another perfect day …

Sunset last night. ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????The Nursery, today, where the first germination of seedlings has begun …

Sowing the next crop ...

Sowing the next crop …

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the great unraveling begins …

They lied about the bees, “a fight in which activists who have the ear of regulators constantly misrepresent the science”.

No doubt about it, Mann, too, becoming unraveled:

(Via Greenie Watch) The elusive Michael Mann

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blindfolding SMH readers …

Just when they could not afford another readership decline, The Fairfax Fauxfax owned SMH defamed a recognized scientist, Dr Jennifer Marohasy, with climate credentials above and beyond their own ‘slandastronomer’ Dr Michael Brown.

Sydney Morning Herald not balanced, not fair, not factual

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Gosh, that’s gonna hurt!

[...] Furthermore in publishing an article that suggests Dr Marohasy is “hostile” to climate science, practices “pseudoscience”, is in “denial”, and performs “sloppy” work, the Sydney Morning Herald is not only misleading its readers, but also defaming Dr Marohasy. [...]

Dr Marohasy has recently published several papers on Australia’s temperature record.

(Dr Jennifer Marohasy is an Adjunct Research Fellow at Central Queensland University with six recent peer-reviewed publications in climate science focused on the application of artificial intelligence to rainfall forecasting. This research required Dr Marohasy to compile long temperature series for different locations as arrays for a neural network model, in the process she became interested in the methodology used by the Bureau of Meteorology in the compilation of an annual average temperature for Australia.)

Read also the article as it ought to have been seen in a SMH rebuttal.

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groupthinking ‘progressive rainmakers’ … ‘climate clowns’

Adherents of the Climate Consensus ‘groupthink’, uncovered by By Mike Ciandella Climate Clowns: 7 Most Ridiculous UN Climate Forum Attendees

over at Icecap:

[...] And the list of high-profile participants in this climate forum shows it’s nothing but an exercise in left-wing groupthink.

Naomi Klein: Best-selling Author Sees Capitalism As The Enemy of Progress

Yes, she’s called out conservative groups by name for opposing “wealth redistribution” (shocking!) But Klein is so fundamentally unserious that she cited an isolated incident of a plane getting stuck on softening tarmac as evidence for climate change and then excoriated the passengers on that flight for continuing their journey home and apparently exacerbating the problem. But a quick internet search reveals that even the BBC, which nobody can accuse of being skeptical about climate change, explained away such phenomena as commonly occurring in temperatures as low as 86 degrees.

Ronan Farrow: Farrow’s claim to fame begins and ends with possibly (but not definitely) being the son of Frank Sinatra. On July 29, Farrow devoted a segment to the question of whether or not emoji, a version of emoticons popular on smartphones, are racist because of their lack of racial diversity. Hard-nosed journalism!

Al Gore: Despite being something of a deity to climate change alarmists, Gore saw no problem in selling his floundering Current TV network to terror-friendly and oil-funded Al Jazeera, owned by the emir of Qatar. Gore described Al Jazeera, which threw a birthday party for a convicted terrorist in 2008, as “feisty and relatively independent.” Apparently his love of the environment and his country was less than his love of $500 million.

Norman Lear: the rabidly liberal founder of People for the American Way and the man who gave us “Meathead” has been an outspoken opponent of evangelical Christians, the “religious right” and conservatives in general.

Jeffrey Sachs: Soros Crony, Columbia Professor

According to Sachs, more typhoons will happen unless liberal energy policies are adopted, and those who disagree have “blood on their hands.”

Ted Turner: the rabidly liberal creator of CNN, and former husband to Jane Fonda, is attending on behalf of the UN’s own foundation. Turner, in an interview with Fortune Magazine on December 9, advocated for a one child policy in the United States, saying that the world population, citing overpopulation as a significant cause of climate change. He also said that if we don’t address global warming, within a few decades “most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals.”

Rajendra Pachauri: as the chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he admitted in early 2013 that there had been a 17-year plateau in global temperatures. He has also been accused of conflicts of interest and working for grant money to the extent that the head of Greenpeace UK called for Pachauri to resign from his then-current position as head of the IPCC.

Rent seekers and pocket liners all …

More here:

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unsettled activism … unsettled science

Now more apparent than ever, renewable energy has failed the ‘climate change’ activists. This compilation sets out so many items on this topic, it’s hard to single out any individual post, so they are all here: Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #151

A few posts are outstanding though, defying the Green ‘settled debate’ hypothesis:

Germany’s Coal Binge

Green energy mandates have achieved the opposite of their intent.

Editorial, WSJ, Sep 25, 2014

Epic Green fail:

The Crumbling Climate-Change Consensus

Extremists’ rhetoric heats up as their case falls apart.

