feasting on carbon …


warmists save the planet from overconsumption, one course at a time:


Read about their energy targets, yes, Bhutan is their ideal role model  for a carbon future, I thought it was North Korea.

Update, now this is carbon to believe in. New sea level airports:

” Here’s the UN Foundation: “Climate change is a serious threat to low lying islands like Maldives whose landmass is close

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The Maldives Has Just Built its Eleventh Airport. That’s How Scared it is of Global Warming… EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images by James Delingpole19…

Update 2, feed the man meat! SOURCE:

Experts call for reduced meat consumption to prevent climate change

They are pissing into the wind on this one.  As China and India become richer, meat consumption will RISE

SORRY world. Your Friday night burgers, Saturday morning bacon and Sunday afternoon barbecues are putting us all in danger.

That’s the warning from the authors of Changing Climate, Changing Diets who argue cutting down the amount of meat consumed could significantly contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. […]



Update 3, Delingpole says: AP Photo

Paris Climate Conference: A Terrible Case of Déjà Vu

I have just arrived in Paris for the COP21 climate conference. Even though I have arrived at the beginning, I know exactly how it is going to end in two weeks’ time: with fudge, compromise, and a great big lie that something useful has been achieved — followed by aching disappointment.

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The Age tips over into Alice’s Wonderland territory…

With media sales approaching a ‘tipping point’, Fairfax’s The Age, publishing ‘worthless’ dead tree articles, shows why the rot continues: A rising tide of soggy journalism

puia poor and wet

Traditionally, those on their death beds don’t leave to meet their Maker with a falsehood on the lips. Tradition, however, never took into account the likes of The Age (M-F sales down to 97,000), whose circulation and ad revenues suggest it would be nothing less than a miracle were it to see more than one more Christmas. It is a pity when a newspaper dies, but in the case of Melbourne’s shrunken broadsheet an exception can be made. When every fresh edition is a crime against fact, logic and grammar, no great loss really.

As an example of the newspaper’s worthlessness, consider yesterday’s pre-Paris prophecy that soggy masses of climate-change refugees will be heading our way any day now. You know the drill: rising seas, CO2, vanishing islands, selfishness of the developed world etc etc etc. That theme has been an alarmist staple ever since alarmism became a staple, and while no climate-change refugees have yet been sighted — not a single one — and the deadline for disaster keeps on being missed, the sheer volume of stories continues to mount.

The latest addition to the reeking pile comes from Fairfax’s Tom Arup and Adam Morton, who jetted about in carbon-spewing aircraft to detail the plight of young Micah Puia of the Solomon Islands, who is said to have spent “his whole life as a climate change refugee”. That’s him atop this post, and observe how, of all the mug shots the paper might have used, it opted for the one that captures the lad wringing wet.

As Fairfax has fired ever sub-editor who knew how to consult an atlas, the simple fact that the Solomon’s capital of Honiara, where Puia lives in a waterside shanty, is on the island of Guadacanal was not mentioned. That’s a pity, as the volcanic island’s highest point is the 2,300-metre peak of Mount Popomanaseu.

One would imagine there might be drier locations closer to home to which Puia could repair when — or more precisely if — those rising seas engulf the squatter settlement in which he now resides. But Arup and Morton weren’t done with the alarmism. While they somehow neglected to turn their gaze away from the sea and notice the towering range of mountains that form the island’s spine, they were full of news about Ontong Java, the atoll 400 kilometres to the north from which Puia came. According to the Age, which appears not to know the difference between Polynesians and Melanesians, Ontong Java is in danger of becoming uninhabitable.

That may well be the case but climate change would not seem to be a prime factor. Below are two illustrations. The first is an Admiralty chart of Ontong Java from long, long ago. Notice the shape, especially the fragmented line of islands to the west and the many apparent entrances to the lagoon. ontong java admiralty map

The next illustration is a recent satellite view of the same atoll, courtesy of Google Maps.

ontong google

Contrast and compare. First, the atoll appears largely unchanged. King Neptune, to his credit, must not read The Age. And where there has been change it would seem to have been for the better. The white line about the perimeter is beach — and there seems to be more of it than when the Royal Navy cast its lead lines in the shallows.

Climate masochists who wish to read the Arup/Morton sermon in full can follow the link below. If you do, note the unexplored references in passing to overpopulation and environmental degradation as factors in Puia’s plight. That might have made an interesting story, but not when there is agenda to push.

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Not surprising, coming from Fauxfacts! Ideological all the way.(h/t Quadrant Online)

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the IPCC climate jumps the shark …

ABC radio is 100% committed to propaganda this week, with no dissenting voices at all. Their contribution to the terror that is the alarmist’s agenda is enormous. Terror everywhere, CNN now says, projecting their agenda:

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oldest Australians …

At least 50,000 years old. Barrow Island was once a part of the mainland until 7,500 years ago:

UWA researcher and PhD student Kane Ditchfield excavating Boodie Cave, on Barrow Island off Western Australia. Picture: Ingrid Ward

Boodie Cave midden on Barrow Island showing discarded kangaroo jaw bones, turtle shell, stone artefacts, baler shell scoops and heating stones. Picture: Peter Veth

Barrow Island. One of Australia’s biggest oil and gas fields.

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march to oblivion …

Greatly reduced numbers of ideologues at this years’ ‘climate March, parading themselves for the boondoggle in Paris. Thankfully, people are waking up to the ideology that includes their hands in your wallet.

Massive turnout of 500+ from The Greens (WA) at the ‪#‎peoplesclimatemarch‬ in Perth today!

