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inadequate computer modeling causes global warming …

This latest paper is by famed climate scientist Judith Curry, dashes the climate model myth related to global warming. The models have failed to represent reality, so the warming agenda of the IPCC is falsified (pdf). Anthony Watts reports: New … Continue reading

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nerves frayed, hypocrisy kicks in …

…In reply to a Facebook post here below, it obviously touched a nerve, causing an outburst claiming it was “racist ignorant rubbish.” Jaxon Barnes Can you please refrain from putting your bullshit on my page. —————————— The comment: Tom Harley … Continue reading

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the scandalous, on the left …

Bleeding heart ‘humanitarian’ lawyers are in the midst of proving their hypocrisy on refugees. It  is an abominable position where the ‘side’ is more important to these shysters. Chris Kenny describes Julian Burnside quite well. They are not alone however, … Continue reading

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More offensive speech…from a Human Rights Lawyer and others

…Burnside, looks like he defends sides, and not free speech.  He never stopped criticizing Bolt, when his own ‘free speech’ is so much worse. HUMAN rights lawyer Julian Burnside has apologised to Tony Abbott after branding him a “Paedos in … Continue reading

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