the age of Green entitlement …


“That office fitout has cost the taxpayer, and wait for this ….. $414,000.”

According to my calculator, that’s 13,800 bottles of Penfolds Grange Hermitage !

These were comments at Jonova, which shattered suitably shocked me …

So then, how cool is this, eh? (umm, that’s me being sarcastic)

Larissa Waters was a lawyer in a former life.

She is now a Senator for the State of Queensland, representing The Greens Party. Her responsibilities (the Portfolios she covers) are Environment, Biodiversity and Natural Heritage; Population; Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea; Cape York; World Heritage; Tourism; Mining.

You got that. Makes Russ Hinze look like a community organiser.

She was first elected in 2010.

She has just had her office in trendy Given Terrace in the suburb of Paddington fitted out, as befitting her new job as a Federal Senator.

That office fitout has cost the taxpayer, and wait for this ….. $414,000.

Most people have mortgages for houses costing that much.

This is for the fitout of an office.

A Greens Senator.

Great when it’s other people’s money isn’t it.

Greens. You know, grassroots people.




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not far out from Broome …

Last week’s small adventure visiting bush and salt flats to see what changes may have happened, now the wet season is over. No rain for 2 weeks, Easterly winds, warm days, cooler nights, shows that life goes on as usual:

Monitor lizard strolls across the track

Monitor lizard strolls across the track

Holes in the claypan occupied and maintained:

Home for a mud dweller

Home for a mud dweller

Water systems are full to overflowing:


Grasses are starting to dry out and fill out seed heads.

wild duck pond

wild duck pond

The wild horses enjoy life in bushland here:

Ghost gum, Corymbia bella

Ghost gum, Corymbia flavescens

willies creek 009

willies creek 049

Wild horses, pictured on a cloudy day in January

A tame mule looks over his wilder companions

A tame mule looks over his wilder companions

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CO2, “significantly increasing the quantity and potency” …

In a past life, I sold broad-acre farm machinery, livestock, and anything else a farmer wanted, to increase his income and make profits. There was always a cheaper and better way to do things, as farmer innovation was a necessity to stave off financial failures.

Improved breeding, tillage, chemicals and even marketing have been the saviour of many agricultural pursuits. Yet none have made as much difference as the increase in atmospheric CO2 is to our food supply.

Now comes the latest finding that quality is another effect of extra CO2, and it’s all for the good in feeding the world, contrary to the ‘scarers’ at the IPCC:


  • Study: Increased CO2 enhances the nutritional quality of food crops


…Over at the Guardian, an elitist says we don’t pay enough for food. Whilst farmers might agree with that sentiment, tell that to the refugees, the drought stricken, the trampled on everywhere. Farmers should be thanked for accepting lower prices on offer. The elite are still able to throw away uneaten food, their conscience is clear, they buy carbon credits.

Claim: ‘We don’t value food because it’s not expensive enough’

Meanwhile, the research into carbon chemistry and crops continues:

Wheat Production in a CO2-Enriched World of the Future: What would likely happen if temperatures rise and precipitation declines concurrently?

Carbon Sequestration via Agricultural-Crop Phytoliths in China: Just what are phytoliths? … and how do they do what they do??

… and finds more benefits.

350 x 220 · jpeg·Carbon Dioxide Emissions Stimulating $15 Trillion in Crop Production

Update, a warmist’s idea that sucks: Climate Vacuum Cleaner

That all the earth’s grasslands and forests are already a great CO2 vacuum cleaner the Warmists seem to have forgotten.  Do they intend to duplicate all of our grasslands and forests?

Just when we thought the UN couldn’t get any more ridiculous in its climate change warnings and prescriptions, they exceed our expectations. According to UPI, the third report in a series from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) “suggests vacuuming up vast amounts of CO2 from the skies and storing it underground” as a “viable solution for mitigating the greenhouse gas effect in the short term.”

That would have to be quite a Dirt Devil. But they’re serious, they insist, that something must be done. IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri says, “The high speed mitigation train needs to leave the station very soon and all of global society would need to get on board.”

Uniformity or bust, that’s the climate alarmists’ way. But if you’ll pardon the pun, we think this idea sucks.


