the Professor and her ‘twin’ … teaching nonsense

Professor Carmen Lawrence, formerly a colleague of Professor Lewandowski from the Psych. Department of the University of Western Australia, and Premier of Western Australia, and former federal Labor politician.

The Premier is under some scrutiny about :

[…] My submission to the Royal Commission said Counsel Assisting was wrong.  I say that after lobbying, Carmen Lawrence’s Labor Government cancelled any tender process and gave the $60M contract directly to Thiess.

That happened following threats from AWU fraudster, Bruce Wilson, who threatened to withdraw his support for Lawrence. This enabled the Blewett, Wilson, Gillard slush fund scam to rip off taxpayers.

[…] example of a University obstructing the replication of science, through the censorship of data release, or not release, as in this case, from the University of Western Australia. Is psychology science or nonsense. If science can’t be replicated, then it’s nonsense!

Wow, this is a Dr Lawrence look-alike, even to the global warming agenda scam. bookburn660.jpg

San Jose State University’s Dr. Alison Bridger holds a lit match beneath a book that claims global warming is “natural” as assistant professor Craig Clements looks on last month. The photograph has since been removed from the university’s website. (



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forcefeeding CO2 to plants …

Increased CO2 on bio-mass … now, that’s a massive increase.

Number of trials and biomass increase with 300ppm higher:

Terminalia arjuna [Terminalia] 8 190.6%
Terminalia chebula [Myrobalan] 8 442.5%

There are about a dozen species of Terminalia in the WA tropics (not the above), with some of them being targeted for horticulture.

Terminalia hadleyana

Terminalia hadleyana

So let’s help the plants along a bit.

Forest Topsoil Carbon Content: The Outlook for China and Beyond (17 November 2014)
The combination of (1) soil carbon accumulation and (2) vegetation carbon sequestration observed in various locations across the globe is triggering “a negative feedback to climate warming, rather than the positive feedback predicted by coupled carbon-climate models”…

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the Labor Party solution to a budget crisis …

Borrow and spend a lot more. Not happy with having creating a fiscal disaster that costs $1billion a month in interest alone, they now want to spend more. They have no plans to show where cuts could be made. Thoroughly dishonest and criminal.

Shorten’s solution to a $48b deficit….

Borrow more money and spend it.

Shorten's solution to a $48b deficit....</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Borrow more money and spend it.” width=”290″ height=”394″ /></div>
<p>(h/t Paul Murray)</p>
<p>I note that it’s ‘his ABC’.</p>
<p>Found over at Pickering:<br />
<a class=



On the other hand, Senator Leyonhjelm does what Labor refuses: David Leyonhjelm on cutting spending

I say, privatizing the ABC should be No1 on the agenda.

What is the ABC’s higher purpose? What is its justification for taking our taxes?

Can anyone explain why – at a time of record deficits and budget cuts – the ABC uses scarce taxpayers’ money to publish drivel like this?


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the gas that greens the planet … Dr Matt Ridley

Some more of that CO2 please. The greening of the earth continues due to the extra CO2 pouring out of Indian and Chinese power stations. Dr Matt Ridley, in this video posted by Geoff Brown, sets out the case:

Matt Ridley on How Fossil Fuels are Greening the Planet

More CO2 please.

The Idso Brothers have also posted on the benefits of extra CO2 on grasslands here:

FACE Experiments (Grassland Species) — Summary (20 November 2014)
The Free-Air CO2 Enrichment technique of studying the biological consequences of the ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 concentration on different types of grasslands growing out-of-doors under close-to-natural environmental conditions reveals the several positive impacts of the anthropogenic-produced phenomenon…

Gas powered ...

Gas powered …

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ethical Green blackouts …

The Greens are their own worst enemy. Their ideological stance on the power grid, and their attraction to wind turbines and solar, their depiction of coal, gas and oil as unethical, is driving them into extinction. Germany is feeling the pain: Daily ‘Die Welt’ Reports German Greens Facing Political Extinction…”Apocalyptic Narrative Approaching An End”

Germany’s once formidable Green Party just held its annual convention in Hamburg.

