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Sublime to ridiculous…

Garnaut 2008 : Kangaroo Farting Tax Needed To Stop Global Warming Posted on May 12, 2012 Just when you thought these morons had peaked. Eat roo-burgers, because they don’t fart as much as dinosaurs. Eating roo may combat global warming Thursday, … Continue reading

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#lunatic carbon tax…killed Queensland Labor

Despite the media, the labor hierarchy, the rest of the left, it WAS all about the #lunatic carbon tax.  Correction: Newman did campaign on that tax, read it all… in conclusion…Global warming alarmist Ross Garnaut was right: … climate change … Continue reading

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Raining in the NWest of Oz…into the deserts

The wet season started in Broome last Sunday, about normal, despite some people thinking it was late. Any rain falling here in November and December is always a bonus, and we have had lots of bonuses over the past few … Continue reading

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Julia (Gillard) and Ross (Garnaut)…”complete morons”

Can Julia And Ross Fix This? Posted on November 2, 2011 by Steven Goddard http://www.bom.gov.au/ Less than one half of one percent of Australia is experiencing drought, and (based on the forecast) that should be down to zero by next … Continue reading

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Partisan Garnaut…and distortion of reality

Mr Garnaut, climate policy should be questioned In today’s The Australian: ‘Ross Garnaut has an unusual concept of democracy. The Prime Minister goes to the country promising “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Once in … Continue reading

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China’s big con…of Green/Labor

John Lee on China’s carbon con: Julia Gillard, Greens leader Bob Brown and climate-change adviser Ross Garnaut have argued China’s can-do green example ought to be our inspiration. But … its pro-green credentials are a mirage… Read it all…

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Wind/Solar Energy…stuffed again

From an Andrew Bolt contributor on comments… Solar warning! This should be essential reading for all those relying on Windsor and Garnaut reporting on the “success” of solar power and its “benefits” Massachusetts Solar Energy Company bites the dust despite … Continue reading

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