Red Cross trashes alarmist cause …

Add more CO2 to the atmosphere, and your supposed to get catastrophic anthropological global warming*. Instead we get calmer, milderwettergreener, warmerdrier, snowy     conditions, mostly where it’s needed the most. Yes, that’s weather, and the environment, improved by additional atmospheric CO2:

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a winning move … the essential element

Supporting fossil fuels, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has set off a ‘greenstorm’. Which means he must be right, when considering how the anti-coal brigade  have charged the energy and climate debates, especially at that last election. Now that Facebook ‘fasceists’ have shown their hand, Paul Kelly has noticed:

In Inquirer this weekend, PAUL KELLY writes on the new climate change battlefront: how the politics of the campaign against fossil fuel haters could prove tricky.

WITH his statement that coal is “essential for the prosperity of Australia” and “essential for the prosperity of the world”, Tony ­Abbott has declared political war on…

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“Global warming alarmists panicked gullible Labor governments” …

In the next week or so, corruption will be investigated at the  Royal Commission inquiry, into Melbourne Water, builders of the moth-balled desalination white elephant, one of many lefty monuments mausoleums scattered across Eastern Australia, built on the ramblings of one Professor Flannery and his alarmist friends.

The Australian has a list of them here: But today we must pay the price for losing our heads:


New figures obtained by The Weekend Australian show the Victorian desalination plant, southeast of Melbourne, will have cost water users $1.2bn by the November 29 state election, rising to $2bn by the end of the next financial year.

The cost has soared, despite no water having been drawn from the facility since its opening in 2012 and dams being more than 80 per cent full…

The Victorian experience has been replicated across Australia’s east and south. Plants in Victoria, NSW, Adelaide and on the Gold Coast cost more than $10bn to build but their operations have been effectively mothballed.

Sydney’s plant is dismissed as a white elephant, with no water produced since 2012, despite costing consumers almost $200 million a year, or about $100 a year for every water user.

In Queensland, the Gold Coast desalination plant built by the previous Labor government at Tugun cost $1.2bn but has been effectively mothballed for the past few years.

In Adelaide, the 100-gigalitre-capacity desalination plant cost $2.2bn to build and was finished in December 2012 but the plant, publicly owned but operated by private contractors AdelaideAqua, will be mothballed from January 15 next year after a two-year “proving period”.

Serious questions are being asked about why state governments past and present have invested billions of dollars in desalination plants when high dam levels — such as 88 per cent in Sydney — make the infrastructure surplus to requirement.

(Andrew Bolt)

It’s not just unionists that will be the target of the Judge, but big business and big government.

… of drinking water at Victoria’s Desalination Plant near Wonthaggi

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the even greater greening …

But for the fires, or is it snow this time?

What’s not to like with a whole lot of  extra Co2 floating around, annoying Greenies and other warmists:

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Eucalypt Growth and Leaf-Spot Severity (18 October 2014)
In going from the lowest to the highest atmospheric CO2 concentrations, shoot dry weight increased by 47% and root dry weight by 24%, while leaf-spot disease incidence declined by 36% and its severity by 57%…



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the greening gets greener …

But for all those wind turbines?

Backyard Birds Spreading as Climate Changes

By Pat Michaels and Chip Knappenberger.

In a recent Global Science Report, we posted some good news coming out of California’s Sierra Nevada, where climate change (from whatever cause), has been partially responsible for a greening of the organo state. Technically, the biomass in the montane forests have been on the increase over the past…


Read it all … and this too, also over at WUWT:


Another major misunderstood climate issue – models ‘underplay plant CO2 absorption’

Global climate models have underestimated the amount of CO2 being absorbed by plants, according to new research. Scientists say that between 1901 and 2010, living things absorbed 16% more of the gas than previously thought. The authors say it explains why models consistently overestimated the growth rate of carbon in the atmosphere. But experts believe…

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a “brainwashed public” …

I have been telling those warmists I know for years now, that ocean ‘acidification’ is impossible. They just react in their usual way, calling me a denier and a ‘flat earther’. These two reports vindicate my stance, but I am betting those same warmists will shut their eyes going lalalala can’t see anything. Climate Depot has the reports:

Expert Blasts Alfred Wegener Institute Ocean Acidification Claim: ‘Clear Falsification Of Scientific Facts’

and New paper debunks ‘acidification’ scare, finds warming increases pH – Published in Climate of the Past

Heh, Dr Bill Gray has them pegged:

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frakking fraud activism …

Anti-frakking hystericals have failed to read and understand the science,  instead, insist on follow the fraudsters:

Anti-fracking activist sticks by industry “expert” who was proven to be a fraud

Oct 14, 2014 8:01 PM by Jazz Shaw

The local Kimberley anti-frakkers were recently humiliated when the oil company Buru Energy purchased the adjoining Kimberley Cattle Station, Yakka Munga, after being continually harrassed when entering indigenous owned station, Roebuck Plains. Another lost opportunity. Oil and gas has already been discovered.

Oil drilling and gas fracking company, Buru Energy, trumps Gina Rinehart in Yakka Munga cattle station purchase

Buru gets hands on gas with Yakka Munga deal
Oil and gas explorer Buru Energy has paid millions of dollars to secure a prized cattle station which covers 189,000ha in the heart of the…
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plants are winners …

More CO2 please:

  • Study shows increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is lower than predicted because of plants


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hiding debacles …

Bring on another, in order to hide the military failure. Climate Depot:

Pentagon to unveil plan to deal with ‘urgent risk’ of climate change – May ‘require extensive rethinking of many aspects of the U.S. military’

Nuke the hurricanes instead. Tomahawk cruise missiles to hit tornadoes? Microwave the ice sheets. ISIS is done for. Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive. Ebola is ……

Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change

Glenn Reynolds, not prepared to take chances:

GET READY FOR “BAD LUCK” AT THE Amazon Emergency Prep Store. Plus, Emergency & Long-Term Storage Food Deals.

Plus, Generators and Portable Power for Storm Season. Winter is coming.


Nuclear hurricane

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Update, Commander, Barack Obamas’ Pentagon have it covered: Pentagon Declares War on ‘Climate Change’

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the mud reef garden, exposed, Part 5 …

The scenery this morning on Cable Beach, Broome, calm, with dawn reflections, click to enlarge images:



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