the Kimberley, researching of humpback whales …

If you’ve never been to the Kimberley in Western Australia before, this documentary on Sunday on the National Geographic channel, will whet your appetite. Thousands of humpback whales arrive at this time each year to calve, with the area from Broome to the thousands of islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago their target.

Birthplace of the Giants Nat Geo WILD June 7
    • Birthplace of the Giants follows whale researchers Curt and Micheline Jenner as they travel to the remote Humpback whale breeding grounds in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.
      Using the latest aerial camera quadcopters and night vision technology they capture never-before-seen footage of the secret life of this enigmatic creature.

      Follow the project before its premiere via the Facebook and website to discover everything from humpback whale anatomy to behind-the-scenes vision from the film. The crew’s expedition log is set to unlock with new pages each day for a week leading up to the premiere on June 7 Nat Geo Wild.




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the Great Depression 2 …

This has been apparent to those on the outside looking in for some time, Obama’s America is in a Depression, and it’s been carefully hidden from view with statistics. Keynesian economics is a failure, and the Steve Kates, who studies, writes and teaches economics, has the details here: Unemployment in the US

The official unemployment data are notorious for their ability to hide, mislead and distort. The media are notorious for exactly the same thing. This is an article about the actual depth of the unemployment problem in the US at this very moment.

The national unemployment rate ticked down slightly to 5.4 percent in April — a rate not seen since May 2008 — the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported. Although this is welcome news, government statistics mask economic troubles that continue to plague millions of Americans years after the end of the last recession. For starters, the widely-reported “U-3” unemployment rate only includes those who are actively seeking employment. And more and more job-seekers are getting discouraged and giving up the job search altogether. This is why the unemployment rate has declined even as the civilian labor force participation rate has dropped significantly from its peak of 67.3 percent in 2000 to 62.8 percent today — hovering near a 37-year low.

The broader U-6 measure of unemployment, which includes those who want to work but have gotten so discouraged by their unsuccessful job search that they have given up, and those who want to work full-time but have had to settle for part-time work, remains double the U-3 rate, at 10.8 percent. But even this does not provide the full unemployment picture. In 1994, the BLS stopped including long-term discouraged workers, who have been unemployed for more than a year, in its statistics. Reinserting this group would yield an unemployment rate of 23 percent, according to John Williams of A Harris Poll reveals the depths of would-be workers’ despair, finding that fully 40 percent of those unemployed have given up looking for work.

For more than six years, increased government spending and the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing and zero interest-rate policies have failed to restore prosperity, succeeding only in fostering more debt, reinflating the equity and housing bubbles for the next crash and destroying any incentives to save or eliminate malinvestments. Until these monetary and fiscal policies are reversed, expect more boom-and-bust business cycles, more erosion of lower- and middle-class wealth and more massaged government statistics. [My bolding]

This is seriously a worry. I used to adjust our own unemployment rate for shifts in the participation rate and still look at the number. But we have a bit of a slide but never more than a percentage point. In the US it has fallen by almost five percentage points. That is a large number of people to go missing. But 23% on the old way of calculating the number is astonishing if there is no double counting involved which there may be. But it is much more than 10%.

You really do have to wonder how innumerate the opposition parties are, or even if they are interested in also hiding the reality rather than confronting a problem that may be unfixable, given the nature of politics at the moment. If it really around 20%, it is as bad as it was in the middle of the Great Depression.

Progressive socialist governments, once again, have a lot to answer for. The war on coal, cheap energy and climate hasn’t helped.

Rewording the agenda is even worse.  Glenn Reynolds :

WELL, YES: The reclassification of ‘poverty’ was a con-trick by the Left: Of course some people are in genuine need, but it is nothing compared to previous generations – who would kill to be poor in today’s society.

The word “poverty” is bandied about as never before. Labour politicians, columnists for The Guardian and The Independent, representatives of charities such as Oxfam, use the term repeatedly, suggesting that poverty in Britain is a major and even a growing problem. Very rarely does anyone on radio or television dare challenge this idea. But what do we mean by the word “poverty” today? And how does our idea of poverty compare with that of the past?

Not at all, is the answer.

It’s not my fault, says Bernanke

Well, actually, yes it is. The economic establishment is floundering, trying to work out what went wrong. They are, I’m afraid, clueless in their Keynesian beliefs. […]

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correcting the record … idiotic claims

The first, most idiotic, is one of the President Obama’s biggest whoppers:

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hype powered cars …

Coal powered to diesel powered electric cars. Heh.