By John Fund, National Review Online, Sep 21, 2014

Even better, the orthodoxy is questioned:

American Physical Society journal Physics Today: “Physicist Steve Koonin impeaches scientists’ climate consensus”

By Staff Writer, The Hockey Schtick, Sep 24, 2014

Link to article: Physicist Steve Koonin impeaches scientists’ climate consensus

Bu Steven, Corneliussen, Physics Today Wep 2014

Then Dr Curry finds the climate and the debate ‘unsettled':

Seeking a Common Ground

An unsettled climate

By Judith Curry, Climate Etc. Sep 21, 2014

So much more from SEPP at the top link. h/t WUWT.

From Doug L Hoffman at Unsettled Science


It is also frightening, since it is a clear sign that the Obama administration is about to go on the offensive, spewing nut job, eco-wacko policies for the next two years—call it revenge of the progressive climate nerds.

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highs and lows … tidal flows

… highest tide in 2011, one video taken by a ‘shaky’ Green Corp participant. Low tide at the beach with the pack follows …

high tide in Chinatown Broome

high tide in Chinatown Broome

g c theo 005

high tide at Broome’s Port

g c theo 008

Streeters jetty at high tide

g c william 076

low tide near the port of Broome

high tide

high tide

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“to make for a more sustainable agricultural future” …

Our plan to implement Savannah enrichment landscaping, using profitable indigenous species, is boosted by this latest result. Integrated, sustainable agriculture:

Written by 

Poor survival of proteaceous species such as parrot bush (Banksia sessilis) and honey bush (Hakea lissocarpha)—mixtures containing these individuals sequester less carbon. Poor survival of proteaceous species such as parrot bush (Banksia sessilis) and honey bush (Hakea lissocarpha)—mixtures containing these individuals sequester less carbon. Image: Bill & Mark Bell

LOCAL flora species involved in UWA’s Ridgefield Multiple Ecosystem Services Experiment are helping researchers to better understand agricultural processes including efficient nutrient cycles and maintaining biodiversity.

Situated on the university’s Ridgefield Farm near Pingelly, the experiment aims to highlight clean, green and ethical animal production; innovative cropping practices and how ecological restoration can be integrated to make for a more sustainable agricultural future.

UWA School of Plant Biology research associate Dr Michael Perring says Ridgefield is a field scale trial that aims to understand how the identity of woody plant species, and their combinations in different mixtures, influences the delivery of several ecosystem processes and attributes.

Researchers are also aiming to understand relationships among different services such as carbon sequestration, maintenance of biodiversity, more efficient nutrient cycles, prevention of soil erosion and resistance to non-native species.

“We’re also looking at how relationships depend individually and in combination on the attributes of the nearly 12,000 individuals of eight species planted,” Dr Perring says.

“In a nutshell, we’re asking whether there are trade-offs or synergies among particular ecosystem services.”

The network of experiments, which is involved in international tree diversity project TreeDivNet, is offering unique opportunities to coordinate knowledge transfer, in relation to forest policy and management from systems across the globe and investigating relationships between tree species diversity and ecosystem functioning.

“Most recently, our individual results on survival within the experiment are being used in an ongoing global analysis across all the experiments to try and understand whether species diversity provides an insurance for stable ecosystem functioning,” Dr Perring says.

“It will be interesting to find out whether there are generalisable patterns from the different experiments, as this is then suggestive of rules that can be applied elsewhere.”

Scientists are expecting significant results as the experiment matures over the next 10 years, but they are already seeing treatment effects and differences in survival among species.

Among the most significant results are:

  • Greater growth in mixtures containing nitrogen-fixing species jam wattle (Acacia acuminata) and manna wattle (Acacia microbotrya), and an overall strong performance of the two main tree species York gum (Eucalyptus loxophleba ssp loxophleba) and brown mallet (Eucalyptus astringens).
  • Poor survival of proteaceous species such as parrot bush (Banksia sessilis) and honey bush (Hakea lissocarpha)—mixtures containing these individuals sequester less carbon.
  • Limited changes in nutrient dynamics and surface soil moisture among different plant mixtures but a strong influence of the herbaceous layer in influencing soil moisture and nutrient dynamics.


The Ridgefield Multiple Ecosystem Services Experiment is part of the Future Farm 2050 Project, spanning a range of disciplines and also involving landscape architects, social workers and engineers.

This practice will need to be adapted to the Northern WA landscape in regeneration practices. There are many areas of weed strongholds, even quarantined from the public, that needs a new strategy.

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museum secrets … pearling, fish, stockmen and local media

DSC00830 DSC00825 DSC00827 DSC00828Chains, now only used between consenting adults …

DSC00820 DSC00829

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low tide springs at Cable Beach, 2 …

Cable Beach reef, exposed some more, click to enlarge

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

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low spring tide, Cable Beach …

Fantastic flora and fauna become exposed at a couple or three times of the month, this time it was in the evening, and the exposed reef was more sandstone than mud. Click for enlargement, and again for a fantastic close-up look.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????I wonder what the pack has found. Aircraft/boat part perhaps?

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