elevating CO2 levels is a winner … still

For three years I have published over 70 posts on the benefits of elevated CO2 levels, contrary to the warmists version of ‘science’. Yet another here discusses what they have missed or avoided. From the Idso Brothers at CO2 Science: Elevated CO2 Increases Minerals at the Base of Human Nutrition: … contrary to what is claimed in a recent scientific publication.

In a meta-analysis of 130 different species/cultivars of various agricultural plants, Loladze (2014) concludes that an atmospheric CO2 concentration increase on the order of 300 ppm tends to decrease the overall mineral concentrations of the edible portions of almost all agricultural plants by an average of 8%, exacerbating the prevalence of what he calls “hidden hunger.” But does this small percentage reduction really intensify this latter malady?

In the case of the two main food crops Loladze mentions – rice (Oryza sativa) and wheat (Triticum aestivum) – it is important to also consider the increase in crop biomass production that is provided by a 300-ppm increase in the air’s CO2 concentration, which is something that we have regularly tabulated on our website for the past several years whenever a new study of the subject has been published. And when we go there to see what has been learned about wheat in this regard, we find that the mean crop yield increase of 260 separate studies is 33.4%, while in the case of rice the mean yield increase of 224 different studies is 36.1%, or approximately 35% for the two crops together.

So if M represents the amount of minerals found in these plants when grown in ambient-CO2 air, the amount of minerals found in these plants when grown in air enriched with an extra 300 ppm of CO2 is 0.92M. But if the yields of the two crops per unit land area are approximately 35% greater, we multiply 0.92M by 1.35 to obtain a net increase in mineral mass of 1.24M or 24% from the same amount of cropland, which should greatly help to rid humanity of “hidden hunger.”

Sherwood, Keith and Craig Idso


Closer to my own field of research and environmental work: The Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on Seed Germination: What are they? … and how significant are they?


What was learned
The two researchers report that “across all studies, parental eCO2 increased subsequent germination by 9%,” and that “despite a considerable interspecific variability,” they found “a positive correlation between germination success and seed mass responses to parental eCO2,” with the response being “significantly higher in trees than in other life forms.”

What it means
In light of the results of their several analyses, Marty and BassiriRad conclude “it is reasonable to speculate that, if parental eCO2 significantly affects regeneration success, and if such effects are species- and genotype-specific, the potential for ecological and evolutionary consequences is immense.”


Now that’s what I like about CO2, benefits all round. Read them all at the links.

Seed processing, prior to germination.

Seed processing, prior to germination.

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Roebuck Bay, Broome … shoreline

…William Dampier, ‘buccaneer’ and ships’ captain, wandered these shores centuries ago, click to enlarge:

Roebuck Bay

Roebuck Bay


Streeters Jetty opens to Dampier Creek in the corner of Roebuck Bay. High spring tide.

home 012

The last storm of the last wet season, where Dampier Creek runs tidally in and out of Roebuck Bay …

port 004

Tidal flats near Broome Wharf at low tide…

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inconvenient censorship at the Guardian …

Morally lost: Can’t have that at The Guardian!

rotherhamThe Guardian, that pillar of progressive thought, takes a dim view of those who deviate from luvvie-ness, so it was a surprise to find that it had published a reader’s explanation for authorities’ willingness to tolerate an epidemic of rapes by ‘Asian’ men in the English town of Rotherham.

“This is the climate under which the Rotherham social services probably worked. Decent staff in fear of their jobs, and PC staff protecting their PC credentials. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more precious to the politically correct than their PC credentials. They will turn a blind eye to abuse, rape even… it took a murder for them to reluctantly stir themselves into some sort of action.

By showering all and sundry with ridiculous accusations of racism, bigotry and (ludicrously) ‘islamophobia’ , the ‘elite’ (=comfortable leafy suburb-dwelling condescending self-righteous pompous pillocks) have created a climate in which it was easy for these thugs to commit their crimes.”

The comment — and the above is but a sample — was soon flushed by a vigilant editor down the Guardian‘s memory hole, but not before the it had been copied and posted elsewhere. Follow this link or the one below to read the comment in full.


Continue reading at Quadrant.

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running away …

Obama’s “we have no plan” is genius, ISIS are on the run, tricked by those words, they are dying in their hundreds, hidden from Facebook and the Media, troops have them on the run  …

er, Iraqi troops, that is. Richard North reports: http://www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=85140

A missed opportunity to take credit for this success, Mr President? , Kerry is, er, running away? …


Steven Goddard is even more cynical:

Saudi king warns West will be jihadists’ next target – Yahoo News

Maybe he should just give them amnesty and benefits?