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“shocking form of authoritarianism and anti-intellectualism” …

Senator George Brandis is right. This interview would not have made the pages of Fairfax, or the ABC screen, the Guardian’s ‘hissy-fitters” heads would explode, they are too busy implementing their beliefs whilst abusing those they don’t agree with. Jonova reports on the interview here:

Climate change believers are using ‘medieval’ tactics to silence debate says George Brandis

How loaded and vitriolic the conversation is about the weather. Too loaded.

George Brandis describes how the left have stopped arguing for free speech and instead do everything to silence different views. He was shocked, he said, at the deplorable attitudes in two particularly white-hot topics: climate change and racial discrimination. Australian Senator Brandis is the Attorney General of Australia, and at the center of the debate about the noxious 18C legislation on hate-speech and whether we Australians have to make sure we don’t say anything to offend anyone. Curiously, this interview has got The Guardian and Sydney Morning Herald talking. Commenters at The Guardian are doing their best to say why Brandis is wrong (“he is a lunatic”), while at the same time proving nearly everything he says about their tactics is true. Brandis, after all, explains that he agrees with the climate consensus, but doesn’t see why asking questions about the science should evoke a shocking form of authoritarianism and anti-intellectualism. He speaks of the emergence of a habit of denying the legitimacy of any other point of view.

Commenter “scuzzlebutt” says: “I’m starting to believe that Brandis may just be one of the most dangerous people in Australia.” Later he or she added: “The worst part is that he claims to be in agreement that climate change is real, yet turns such a matter in to a political football that he and his nasty party can exploit.” (And so it goes: saying you “believe” is not enough, you must also shout down the heretics too.) Meanwhile Jim Lakely at The Heartland Institute is already being deleted from The Guardian comments for the sin of posting links to NIPCC. There is no Gospel but the IPCC!

Brendan O’Neill writes up this excellent interview at Spiked Online It’s packed with quotable quotes. It should spread, and rampantly. The home truths are very well said.

Brandis says… “there were two recent, specific things that made him realise just what a mortal threat freedom of speech faces in the modern era and that he would have to dust down his Mill, reread his Voltaire, and up the ante in his war of words against, as he puts it, the transformation of the state into ‘the arbiter of what might be thought’. The first thing was the climate-change debate; and the second is what is known down here as The Andrew Bolt Case.”

“…rather than winning the argument [they] exclude their antagonists from the argument.”

He describes the climate-change debate – or non-debate, or anti-debate, to be really pedantic but also accurate – as one of the ‘great catalysing moments’ in his views about the importance of free speech.

He isn’t a climate-change denier; he says he was ‘on the side of those who believed in anthropogenic global warming and who believed something ought to be done about it’. But he has nonetheless found himself ‘really shocked by the sheer authoritarianism of those who would have excluded from the debate the point of view of people who were climate-change deniers’. He describes as ‘deplorable’ the way climate change has become a gospel truth that you deny or mock at your peril, ‘where one side [has] the orthodoxy on its side and delegitimises the views of those who disagree, rather than engaging with them intellectually and showing them why they are wrong’.

“The science is settled?”… It was ignorant, it was medieval”

He describes how Penny Wong, the Labor Party senator for South Australia and minister for climate change in the Julia Gillard government, would ‘stand up in the Senate and say “The science is settled”. In other words, “I am not even going to engage in a debate with you”. It was ignorant, it was medieval, the approach of these true believers in climate change.’ Wong, whom Brandis tells me is ‘Australia’s high priestess of political correctness’, is far from alone in suffering from what the American journalist Joel Kotkin recently described as ‘The Debate Is Over’ Syndrome. Throughout eco-circles, and among the political and media elites more broadly, the idea that the time for debating climate change is over, and now we just need action, action, action, is widespread. And to Brandis, this speaks to a new and illiberal climate of anti-intellectualism, to the emergence of ‘a habit of mind and mode of discourse which would deny the legitimacy of an alternative point of view, where rather than winning the argument [they] exclude their antagonists from the argument’.

