ice record smashed …

Just in time for Obama’s New York Climate summit, the Gore effect is seen in the Antarctic. Records are smashed (WUWT):

Just as well Prime Minister Tony Abbott wont be attending.

h/t WUWT

Update: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon blinks, responds to WUWT story

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wanted to buy … political time machine

Heh, Mark Knight, at the Herald Sun, and Labor’s Union Corruption Commission Time Machine:

Mark Knight yesterday in the middle pages
of Herald Sun (Melb) posted the funniest cartoon which
could not explain the situation better:
Within a week on each other on the TURC stand, both
Gillard and Melham said they wish they could go back
in time and do things differently.

It’s been fun watching Unionists squirm, repeating their mantra, “can’t recall”. for tomorrow’s hearing.

More here, where current Labor leader, Bill Shorten, is implicated …

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another new North West predator found …

A new toxic jellyfish is found here off Western Australia. This adds to a number of new species found in research in the local tropical region. Thank goodness this one is hard to find, as Irukanji stings give feelings of impending doom, those ‘unfortunates’ say:

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more plant food wanted …

I must be up to 80 posts 119 items (updated) on the benefits of CO2 by now! Yet another book by three recognized specialists in this field: New book promotes MORE CO2

As ever-more scientists denounce misguided attempts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the evidence grows that more CO2 in the atmosphere, not less, is best.

A new book ‘About Face!’ by two respected scientists and an economist makes the case for adding more CO2 to earth’s atmosphere.

The scientists are Madhav Khandekar in Canada and Cliff Ollier in Australia, plus economist Arthur Middleton Hughes in the USA. They show us why CO2 is essential to all life on earth. It is plant food.

The authors say, “We believe that the more CO2 there is in the atmosphere the bigger and better plants will grow all over the world. Three million people die each year because the prices of food are too high for them. We want to increase CO2 in the atmosphere and reduce world malnutrition.”

The Authors’ Synopsis

Continue reading

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‘weather amnesia’ causes excuses …

Dr Curry recently spoke common sense at a hearing into climate change, accusing her alarmist peers as suffering ” weather amnesia”. It’s all about the money, you see. Things  were now improving: [...]

Curry was optimistic about how the internet is changing things for the better. “Social media is changing things like crazy. The whole emphasis on peer review being challenged by social media and open access journals. The whole dynamic of research and higher academia is changing for the better,” she explained.

“I was on that treadmill, I am mostly off it now and it is very liberating to be off that treadmill,” she added.

Severe Weather

Curry also challenged the notion that there was more “extreme weather” today. “Much of the severe weather we think we are seeing right now — you look back to the 1930 and 1950s and this is what we were seeing also. This is weather amnesia,” she noted.

“Sandy was a category one, when it struck. There is nothing exceptional about a category one hurricane striking New York City. What was exceptional was the damage and this was associated with extreme wealth and development in that region,” she said.

“We have seen that the hurricane landfalls have become fewer in last few decades overall. So you cannot blame it on global warming,” she said.

Sea Level Rise

Curry downplayed sea level rise fears. “If you look back to the 1930 and 1940s, the rate of sea level rise was at least as large as recent values when there was little contribution of human caused warming.”

“Bangladesh, this is the poster child for sea level rise – has an estimated only 10-15% of their sea level rise associated with warming, the rest of it is associated with land use issues and geological issues. So trying to cure the sea level problem by reducing warming — even if that were possible — is only going to address a fraction of the sea level rise issue,” Curry said.

She also laughed about the growing number of excuses (currently at 52) for the global warming ‘pause‘, approaching 18 years according to satellite data.


Read the whole column.

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blooming fast trees …

Common sense wins when extra CO2 is shown to promote tree growth in this long period of research. Faster growth is the best result:

Image: data from SEAWIFS showing vegetation chlorophyll and change. Source:

Another benefit of climate change and increased CO2 – trees continue to grow at a faster rate

WUWT readers may recall this WUWT story from 2011: The Earth’s biosphere is booming, data suggests that CO2 is the cause, part 2 Now there is even more evidence. From From Technische Universität München: Study highlights forest growth trends from 1870 to the present- Global change: Trees continue to grow at a faster rate “…scientists are…

Read it all. Yes, our deserts are blooming:

Hakea macrocarpa

Hakea macrocarpa

Update, fortunately, our local deserts have experienced extra annual rainfall in recent years, but this will aid many others:

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gas-washing, of oils …

Finally, CSIRO gets down and dirty with useful research on oil and gas products. A new process of oil washing makes for interesting reading here at SNWA.  It’s possibly the reason West Australian oils are ‘light crude’. Lots of implications for the Canning ‘Superbasin’. reports:

Dr Bourdet says petroleum gas is often found in or near rocks with solid petroleum inclusions, such as bitumen or wax. Dr Bourdet says petroleum gas is often found in or near rocks with solid petroleum inclusions, such as bitumen or wax. Image: Deepwater Horizon Respo

SOME years ago, the bitumen inclusions in rocks that often accompany petroleum gas deposits intrigued a CSIRO geologist.

