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‘scary-mongers’ on the rise …

Climate astrologists were proven wrong on sea level rises, so the scares are now attached to ‘extreme weather’. This is almost getting too embarrassing. Greenie Watch reports on all the ridiculous details. Go there and have a look, here is … Continue reading

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More ‘science’ fiction…

Temperate seaweed species on the retreat (fiction) Written by Rob Payne Friday, 18 November 2011 12:00 “We estimated that projected ocean warming could lead to several hundred species retracting south and beyond the edge of the Australian continent, where they … Continue reading

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The changing weather…not climate

Hundreds of years of unchanging climate, but a lot of changing weather. This post is full of data, graphs, and anecdotes, and is an excellent read as well as a source for future comment. A short anthology of changing climate Guest … Continue reading

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