Great sample (Richard North reports at EU Referendum): [...]

Elsewhere, Tigris Operations Command have confirmed that an operation to liberate the al-Edhaim area has killed 120 ISIS fighters. Some 200 explosive devices have been seized, and a large number of vehicles destroyed.

Military intelligence has also announced the killing of 73 ISIS terrorists after an airstrike in Sinjar.”

Allam said this group did not represent Islamic values or law. Its crimes were a shame to Islam and Muslims, and regional and international co-operation was needed to fight such groups. “

The disease is spreading: ISIS MOVES INTO LEBANON – Captures Nine Soldiers, Beheads One on Tape

Kerry saluting Obama

Kerry saluting Obama

Update, Debka File reports that Kerry has emerged, still running away, as in Vietnam:

Amid a trail of Al Qaeda atrocities, world leaders call on someone else “to stamp out the disease”

Al Qaeda executions in Sinai

Al Qaeda executions in Sinai
DEBKAfileExclusive AnalysisAug 30, 2014, 11:29 AM (IDT)

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Saturday, Aug. 30 for a “coalition of nations… to stamp out the disease of the Islamic state group,” following President Barack Obama highly-criticized denial of a strategy for “dealing with Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.” The British premier revealed that Al Qaeda carried out the attack on the Jewish museum of Brussels. World leaders wax eloquent on the Islamist peril, but prefer to fight it at leisure through “allies” and “coalitions.” Israel too avoided reacting to the abduction of 43 UN observers at its Golan back door.


Update 2 :

630 x 507 · 274 kB · jpeg·He’s still got it and it’s still magical.

Update 3, Where are the marches against ISIS?

and, oh well: The trouble is that Obama does have a strategy

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deleting past weather history …

Australia’s keeper of weather records, otherwise known as BoM, have thrown out the past, in an effort to prolong their ‘warming’ agenda. Caught out by Jennifer Marohasy in recent days, and published in the Australian by Graham Lloyd, BoM are now in ‘lockdown’, along with ‘their’ ABC.

Dr Marohasy was cut off mid-sentence by ABC radio to interview ‘science’ fraudster John Cook*, after BoM declined debate. ABC invites BOM and Marohasy to speak — BOM decline, Marohasy accepts, but is cut off?

THE famous Australian poet Henry Lawson wrote, “If you know Bourke you know Australia.” For me Henry Lawson was alluding to the vastness of the landscape, the extremes of climate, and also the can-do attitude of its people.

Ian Cole and Jennifer Marohasy, both mentioned in today's story by Graham Lloyd.

But the technocrats would like to change some of this, and pretend that Australia’s climate was once benign.

So, as Graham Lloyd explains on page 5 of today’s Weekend Australian, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology have discarded the first 40 years of the temperature record for Bourke. This includes the hottest ever temperature recorded in a Stevenson screen for, I think, anywhere in Australia. A rather hot 51.7 degree Celsius was recorded in a new Stevenson screen in the yard of the Bourke post office on 3rd January 1909.

Mr Lloyd writes:[...]

Go there and read it all.

So, all the hot extremes of the past such as that shocker in 1896 never happened according to BoM.

That’s several supposed high quality weather stations with large spurious warming adjustments, including Amberley and Rutherglen. There are a lot more to come I expect. Heads must roll at BoM, or their ‘reputation’ will go like that of NIWA, who disowned all the New Zealand records when they were unable to explain large warming adjustments to a court.

The High Court has been asked to invalidate the New Zealand official temperature record (NZTR) as promoted by the Crown Research Institute, NIWA. These records are the historical …

The result was that NIWA refused to accept responsibility for their own data and adjustments, and instead employed BOM to conduct an audit. Like the wolf auditing a flock of sheep on behalf of a fox.

