more rain, please …

January rainfall was above average this year, and wee look forward to a continuing set of wet season storms, without tropical cyclones. BoM forecast 4 to affect the Kimberley this season, none yet, the Pilbara though needs them to wet the pastoral country….

pending storm at Town Beach last month

pending storm at Town Beach last month


Dampier Creek, Broome before the next storm, looking across the middens of Kennedy’s Hill in Broome

Temperatures once more, are close to the long term average for January.


Cable Beach


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cooked books …

Examples have been found of the raw temperature being adjusted agenda-wise all over the world, not just in BoM’s Australia. Paul Homewood offers a catalogue of changes: Temperature Adjustments Around The World.

The full catalogue so far:


A lot more data tampering: A Fast Start At NCDC

Our friends at the National Climatic Data Center are poised to break data tampering records again this year. Through January 28, they are fabricating more than 50% of their station data, with an average upwards adjustment of 1.0F

ScreenHunter_6520 Jan. 29 08.32

ScreenHunter_6521 Jan. 29 08.32

These numbers will go down as more raw data is received, but it shows how their data tampering algorithms are strongly biased towards creating warming. The more missing data, they more they cheat.

Update, Goddard, again:

gissustemperature1999-2001-2015 (1)

The TOBS adjustment did not change between the 1990’s USHCN V1 and the current V2. They can’t use Time Of Observation Bias as an excuse for this data tampering.

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“Green radicals taint all environmentalists” …

The radicals have tainted large portions of the science, and Professor Tol calls them out:

Richard Tol’s article on radical greens is a must-read:

There are now elements in the environmental movement who are so worried about the state of the planet that they have lost all sense of proportion. This is alarming for those at the receiving end of their mindless wrath. It does not help to protect the environment either. Just like Boko Haram does not endear anyone to Muslims, green radicals taint all environmentalists. But whereas Islamic leaders immediately distance themselves from any new outrage, environmental leaders pretend nothing happened.

This really deserves a wider audience.

Fabianism is their agenda: The new LEFT dictatorship…Fabianism

Caught out: Outed by FOIA – EPA strategy memo reveals deep flaws in the integrity of the agency, and lack of integrity of the press

It’s a religion … “The more one studies genuine science, the less one believes in global warming – or any other religion for that matter”.

a religious agenda

a religious agenda

Or this: post normal Lysenkoism = ‘warmism’ …

Global warming, ‘er, cooling ‘er climate disruption. What do they call it these days? AGW is just a phase of Lysenkoism: Lysenkoism and Global Warming Theory Continue reading

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a cool change at Marble Bar …

Cool for Marble Bar that is. Didn’t make 40C today, so it’s definitely cooler, by nearly 10C, on one warm day last week.

The BoM people and their media accomplices were convinced the Pilbara would fry with record heat that day. I am not the only one who noticed.

How much longer will the Abbott Government allow the Bureau of Meteorology to damage itself by keeping on crying wolf about ordinary very hot spells

It’s like they were desperate to get there, with as much ballyhoo as possible. Marble Bar was once the hottest place in Australia, well Western Australia at least, until they built all those new mining camps and towns all over the Pilbara. Now this means competition for the hot spot. Marble Bar has been this hot many times, for longer too, and will have many more.

Today’s hottest, is one of those towns, Paraburdoo, with just 41C.

Last month it also reached 48C: Marble Bar to nudge 50-degree record temperature

The Age · 3 days ago

“It’s Marble Bar, its hot all the time, 44-45 degrees is run-of-the-mill.” Marble Bar set a record of 49.2 degrees in January, 1922. WA’s hottest recorded…

At least the Daily Mail said hottest for 20 years, Seas are warm off the NWest, no cyclones to cool things down yet:

 The day Australia melts: Towns warned to brace for 50-DEGREE temperatures – the hottest day on record for nearly 20 years

    • Daily Mail · 3 days ago
Marble Bar Australia

1024 x 768 · 376 kB · jpeg
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the left’s moral bankruptcy …

Andrew Montford, over at Bishop Hill’s blog is the usual host for Josh’s funnies, also shown at WUWT, except it’s not so funny any more. Their agenda is putting the strain on the poor, and less fortunate, in Africa and India, and the rest of the ‘third world’, and putting the frighteners on the fast growing poorer sections of the Western world. Climate policy is harming the poor.

It’s time to give the mockery back to where it came from, the left, who are becoming increasingly shrill and more verbally violent. Friday not so funny – ‘off with their heads’ !

