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the next crisis? …

You can only doctor the real data for as long as you it takes for real research to happen. The Greek crisis could be just the beginning: Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Says Economy Is Nearing “Full Unemployment” …Real Unemployment Closer … Continue reading

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ideological crash and burn …

[…]How much of Greece’s current economic problems were caused by the made Hellenic dash into renewable energy? The answer, unsurprisingly, is most likely quite a lot. Greece, like many small European economies, has placed a substantial focus on green energy, … Continue reading

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down the drain, with ‘other people’s money’ …

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN YOU RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: Greek hospitals cannot afford painkillers, scissors or sheets as budget cuts bite. Spending ‘other people’s money’ is an agenda of socialists and Marxists. It turns out, Greece was, … Continue reading

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to crash or not to crash …

There is considerable doom in some quarters of an impending financial bubble. The first warning can be found here, where Joanne Nova discusses the looming derivative’s bomb. Here is a second column on a problem which, unfortunately, is above my … Continue reading

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the lemming leap … off the fiscal cliff

US Economy : The New Normal For two months before the election, the MSM kept telling us how great the economy was doing under Obama. By pure coincidence, since election day a seemingly endless stream of bad economic news has come forward. WYMT.com   Tyler … Continue reading

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they voted in favor … fiscal cliff

AMERICA AS SEEN BY EUROPE: The Next Greece. Posted at 10:38 am by Glenn Reynolds

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Greece’s free-fall …

Will this be the future under Obama? It’s sure looking that way. RIPPED APART BY FINANCIAL CRISIS, GREEK SOCIETY IN FREE FALL: “A sign taped to a wall in an Athens hospital appealed for civility from patients. ‘The doctors on … Continue reading

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Impending #Euro-geddon…

…Following recent elections, the whole house of cards looks like its tottering. ‘The time has come to fear’ The trampling of sovereignty and the trashing of democracy in Europe has stirred the inevitable and very ugly reaction – the election … Continue reading

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