Warwick Hughes adds some ‘explanations': It is time to get Australian Bureau of Meteorology station histories out of archives – we need to see how good BoM metadata is

Hint, they’re not good!


home cable beach 010

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bleached …

Despite living in the tropics, I avoid the use of sunscreen. The chemicals in it don’t like me. It’s now apparent, marine life doesn’t like those chemicals either:


The ingredients of sunscreens and sunblocks can react with UV light to create hydrogen peroxide which is toxic to phytoplankton.  It didn’t say anything about bleaching hair. From the ACS Weekly PressPac:

Antonio Tovar-Sanchez and David Sánchez-Quiles report in the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology that common ingredients in sun blocks and sun screens, TiO2 and ZnO2 nanoparticles,  can react with UV light in seawater to produce hydrogen peroxide that is toxic to phytoplankton. The sunblocks are slathered on and then washed off when the sunbather hits the water.

To investigate the matter, they hit the beach. They went to Majorca Island’s Palmira beach on the Mediterranean along with about 10,000 beachgoers, a small portion of the more than 200 million tourists that flock to Mediterranean shores every year. Based on lab tests, seawater sampling and tourism data, the researchers concluded that titanium dioxide from sunblock was largely responsible for a dramatic summertime spike in hydrogen peroxide levels in coastal waters — with potentially dangerous consequences for aquatic life.

The abstract.

Via Climate Depot.

No wonder ‘surfers’ are usually ‘bleached’.DSC00185

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the dangerous follies of foreign correspondents with “a feeling of superiority” … especially those residing in 5 star hotels

A fascinating read from a Middle East journalist, this column describes what’s wrong with journalism over a host of controversial topics including politics and climate change. The behaviour of many journalists, and more especially their masters, is atrocious. Via The Australian.

Worth a read …

The Israel Story Is there anything left to say about Israel and Gaza? Newspapers…

This article will upset true believers with agendas.


Israel is not an idea, a symbol of good or evil, or a litmus test for liberal opinion at dinner parties. It is a small country in a scary part of the world that is getting scarier. It should be reported as critically as any other place, and understood in context and in proportion. Israel is not one of the most important stories in the world, or even in the Middle East; whatever the outcome in this region in the next decade, it will have as much to do with Israel as World War II had to do with Spain. Israel is a speck on the map—a sideshow that happens to carry an unusual emotional charge.

Many in the West clearly prefer the old comfort of parsing the moral failings of Jews, and the familiar feeling of superiority this brings them, to confronting an unhappy and confusing reality. They may convince themselves that all of this is the Jews’ problem, and indeed the Jews’ fault. But journalists engage in these fantasies at the cost of their credibility and that of their profession. And, as Orwell would tell us, the world entertains fantasies at its peril.

Read it all.

Blinkers are on show here. Not Bush: Obama to Supporters: The World Looks ‘Messy’… “Because of Social Media”

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, August 29, 2014, 6:16 PM

It’s social media’s fault.
obama messy

Barack Obama blames the world’s “messy” problems on social media.
Via Breitbart: [...]

Pot meets kettle. At least GWBush isn’t blamed this time.

UPDATE, of course the media sides with him:

BARACK OBAMA’S anti-Israel animus.


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the pink woodland of Australia’s north …

DSC00682 Gossypium robinsonii_2 Gossypium sturtii_2 Pilbara gossypium_1_1 Calytrix exstipulata5

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the new totalitarians … ecofascists


Who would be giving the Communist clenched-fist salute these days?

Ecofascists, of course.  The pic above is apparently from a new film full of Warmist hysteria.  Some of the speakers sound a lot like old uncle Adolf too.  One totalitarianism is as good as another to them, I guess.

Details here

The education system has failed. On believing leftist propaganda:

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Green panic over democracy …

Green socialists worry about democracy. Seriously?:

xxxxxxxx shared a link.

Sure, an attack on democracy by the same ‘Green':

Threats to the environment from the north to the south of the state and in between as well. Time for action to prevent environmental destruction.

Kimberley Frack Free Community's photo.
Kimberley Frack Free Community's photo.
Kimberley Frack Free Community's photo.
Kimberley Frack Free Community's photo.
Kimberley Frack Free Community added 6 new photos.

Broome people standing up to protect Country and they need your SUPPORT! This morning a move on notice was handed out to people protecting Country – Roebuck Pla

See More

I run an NGO,  and it’s the Greens that threaten democracy. They still haven’t got over the last election loss. But then, I am not funded by government.

The new totalitarians … ecofascists


Who would be giving the Communist clenched-fist salute these days?

Ecofascists, of course.  The pic above is apparently from a new film full of Warmist hysteria.  Some of the speakers sound a lot like old uncle Adolf too.  One totalitarianism is as good as another to them, I guess.

Details here


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