Over the past few years Germans in general have grown fatigued of the planet-rescuing Greens and their dire warnings that man’s technology was destroying the planet. So faced with the prospect of slipping into irrelevance, the Greens are now scrambling to find an issue that will re-energize public enthusiasm.

German flagship daily Die Welt here has just published an online analysis of the Green Party’s convention. The piece is dubbed: “Farewell Apocalypse – the Greens are running out of issues“.

Once a party of devout Luddites, Die Welt writes:

- See more at:

Read the whole thing. Britain now has to prepare for black-outs following their mad rush into wind power. Wind powered turbines are some of the worst ethical industries there are, in manufacture as well as in the environment. Major industry in UK plays guessing games with electricity, warns of shutdowns in winter

Continue reading

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deciding the narrative …

The media today are mostly just a pathetic partisan lot of ideologues, pushing their own agenda, and Anne Althouse has had enough.  Glenn Reynolds adds   :

YEAH, MOSTLY: “Almost every time I’ve talked to a reporter has gone this way: they had already decided the narrative beforehand.” I can think of some exceptions to this, but not a whole lot.

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carbon breakdown …


Munching mulch is what these fungi do, common in the tropics after rain, which we are anticipating in the next few corps 039

As long ago as 12 years ago, science knew how good fungi are in the increased CO2 era.

Carbon Sequestration Commentary
CO2 and Soil Fungi: A Powerful Combination that Helps Plants Sequester More Carbon: There’s more to terrestrial biological carbon sequestration than meets the eye … literally.  Underground, filamentous hyphae of beneficial fungi that link plant and soil work to ensure that carbon in decaying plant biomass is trapped in secure soil aggregates.  And as the air’s CO2 content rises, these fungi become ever more proficient at performing their important job.


green corps 044 green corps 040click to enlarge …


The Role of Fungi in the Production of Biogenic Aerosols: How significant are they in the global scheme of things? What do they do for earth’s climate? And how are they affected by rising air temperatures and CO2 concentrations?

They are very significant, causing negative feedbacks in weather. In the pristine tropics, up to 50% of the air is comprised of spores!

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averted climate disaster …

[…] “Contrary to all the confidence and predictions of alleged experts, storms are no more intense nor frequent, while droughts, floods and sea levels have declined to confirm alarmists’ barely concealed hopes of disasters. The simple fact is that the alleged experts and their high-powered models were wrong. The climate has ceased to warm and, with little or no greenhouse warming, the entire theory of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW), aka Climate Change (CC), aka Global Warming, aka Extreme Weather, is left with no basis.”

Walter Starck’s latest column,  “The Climate Scam’s Meltdown”, exposes the theory brilliantly in this month’s Quadrant.


Until the crunch comes, the rent-seekers and their useful idiots in the press will rant and rage without pause, their livelihoods and careers hanging on their ability to perpetuate the hoax they foisted on the rest of us.

As so often, Shakespeare said it best: A tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

A marine biologist, Walter Starck has spent much of his career studying coral reef and marine fishery ecosystems


Read it all. The real disaster is the amount of taxpayers’ money blown away to keep this scam going.

Averted climate disaster ...

Averted climate disaster …

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“politicians and scientists behaving badly” …

Isn’t that the truth?

Says Andrew Montford, on reviewing this new book:

RP Jr on disasters

Readers at BH probably don’t need to be reminded that the official science on extreme weather and climate change is not nearly as scary as the popular perception of it is. In some ways then, Roger Pielke Jr’s slim tome about disasters and climate change might be seen as entirely superfluous to requirements, but in fact it would be a mistake to overlook a book that goes well beyond a simple expounding of the science, but looks also at the political and social background to it.

Click to read more …

I would have added ‘Media’ to that headline comment!

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the looming wet season …

The cicadas have started their evening chorus, tree frogs croaking their way into relationships, male and female barking owls getting excited, Broome’s annual ‘wet season’ is close. Most storms give glancing blows at this time of year, one morning last week 6mm arrived.

Then the shore bird numbers start increasing, after escaping the looming northern winter: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Everything is turning green, the last rain was 8 months ago. Seedlings ready to go:???????????????????????????????Now, rain, please …DSC01004Johnny couldn’t care less. As long as he’s at the beach.

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