urban warming …

‘Man-made’ warming is real, but only as a result of the building of cities, highways, airports, and Industry. Heat island effect in the arctic. Not as a result of rapidly increasing CO2, as quality rural weather stations show. Study: Many US weather stations show cooling, maximum temperatures flat.

Perhaps some more of these images would help the cultists accept more CO2 as the ‘gift of life’, and plants ‘breathe oxygen’ to give life to everything else, from the Kwongan Foundation:

Kwongan Foundation added a new photo to the album Why trees are incredibly important to keep our cities livable.

Day thermal image of surface temperature of a green façade (vegetation). Green façade is cooler than urban materials (brick).
Source: http://newsroom.melbourne.edu/…/hot-city-how-plants-can-hel…

Kwongan Foundation's photo.

 Then, if you want to see where the Green Blob live, look no further than the red!:

The suburb of Mosman Park, Perth: See 2012 thermal night scan of Perth CBD showing up to 4C
concrete and bitumen heat retention compared to residential areas

home 019

Dark purple? Heavily air conditioned. Fortunately for the Greens, there’s no way to scientifically show where they live.

Now, on to planting more trees in the suburbs:

Melaleuca argentea

Melaleuca argentea

Eucalyptus pruinosa

Eucalyptus pruinosa

Eucalyptus ceracea

Eucalyptus ceracea

Corymbia cliftoniana

Corymbia cliftoniana

Anyway, I like the heat too!

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Glo-bull warming update …

Record cold temperatures are preceding ice storms across the NE US States. Snow in the Carribean countries? I want the warming to come back.

Ice Age Now

The Ice Free Arctic forecast is becoming a distant failure:

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the fracking comedy intensifies …

Misinformation is the main danger, and strangling by chains on gates.  The lunacy is spreading:

URGENT PETITION: Will you join us in putting the health of Australian families first before more harm is done by dangerous unconventional gas mining? SIGN HERE: http://www.lockthegate.org.au/nhmrc_petition New research from the…

Tom Harley The only danger is the spread of misinformation. More than one million new wells in the US are not wrong!

Just to remind them, this is what ‘Gas Mining’ is:

Fracking in WA for gas

Fracking in WA for gas

kidson 107 kidson 101

Devastating. Along with the dreadful CO2 emissions/sarc:

Gas Power

Gas Power

Update: The anti-frackers choice of power destroys:

Negative Environmental Impacts of Hybrid Vehicles

greenliving.lovetoknow.com › … › Green Living › Hybrid Vehicles

Includes: hybrid cars, negative environmental impacts, other drawbacks, and making your … that can be released into the environment, causing long-term damage. … In addition to the nickel used in some HEV and PHEV batteries, HEVs and …

Update 2, a huge benefit:

US Natural Gas Exports Could Free Eastern Europe From Russia

Daily Caller News Foundation | Andrew Follett
Canaport liquid natural gas facility is seen in Saint John, New Brunswick

American LNG exports to Europe have the potential to save America’s allies from Russian aggression.

Update 3, The Green Agenda is worse than you could imagine:

Child Cobalt Miners in Kailo, Congo - Author Julien Harneis, source Wikimedia. Green tech

Amnesty Report: Green Battery Technology Built on a Foundation of Child Abuse

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Amnesty International has released a shocking report, about conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the child labourers who mine much of the world’s Cobalt. Cobalt is an essential component of modern high capacity batteries, such as the batteries which power laptops, cell phones and electric cars. The introduction…

lithiumionba Climate News

An Inconvenient truth: Electric-car battery materials could harm key soil bacteria

From the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The growing popularity of battery-powered cars could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they are not entirely Earth friendly. Problems can creep in when these batteries are disposed of. Scientists, in a new study in ACS’ journal Chemistry of Materials, are reporting that compounds increasingly used in lithium-ion batteries are…

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Profits of doom …

Enough said:

5 Moneyed Environmentalists Who Profit Off Global Warming SOURCE   

Environmentalists like to claim skeptics are making money off hampering global warming regulations, but those same greens are making a lot of money promoting global warming alarmism. Earlier this week, the Feds even took down a green energy scheme that took $1.4 million from taxpayers.

Counting only private money, environmental groups massively outspend their opponents. Opposition to global warming activism only raises $46 million annually across 91 conservative think tanks, according to analysis by Forbes. That’s almost six times less than Greenpeace’s 2011 budget of $260 million, and Greenpeace is only one of many environmental groups. The undeniable truth is that global warming activists raise and spend far more money than their opponents.

1: Al Gore

The former vice president’s global warming activism has helped increase his net worth from $700,000 in 2000 to an estimated net worth of $172.5 million by 2015. Gore and the former chief of Goldman Sachs Asset Management made nearly $218 million in profits between 2008 and 2011 from a carbon trading company they co-founded. By 2008, Gore was able to put a whopping $35 million into hedge funds and other investments.