Wishful thinking from the environmentalist movement has pictured alternative energy as a suitable alternative to coal, gas and nuclear power. Ignoring the need for coal to make steel, and enormous amounts of electricity to make aluminum products, they cite the success of alternative energy at, wait for it … Kodiac Island off Alaska.


Almost Friday Funny – Tesla is apparently recharging ’emissions free’ electric cars with a diesel generator

Bishop Hill points us to this video of the Tesla Supercharging station at the Harris Ranch exit of Interstate 5 in California. He writes: “How can one resist posting a video of Tesla electric cars being recharged (so it is claimed) using a diesel generator? These people love the environment you see.” The video shows…

Then comes the praising, in religious terms, of Elon Musk’s Green electricity Tesla saviour, the Powerwall battery. The end of fossil fuels! Really. Might as well call it unicorn powered.

Off course, they don’t make anything on Kodiac island.

In the face of climate change and high electricity costs, Kodiak Island is now 99.7% powered by wind and hydro. Alaska wants to reach 50%.

Of course, hydroelectric power is the main source of electricity on Kodiac Island. That’s great if the Greens allow the dams to be built, a rarity these days. As well, the diesel requirements here are high for transportation and fishing, and then there’s air transport, ferries and cruise ships calling, where renewables just don’t cut it.

Most electrical energy for the city is provided from the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Generating Station owned by the Kodiak Electrical Association. Substantial amounts of energy are also provided by wind turbines and by diesel generators. There are six 1.5 MW wind turbines that supply up to 1.5 MW each and have a blade length of 38.5 meters and overall height of 118.5 meters.

Much as the idea of fossil fuels being replaced, the technology is probably at least a century away from the battery technology that will provide base load power. The Power Station output ratings are also grossly exaggerated, even when it’s windy and sunny. Instead, the Greens ignore the gross environmental damage caused by basically, 19th Century wind and turbine technology with minor upgrades. Lets go back to the Waterwheel next! sarc.

Without  large subsidies from the taxpaying public, this Green renewable scam would have unraveled a long time ago.

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fact checked frakking …

The one-sided campaign against drilling for gas and oil by the frakking method needs to be countered by other reports without the total and utter bias shown. There is always more than one side to any story, yet those with agendas will always push the propaganda to make their case.

I don’t believe anyone, nor do I expect people to believe me. Fact checking, is my agenda.

You will all have heard (or about to see) and seen the anti-frakking case, ad infinitum, so it’s about time we saw some other point of views. I studied the topic in my usual mis-trusting of ‘belief in a side’, and present some of it here.

Is hydraulic fracking for natural gas safe? – MacroBusiness

  • Is hydraulic fracking for natural gas safe? By Unconventional Economist in Carbon Economy. … For fracking proponents, it was another piece of good news. […]

From the Obama administration, Ernest Moniz says:

Energy Secretary: Fracking is safe | …

[…] Environmental activists argue that it pollutes groundwater.  The Environmental Protection Agency has no found evidence despite three high-profile investigations. Most recently, it pulled out of an investigation in Pavillion, Wyoming.

That’s the same EPA that hates coal end regulates everything else! Then here is the LATimes, a progressive, Green loving paper: Why such hysteria over fracking? – Featured Articles …

  • 21/06/2013 · Studies have shown repeatedly that fracking is fundamentally safe. It creates jobs and cuts dependence on foreign oil. So why is there still such backlash?

Yes, That is the question. Read the whole piece. So, exaggerations by activists are common:

[…] In California, we use much less water than other states because of our geology. For perspective, the amount of water used in all of the hydraulic fracturing jobs in California last year was about the same amount of water that the state’s golf courses consumed in half a day…

Continue reading

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all burned up …

Where the ‘Green’ hurts. Actually, it burns:

Apple’s Solar Panels Catch Fire As It Touts Green Data Centers

Apple’s Solar Panels Catch Fire As It Touts Green Data Centers

Which reminds me, if you have rooftop solar panels, don’t expect the ‘fireys’ to put it out, they may get electrocuted. Then your Insurance Company may not pay up:

The roof is on fire: Do solar panels hinder firefighters …

Are rooftop photovoltaic arrays problematic — or even perilous — to firefighters as they attempt to extinguish house fires? They are indeed, according to a recent …