“the eco-correct think of themselves as enlightened and their critics as ‘throwbacks’, when actually ‘they themselves are the throwbacks, because they adopt this almost theological view…”

The great irony to this new ‘habit of mind’, he says, is that the eco-correct think of themselves as enlightened and their critics as ‘throwbacks’, when actually ‘they themselves are the throwbacks, because they adopt this almost theological view, this cosmology that eliminates from consideration the possibility of an alternative opinion’. The moral straitjacketing of anyone who raises a critical peep about eco-orthodoxies is part of a growing ‘new secular public morality’, he says, ‘which seeks to impose its views on others, even at the cost of political censorship’.

“the best way… for wicked opinions to be exposed…, is to get them out in the cold light of day”

John Stuart Mill, particularly in chapter 2 of On Liberty, made the case better than anyone has made it before or since that the best way for the public to be enlightened, for wicked opinions to be exposed for what they are, is to get them out in the cold light of day and let there be a contest of ideas. Let people judge, having heard the contest of ideas, what views are right and supportable, and what views are wrong.

Indeed, in a recent TV discussion here about Section 18C, one firebrand leftist described free speech as something that only serves ‘old white rich men’.

this kind of new secular public morality, which seeks to impose its views on others…

… this is something new, …the left’s turn against freedom of speech is a pretty recent thing: ‘It’s a complete inversion. The right, until maybe the 1970s or 80s, used to be on the side of censorship, and the left used to be on the side of liberation. That has inverted in the last 20 or 30 years. Now it is the left, in the name of political correctness, in the name of this kind of new secular public morality, which seeks to impose its views on others, even at the cost of political censorship. And it is the right, traditionally more authoritarian than the left, which has become the custodian of classical liberalism.

Keep reading  →


Continue reading

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cataloging dinosaur footprints near Broome …

Geoff Vivian reports on the latest dinosaur research surrounding Broome’s coastline. This important research will be ongoing for decades or more, not just 3 years. The tracks and fossils are contained in sandstone hundreds of metres thick.

  •  ScienceNetwork WA‘s photo.

    Finally, finally, a comprehensive survey of the dinosaur trackway. Dr Steve Salisbury told me this will be a three-year project.

    Palaeontologists are using a range of techniques including airborne digital surveys and ground-based laser scanning to map dinosaur tracks preserved in sandstone near Broome.</p><br /><br />
<p>The researchers are also consulting traditional owners to map the tracks which were originally made on silty mud and became preserved under a layer of sandy mud.</p><br /><br />
<p>More here: <a href=; width=”480″ height=”269″ />

    Palaeontologists are using a range of techniques including airborne digital surveys and ground-based laser scanning to map dinosaur tracks preserved in sandstone near Broome.

    The researchers are also consulting traditional owners to map the tracks which were originally made on silty mud and became preserved under a layer of sandy mud.

    More here:


    Much of the research has to wait for low tide springs, so time is limited.


    Project leader Steve Salisbury from the University of Queensland says the west Kimberley’s known dinosaur tracks are on the cretaceous sandstone of the western Dampier Peninsula’s intertidal zone.

    He says the tracks tend to disappear over time.

    “The coastline is really dynamic and even things that we documented last year, a number of those have disappeared with the last cyclone season,” Dr Salisbury says.

    The best-defined tracks, he says, were originally made on silty mud that was wet enough to collect a clear impression, but which then dried out to be later preserved by under a layer of sandy mud.

    Both layers are now stone, and as surf erodes the more brittle upper layer, it sometimes exposes clear tracks underneath.

    He says the new techniques are necessary because these tracks are difficult to map.

    Being made by large animals, it is difficult for observers to get high enough above them to see a trackway, and hard to measure the distances between tracks on the rough sandstone reefs.

    “We have teamed up with a number of other groups that do either airborne digital surveys and/or ground-based laser scanning,” he says.

    Dr Salisbury is also keen to work with traditional owners, who have tracking skills and cultural knowledge of the songlines associated with the footprints.

    He has just returned from a survey of trackways at the newly-estalished Yawuru Conservation Estate on Broome’s outskirts, and at James Price Point.

    He says it is important to work with the individuals traditionally responsible for knowing the country’s relevant song cycles, and he worked closely with Yawuru ranger Micklo Corpus and Goolarabooloo law man Phillip Roe.

    “The Goolarabooloo guys … they’re quite adept at finding the tracks in the same way that they would be looking for tracks in sand,” he says.