(Update, Just like adjusting the data, now it’s 8ooo suckers: Simone Van Hattem added a new photo to People’s Climate March – Perth‘s Timeline. Very impressive Perth, 8000 of you is the official number!! ‪#‎peoplesclimate)

Massive? that’s a laugh, but then those words were written by a Green Senator. In Broome, all the usual culprits were there:

You see, marchers, global warming hasn’t happened for the last 2 decades, what makes you think CO2 has anything to do with it. CO2 on the rise, temperatures steady. The last Century’s warming is the result of leaving the little ice age behind. Warming is beneficial for life, along with a lot more CO2. Jonova, with her introduction to Dr David Evans’ new papers:

New Science 20: It’s not CO2, so what Is the main cause of Global Warming?

We are back in the hunt for the main mystery drivers of our climate. The IPCC says it can’t be the Sun because the total amount of sunlight barely changes. Which is the usual half-truth that  pretends the Sun is simple a ball of fire with no magnetic field, no solar wind, and has no changes in the “color” of the spectrum it emits. But the Sun has a massive fluxing magnetic field that turns itself inside out and upside down regularly, it churns off a stream of charged particles that rain on Earth, and if human eyes could see infra red and UV, we’d see the color of the Sun change through the cycle. We  are only just beginning to figure out how these aspects affect the climate. But we know these factors influence ozone, probably cloud seeding, and possibly jet streams.

The only good long data we have on the Sun are the sunspots, which give us a reasonable idea of total sunlight since 1610. David uses Fourier maths to find the way that total solar irradiance (TSI) might relate to temperatures on Earth. TSI itself barely changes, so it could only have caused about 10% of the variation of Earth’s temperature since 1900 (if the official temperature records are to be believed). But it’s the main clue we’ve got to figure out how other parts of the solar dynamo may be changing the weather here on Earth.

The most likely mechanism is through cloud cover, which covers 60% of the Earth and reflects 30% of the incoming energy. And small change will make a big difference. David‘s model looks for externally driven changes to albedo, which means forces other than surface warming that influence our clouds. The IPCC assumes this doesn’t happen. What can I say? Their models don’t work. […]

Burn more gas.

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Broome boating …

A favorite pasttime for Broome locals and visitors, is out on the water. From liners to dinghys and even hovercrafts, mostly calm seas on 3 sides of the Broome Peninsula, allow for a pleasant experience. Much of Broome’s economy revolves around Pearling work boats, fishing boats, charter, and visiting liners. Here are a few examples:

port 041 port 047 013 018 port 011 plants 001 home cable beach 010 a8 DSC02551 Beach 014 a2

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what warming, asks Professor …

Well,well, an esteemed Professor of Monash University agrees with Andrew Bolt’s climate opinion. Bolt is vindicated for his early questioning of the Climate Police: Professor Michael Asten urges calm – and a bit of honesty in the warming debate:

They wont listen Professor, because unfortunately it’s all about the money and nothing to do with science. Professor Asten says:

[…] Rather than being panicked by the WMO press release, Malcolm Turnbull and Greg Hunt and their opposite numbers represented in Paris would serve us well by pausing their deliberations until science delivers a global temperature model consistent with measurement.

I would suggest, Professor, it seems that Dr Evans may just have done that. Here is Part 21 of the ongoing blog publication of this Model.

web pics 184

The wise owl.

Too late, Chairman Mal is already on the way to feed all those hungry Paris-ites’ at the UN.

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Beachside fruits of the sea …

A word from my sponsor, my new plant identification site, and an other of our group’s  own photographs.

Mimusops elengi

A wonderful tree with an important edible fruit in the middle of our tropical Winter. The ‘Mamajen’, Mimusops elengi, grows behind dunes from Quondong, north of Broome, and points further north on Dampier Peninsula and all rare remnant vine forests to the North Kimberley. They are also seen on seaward facing dunes in the NE Kimberley.

Mimusops elengi2Large trees growing on beach-side dunes can surprise. This Pandanus spiralis Palm, was at the high tide mark:

Pandanus sp.

Pandanus sp.

Syzygium sp

Syzygium eucalyptoides

Terminalia carpentariae3

Terminalia carpentariae

This last species above is a close relative of other fruiting trees with high VitaminC in Broome and a similar habitat In the States extreme north.

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a word from Chairman Mal …

Chairman Mal Waffler tells it like it is, with a cameo from, and about Tony Abbott’s rhetorical style. Their ABC version.

Contemptible? You choose.


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blowing away cash for Paris …

After building a fantasmical, mausoleum-like premises at a cost of millions, the Kimberley Land Council are jumping onto the Paris-itic agenda. Climate Change is their latest boondoggle so off they go to Paris, another massive waste of Indigenous funds.

They also sent some to Copenhagen in 2009, to achieve, wait for it … zilch.

This video provides information on what climate change is and what it may mean for people in the Kimberley.
KLC Office Construction

KLC Office Construction

Those funds would be better suited to help keeping traditional owners on country.

KLC talking up the role of Indigenous people in reducing threats and adapting to impacts of climate change

A group of leaders from Northern WA is heading to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris to be the voice of Indigenous…

What impacts? A complete waste of time and money, but that’s not unusual. They had better take some snow shoes just in case this time, it could finish up like Copenhagen with record cold and snow. Just like Tassie now:

 I think its going to snow here in Melbourne as well!

Snow has fallen across Tasmania’s highlands, just four days before summer begins.
http://www.examiner.com.au|By Fairfax Regional Media

The ten day forecast says cold and dry for Paris, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Update, it’s all for nothing, again:

Truly, these people have no shame.

A German professor has confirmed what skeptics have long suspected, NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies has fiddled climate data.
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