Gore also has a remarkable record of investing in companies right before they get huge grants from the government.

2: Elon Musk

This billionaire chairs a number of companies, such as Tesla Motors and SolarCity, which rake in billions in federal green energy subsidies.

In 2014, Musk received $1.4 billion from Nevada taxpayers to build a “gigafactory” for his electric car company Tesla Motors. SolarCity also got a large payout to move to Nevada. Musk helped found SolarCity and still serves as its chairman.

When Nevada changed the way it subsidized solar power in a way that didn’t favor Musk or SolarCity, the company pulled out of of the state.

Tesla also sells lithium ion-battery Powerwalls for a mere $7,340 to store electricity for homes. The original intention of a Powerwall was to make rooftop solar panels economically viable for consumers. Powerwalls are estimated to take approximately 40 years to pay for themselves. Naturally, Tesla only offers five to 10 year warranties and predicts they will last for only 15 years.

3: Warren Buffett

Billionaire Warren Buffett has invested a great deal in electrical utilities, such as NV Energy, and has also taken advantage of lucrative green energy. Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway Energy has invested up to $30 billion into green energy sources.

Buffett was instrumental in lobbying the Nevada state government to revise net-metering rules to help utilities. That single policy change caused rival billionaire Elon Musk to lose roughly $165 million in a single day.

4: Vinod Khosla

The Indian billionaire has poured over a billion dollars of his own money, as well as the government’s, into 50 different green energy startups. He has been behind some of the green tech industry’s most spectacular failures. Despite these repeated flops, he’s still pouring money into green energy, according to The New York Times.

Khosla has spent a lot of money investing in ethanol, which is heavily dependent on a federal mandate requiring gasoline sold in the U.S. contain a certain amount of ethanol. Ethanol tax credits are estimated to have cost the federal government up to $40 billion between 1978 and 2012, according to The National Review

Khosla was heavily invested in the ethanol company KiOR, even talking the company up during an interview with 60 Minutes. KiOR went bankrupt in November 2014 and devastated the state of Mississippi, which had given KiOR a $75 million, 20-year, no-interest loan after Khosla assured the state that he would build facilities worth $500 million that would create 1,000 jobs.

5: James Cameron

Film director James Cameron has also profited immensely off environmentalism and holds a long history being green, even claiming that “[w]e need to mobilize like we did during World War II” to fight global warming.

When asked about scientists who were skeptical of global warming, Cameron claimed “I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads. Anybody that is a global-warming denier at this point in time has got their head so deeply up their a** I’m not sure they could hear me.”

The environmentally-themed film “Avatar” netted Cameron over $650 million, making him one of the richest directors of all time with an estimated net worth of $700 million.


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healthy eating …

Might try more of this, as I like dried figs:

Figs in olive oil are a recipe that originates from the coastal areas, it’s an…
healthycures.org|By Healthy Cures

One of my aims is to try grafting Commercial fig species onto our fast growing large trees, which have fruit less tasty!

Ficus racemosa

Ficus racemosa

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Green Left, devastated …

Green Senators and their Media enablers are devastated. The new CSIRO head has likened the politics of ‘climate change’ to a religion.

Senator Rachel Siewert and ABC News shared a link.
The CSIRO’s chief says the backlash from his decision to restructure the…

So disappointing to see the manner in which CEO of CSIRO justifying cuts.

I have been telling them that for years, along with many scientists. Global warming is a Green religious agenda (The Greenies have since got to him: “CSIRO chief Larry Marshall has apologised for describing the emotion of the climate debate as almost “more religion than science”. At Senate estimates this afternoon he backed away from those comments.”)

The ‘hunt is on’ against Hunt, too, Australia’s Environment Minister, by the Green Media, devastated:

Don’t blame us! Suddenly nobody wants to take credit for giving Greg Hunt the “best minister in the world” award.

Confusion surrounds the process by which Australia’s environment minister was crowned the world’s No 1, with the news agency denying it designed the scheme
theguardian.com|By Lenore Taylor

Check out the bile in those comments, oh, except my own:

Tom Harley Hunt approved more rehabilitation projects than all the last 5 Labor Ministers put together. Just approved a large number in the Kimberley.

First time in decades!

Ronnie James Of course Murdoch is behind this. The whole thing is laughable. The worst environmental minister, in the worst Federal Government this country has ever had, trying everything to destroy our most pristine Great Barrier Reef, our forests, and our farmland.. If I were Hunt, I would be embarrassed to accept such an award. This whole award thing has been create by Murdoch to try to boost election votes. Ridiculous!!!!

Paul RoocroftSeriously? This award could only be something Hunt’s mum made up. Smells very shonky. How can an inept and incompetent MORON, who openly admitted that he gets his environmental data from Wikipedia, be rewarded with an award of best minister in the world? They’re having a laugh. He’s a freaking JOKE!!

