ‘deniers’!”


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