    “But the key thing is … culturally the right person has to be doing it regardless of whether they’re a good tracker or not.”

    Dr Salisbury says he plans to collaborate with other traditional owner groups on the northern section of the peninsula, and perhaps further north.

    Although he is yet to connect with traditional owners in the Bidyadanga region south of Broome, he notes that the relevant songlines also extend in that direction.

    The interdisciplinary team is planning a series of field visits over the next three years.


    The project, Walking with dinosaurs in the Kimberley: mapping the Cretaceous landscapes of the Dampier Peninsula, is funded by the Australian Research Council.

    Other collaborators are:

    • Jorge Hacker, Airborne Research Unit, Flinders University for LiDAR scanning to produce a digital surface model.
    • CSIRO’s Brisbane-based automotive system research group using photogrammetry software and the hand-held device ZebeDee to produce point clouds.
    • Various Aboriginal traditional owner groups of the Dampier Peninsula, west Kimberley.

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up the creek … with a paddle


Sailed up Dampier Creek in Broome this morning, looking for climate refugees, or the local crocdampier creek 015 Found a refugee boat, and a mud crab after disentangling from mangroves.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This large steel vessel sailed here with about 80 refugees from Cambodia in the eighties if my memory serves me. The yellow float was attached to a ‘dillypot’ crab catcher that didn’t catch a crab.

More creek, then someone’s new toy seen back at the ramp:  ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Here’s a climate refugee. The weather? Great, as usual, the tourist season is upon us. Or are they climate refugees from the southern states, here for a few weeks or whatever.

UPDATE: Cambodian refugees sail into Broome

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Harry Reid … error 404

I thought I just heard Senator Harry declare war on ranchers! He wants to build a solar farm instead, so send in the troops: Understanding Workplace Violence

If you shout Islamic epithets while gunning down US soldiers eating lunch, that is workplace violence.

But if you raise food in Nevada on land your family has worked for 140 years, you are a terrorist.



What the heck is wrong with that country? Er ummm, yes, now I see it, IRS, EPA, BLM, CIA, FBI, HHS, …

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the White House, fails history, science …

So full of trying to push the agenda, they have forgotten to see just how ridiculous they are becoming, getting colder is not global warming, for a start, then natures’ cherry blossoms decide: [...]

And then there’s the winter of 1963, the most “savage winter of the century” according to Life Magazine on February 8th, 1963:


And this illustration is from that Life Magazine article on page 33. Gee, that pattern looks familiar.


Illustration for Life Magazine by Walter Hortens

[...] Those who do not study weather history are condemned to bloviate it as yet another effect of “global warming”.


The White House is caught in a vortex!

Check the article out at the link.

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preaching bulldust at the Green altar …

Recently reelected Green Senator goes all in, as an  ideological religious nutter.

Greens senator Scott Ludlam goes all Pentecostal:

This country is going to cook and people are going to die.

Turning on an air conditioner usually seems to help.

“We are in steep trouble here. I don’t think I am being an extremists in just stating the bleeding obvious. The weather is turning violent on us because we have left this for decades,” he said.

The Green guru, and author of the Gaia Theory, suggests otherwise:

  • James Lovelock concedes: ‘A lot of investment in green technology has been a giant scam, if well intentioned’


No, Scott, I don’t believe your scares any more. e2a36-6a010536b58035970c01a73d786a4d970d-450wif53cf-screenshot2014-01-21at2-23-14pm
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a model religion … and/or, a scam

It’s a Green scam, a GIANT Green scam says Dr Lovelock:


  • Green Guru James Lovelock says Warmist claims ‘mistaken’ in interview in Journal Nature: ‘The thing we’ve all forgotten is the heat storage of the ocean — it’s a thousand times greater than the atmosphere and the surface. You can’t change that very rapidly’



    • James Lovelock concedes: ‘A lot of investment in green technology has been a giant scam, if well intentioned’



Another scientist sees the scam as a model religion, a matter of faith:


Award-Winning Former UN IPCC Scientist Dr. Lennart Bengtsson Dissents: ‘We cannot yet separate well enough the greenhouse effect from other climate influences’ – Declares climate models ‘more a matter of faith than a fact

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