From Bishop Hill, another ugly day in the climate wars. At least we have Josh. Andrew Montford writes:   Who can forget the infamous threat from Greenpeace’s Gene Hasmi? We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work. And we be many, but you be few. But was this…

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Read it all.


It’s a feeding frenzy:

change-time-series[1] Alarmism

Super-Heated Air from Climate Science on NOAA’s “Hottest” Year

When this is what you go on with, I am not surprised that ideology has control of them:


2014: The Most Dishonest Year on Record

‘Warmest Year On Record’ Claims Falling Apart Under Scrutiny The Nasa climate scientists who claimed 2014 set a new record for global warmth last night admitted they were only 38 per cent sure this was true.  Yesterday it emerged that GISS’s analysis – based on readings from more than 3,000 measuring stations worldwide – is…

Continue reading

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not the hottest …

…In Broome, our maximum today is below average, like the monthly maximum.

A HEATWAVE in WA’s north is likely to bring record-smashing temperatures, the weather bureau says.

A HEATWAVE in Western Australia’s north is likely to bring record-smashing temperatures, the weather bureau says.

No, not today, no records broken, yet. Hot, but just 48.6C 48.9C for a few seconds, at Marble Bar. Of course they were hoping it would get hotter there. Humidity in the single digits makes it bearable.

What they wont tell you, Marble Bar is over 1C below average this year so far, no rain has fallen. Unlike last year when almost the annual average rainfall fell in January.

Update, Shay Gap, near Marble Bar, reached 48.3C, no others near that yet …

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crops booming, enriched with CO2 …

There’s nothing extra atmospheric CO2 can’t do. Like increasing the Soybean yield by 50%, with just an extra 300 parts per million. Got to love that: Plant Growth Database (22 January 2015)
Our latest result of plant growth responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment obtained from experiments described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is for Soybean (Bunce, 2014)…

What do the Greenies say? At least Bentgrass used in lawns only increases by up to 20%. Those golf courses and sportsgrounds will have to be mowed more often, but just 20%:

Plant Growth Database (15 January 2015)
Our latest result of plant growth responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment obtained from experiments described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is for Creeping Bentgrass (Burgess and Huang, 2014)…

Some species even double in biomass with 300 more parts per million. Pines can double and even treble in biomass with 300ppm more CO2. So to some Acacias.

Rice, click here.

I wont be happy until we really do get some real warming, Roman style:

We are living in a pussy of a warm period compared to Roman and Medieval times

Great review by Dr Craig Idso highlighting new Chinese research – over at ICECAP

Click Image to Close

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fabricating weather records …

A recurring theme since Climategate in 2009, is the effort by the warmists to adjust, fudge, fabricate data to give their political masters what they want. Gavin Schmidt is the master of data fixing, however Steven Goddard is onto him. There’s been no warming now in over 18 years:

How Gavin Schmidt Cheated To Create The Required Talking Point

Gavin quietly says that there is a 62% chance that 2014 was not the warmest year on record, but he had to give his boss a talking point for the State of the Union address this week.

So Gavin simply fabricated warm temperatures across huge areas like Greenland, where he had no actual thermometer data in December.

Gavin showed much of  western Greenland 1-2C above normal, when it was actually 2C below normal. It doesn’t take a lot of that sort of cheating to get temperatures up 0.02 globally.

There is only one chance in 27 million that there is a smidgen of truth to the hottest year ever claim. NASA are now admitting, maybe we got it wrong, were only 38% sure. Continue reading

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weather due …

The latest forecast from a hopeful BoM, Broome is on ‘Blue alert':

Hopefully some good rain, and little wind from this one.

BoM have forecast 4 to affect the region this season, this being the first possible cyclone after the last one fizzled, despite nearly 5 inches (170mm) of rain.



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colour in the centre, Alice Springs …

Yeras ago, I travelled to Alice Springs to help start a scientific investigation into the Bush Yams through collecting samples and DNA. I was taken by the wide range of desert species abounding in the Desert Park showpiece display centre, where these were taken. Eremophilas were in abundance.


DSC00644 DSC00645 DSC00650 DSC00653 DSC00655 DSC00658 DSC00668The Yams, Ipomoea costata here:

Genetic and Horticultural assessment of the Australian

Genetic and Horticultural assessment of the Australian native Bush Potato, Ipomoea costata A project undertaken at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney,

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