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fracktivists … “little, shriveled, meager, though loud and troublesome, insects of the hour.”

  Fracked, for certain. What really drives anti-fracking zealots? by PAUL DRIESSEN Recent news stories underscore the tremendous benefits brought by America’s fracking revolution. * The shale oil production boom could boost US crude production to 9.5 million barrels of … Continue reading

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down the plug-hole …

Fail: US Has Wasted $154 Billion on ‘Renewable Energy’ […] Since 1973, U.S. government agencies have spent $154.7 billion on “renewable energy” with very little to show for it. Proponents of solar technology claim that their favored technology is on … Continue reading

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‘green’ skids …

Environmentalists vs. the environment A brilliant piece by Robert Bryce highlights one of the more incredible recent developments in the Green Gaia world — the rising opposition of the soi disant “environmentalists” to a proven weapon against the dreaded Anthropogenic … Continue reading

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The Myth of Peak Oil…

So Peak oil is still a myth, judging by this report. NPR: New Boom Reshapes Oil World, Rocks North Dakota. “Two years ago, America was importing about two thirds of its oil. Today, according to the Energy Information Administration, it … Continue reading

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