View more comments

Like I said, devastating, hehe. I keep telling them, self-projection is a disease of the Left.

Their Nemesis Andrew Bolt adds:

An important truth dawns on CSIRO chief Larry Marshall after staff and activists revolt against his planned switch from researching global warming to figuring out how to cope with it:

“I guess I had the realisation that the climate lobby is perhaps more powerful than the energy lobby was back in the ‘70s – and the politics of climate I think there’s a lot of emotion in this debate.

“In fact it almost sounds more like religion than science to me.”

True. but what conclusions do we then draw about his global warming scientists? Does a religious commitment to global warming make them less likely to accept or announce findings that cast doubt on their creed?

Marshall should go further and discuss how a “religious” belief in global warming theory conflicts with a scientist’s need to be objective.  With examples would be nice.

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Big milestone …

Finally reached the 250,000 page view magical number. Having this site and two other specific interest websites has contributed enormously to my education and general knowledge, and I hope to many readers who visit this site. Thanks to all for giving me the encouragement to keep going. (87,560 unique visitors.)

Some recent pics to celebrate:

Track through Walmadan vine forest north of Broome

Track through Walmadan vine forest north of Broome

Rare Grass Owl

Rare Grass Owl

Nursery seedlings

Nursery seedlings

Have just completed the Supervisor Training for the five Green Army Projects I have about to start. Some excellent candidates are about to start work, now to recruit participants.

One site to be rehabilitated

One site to be rehabilitated

Broome Port

Broome Port

Cable Beach

Cable Beach

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tidal lows …

Recreation in Broome revolves around the tide. The highest tides each 22/23 years last happened in 2011, when these were taken. The biggest tides coincide with the lowest tides. These pics were in June 2011, 2 months following the lowest in 2 decades.

Beach 063 Beach 064 Beach 032 Beach 015Beach 026

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the cover up of science …

The (Nobel Prize) cover-up is always worse than the incompetent and/or fraudulent science.

Lendahl’s resignation is an indirect result of The Experiments, a documentary that aired in January on Swedish public television station SVT and that led to KI’s decision to cut ties with Macchiarini. The film detailed the troubling questions about Macchiarini’s pioneering trachea implants—six of eight patients who received his polymer windpipes have died—and the way he described his operations as a success in scientific papers.

The documentary also cast doubt on KI’s investigation into Macchiarini’s work. It suggested that four KI doctors who acted as whistleblowers in Macchiarini’s case in 2014 had trouble getting the university to take their concerns seriously and questioned why KI Vice-Chancellor Anders Hamsten cleared Macchiarini of misconduct charges even though an external investigator commissioned by the university found him guilty.

Reminded of the Phil Jones of UEA fame, who e-mailed Warwick Hughes, “why should I provide the data, when all you want to do is find something wrong with it!”

Timeline around the “We have 25 or so years invested in the work.” 2005 email from Dr Phil Jones

I have just had an email saying that the Feb 2005 email from Dr Phil Jones to me saying – “We have 25 or so years invested in the work. Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it. ” – has been […]

Dr Jennifer Marohasy now points out the dishonesty of data homogenization:

Jennifer Marohasy with Jennifer Abbot.
I was invited to speak at the Liberal Democrats Conference in Sydney last Sunday. I began by explaining that while the delegates may have though homogenization was a term used exclusively for milk, that homogenization is also a technical term used in climate science, but with an altogether different meaning. It allows scientists to remodel historical temperature data so it’s closer to the heart’s desire.

These few words – closer to the heart’s desire – have been borrowed fr

See More

Why we should rally against homogenization, and I don’t mean of milk By jennifer on February 9, 2016 in Information I was invited to speak at the Liberal Democrats…

Hilarious comment:

Dominic Cirillo “Homogenization”…the technical term used by govt paid boffins to masquerade the truth of data to now read “bullshit”.

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the brilliance of more CO2 …

Eleven times more growth in new forests! Surprisingly, a BBC report:

Rainforest regrowth boosts carbon capture, study shows

By Mark Kinver, Environmental reporter


Newly grown rainforests can absorb 11 times as much carbon from the atmosphere as old-growth forests, a study has shown.

The researchers have produced a map showing regions in Latin America where regrowing rainforests would deliver the greatest benefits.

However, they added that old-growth forests still needed to be protected as they locked away vast amount of carbon.

Details of the study have been published in the journal Nature.

The international team of scientists compiled data from almost 1,500 plots at 45 sites across the Neotropics, which covers southern and central America, allowing them to produce map highlighting the carbon sequestration potential of areas across the Neotropics. […]

I say use the Old Growth for the benefit of Indigenous people and replace with new forests. That will be a win for everyone. Great for livestock too.DSC00002

Read the whole article.

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