My choice, Off-grid, and ground level: nursery 040Along with a back-up:nursery 039and batteries: pb

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more CO2 improves health …

There’s nothing extra CO2 isn’t good for it seems, except in the greeny mind:

Pathogen Pressure on Seagrass: Helped or Hindered by Warming? (27 May 2015)
Chalk another one up for warming being the purveyor of good news for a species of plant faced with the prospect of suffering the ill effects of wasting disease

Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Enhances the Healthiness of Lake Water (27 May 2015)
Another important “plus” of the historical and still-ongoing-rise in the air’s CO2 content for the entire world, which is rarely discussed in the scientific – or popular – literature…

Yes, warming, along with extra CO2 benefits the environment in many ways: “[…] And these findings led them to conclude that “rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations cause non-MC-producing strains to outcompete MC-producing strains, thereby reducing MC concentrations,” which clearly bodes well for the health of not only the 30 million people that obtain their drinking water from Lake Taihu, but for all people — and animals — everywhere.”


Sea Grass on mud reef



Leaving the Church of Environmentalism

By Alan Caruba In March 2009 while the Environmental Protection Agency was rushing to fulfill a presidential campaign pledge to document that carbon dioxide (CO2) and five other greenhouse gases endangered public health and the environment, a longtime employee, Alan Carlin, put out a 93-page report challenging the science being cited and the drift of…

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tax dodging … or good business practices?

Remember Australia’s ‘bottom of the harbour’ scandals? This post by Glenn Reynolds reminded me of the tax dodging schemes that undid a lot of people a few decades ago in Australia.

CHRIS CILIZZA: The Clintons’ Finances Are Way Too Complex For The Average Person To Understand.

The AP reported late Monday that Bill Clinton has a limited liability corporation — called WJC, LLC — that serves as a “pass through” entity designed to “channel payments to the former president.”

If you have no idea what the heck the sentence above means, you are not alone. And therein lies the problem for Hillary Clinton as she seeks to sell herself as the voice of everyday Americans in her bid for the White House in 2016. . . .

But, whether or not she is Romney 2.0, the reality is that the amount of money coming into the Clinton coffers ($25 million from speaking fees alone since the start of 2014) coupled with this WJC, LLC — not to mention the regularly revised donor policies of the Clinton Foundation — badly complicate Hillary’s pitch that she is able to understand regular folks.

Selling Clinton as in touch with “everyday Americans” was always going to be next-to-impossible. And revelations like this one about a “pass through” company to handle money being paid to her husband prove why. No family with a former president and a future presidential nominee in it are “regular” — in their life experiences, resumes or personal finances. No family with an income in the 10s of millions of dollars and setup like the one Bill Clinton has at WJC, LLC, are just like the rest of us. They just aren’t.

The more that idea gets reinforced to the casual voter — and stories like WJC, LLC, do just that — the harder it will be for Clinton to shake the image that what she says publicly doesn’t jibe with how she and her husband conduct their own business.

Yeah, they’re also crooks. This reinforces that, too.

Bottom of the harbour tax avoidance – Wikipedia, the …

Operation . The operation at the heart of bottom of the harbour schemes was simple. A company would be stripped of assets and accumulated profits before its tax fell …

Media to ask the right questions … oh never mind, nothing to see here.

Treasury: on the one hand and on the other

I have long suspected that being assigned to work on the Tax Expenditure Statement in Treasury is the equivalent of the shipping news.

In the past, no one seems to have taken much notice of the work and the unsupervised staff have taken it upon themselves to run riot, ideologically at least. […]

Talking of rubbish

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.20.24 am

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flowering in the suburbs of Broome … Pt3

Part 3 in the images of some of plant species flowering now in a Broome suburb.

Cajanus pubescens Crotalaria cunninghamii Kimberley.jpg 2 Crotalaria cunninghamii Pilbara 2 Davenportia davenportii Gossypium australe Jacquemontia paniculata Myoporum attenuatum Senna artemisioides Sesuvium portulacastrum

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flowering time in the tropics … Pt2

This second part covers some of the many Acacia species found in this subdivision visited yesterday, click to enlarge. Acacias species is one of the biggest genus found growing in Australia:

Acacia adoxa Acacia bivenosa Acacia delibrata Acacia eriopoda Acacia hilliana Acacia monticola Acacia tenuissima Acacia umbellata Acacia wickhamii

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