Dr Peter Eadington speculated that gas could replace columns of oil by dissolving some or all of its more volatile components.

He retired before he was able to confirm the hypothesis, but an international research team has now proven it under laboratory conditions.

“We designed an experimental work that was mixing oil with large amounts of gas to reproduce the phenomenon we call ‘gas washing’ of oil,” CSIRO earth scientist Julien Bourdet says.

They analysed quartz samples from the Phuong Dong gas condensate field in Vietnam’s Cuu Long Basin.

These have large pores containing petroleum inclusions.

The team then attempted to reproduce similar compounds by exposing samples of light crude oil from Australia’s North West Shelf, and a heavy crude oil blend from the Middle East, to various gases.

In a series of experiments they sealed the oils in containers of methane, ethane, or propane, with and without water and at various temperatures.

Under some conditions, the gas dissolved all of the oil.

Research proves “gas washing” suggestions

In other experiments most of the gas dissolved, leaving a solid or more viscous residue.

Dr Bourdet says the experiments confirm Dr Eadington’s “gas washing” hypothesis.

When gas did not completely mix with the oil, molecular partitioning between the oil and the new gas charge tended to change the composition and properties of the residual oil.

Dr Bourdet says petroleum gas is often found in or near rocks with solid petroleum inclusions, such as bitumen or wax.

He says geologists observing such inclusions may infer the presence of petroleum deposits dispersed or largely dissolved by the gas.

“It was a positive correlation between the natural process and experiment,” he says.

“More than that, we explained the process.

“The presence of a paleo-oil column is inferred prior to migration of gas into the reservoir.

“We were thinking that sometimes oil in a reservoir can accumulate and disappear by the arrival of large amounts of gas.”

Gas washing may also affect the viscosity of crude oils: North West Australian light crude has a consistency much like dirty kerosene whereas Middle Eastern crude is thick, like molasses.

The inconsistency was previously thought to reflect the various organic sources of petroleum.

Dr Bourdet says limited amounts of gas travelling through an oil column may also render it more viscous by dissolving some aromatic fractions

Continue reading

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wild hand-waving at ‘their’ ABC …

This ABC nonsense beggars belief, so now the mocking begins:

Ah ya gotta love the ABC of Australia, they’ll find a way to keep the meme alive no matter what, as reported in WUWT two days ago,  they found this guy to give a “the warming is wot dun it” quote with their story about the record level of Antarctic sea ice:

UAH_antarctic Climate News

Claim: New Antarctic sea-ice extent due to wind and ‘atmospheric warming’ – what warming?

Joanne Nova too:

Antarctica – where more ice and less ice is proof of climate change

The sea ice around Antarctica is at a record high since satellites started recording, and snowfall is thumping [...]

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Oz wins climate stakes …

First, Australia dismantles it’s Climate Commission. Brilliant. Now the EU follows, showing how easy it is for the rest  too:

The Union Flag flies next to the European Flag outside the European Commission building in central London
‘The EU is signalling a historical shift away from its green priority
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climate change and the “one stick pony” …

Mark Steyn, target of Mann’s court case alleging slander, is at his best, again:

[...] Most serious scientists quickly understand that the hockey stick has been oversimplified into twaddle, which is why most steer clear and why those who made the mistake of hopping on board – like the IPCC – have spent the previous decade trying to back away from it. Michael E Mann cannot do that, because, without the hockey stick, what else has he got to justify keeping his role as Jessica Alba’s personal climatologist? He’s a one-stick pony. [...]

Read the full hilarious piece.

More: In her own post on fraud and the hockey stick, Dr Judith Curry considers the question of “simplification” and writes: [...]

Go there and read it all.

Auditor, Steve McIntyre provides extra context to the ‘trial of the Century': Inventory of Hide-the-Decline

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