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capitalism trumps socialism …

When you have to loot the empty State owned Supermarket, you have arrived at Zimbabwe or North Korea territory. But this is/was Obama’s ambition, to be like Venezuela. Or Cuba. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of … Continue reading

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President Trump … popcorn futures to soar

Some people ask, what do you think of Trump. I tell them, I back him because of the entertainment value. It’s only just started, you see Hillary Clinton is in deep doodoo.      You see, the hacker named ‘Guccifer’ is spilling … Continue reading

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the camp cook …

The Chiefio goes camping, but I can see a good idea following cyclone damage or even just waiting for services to return. This took 8 days in some parts of Broome following Cyclone Rosita a decade ago. Road closures can … Continue reading

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Climate data…unfit

Chiefio Smith examines GHCN and finds it “not fit for purpose” Posted on June 21, 2012 by rep49 E.M. Smith over at the blog Musings from the Chiefio earlier this month posted an analysis comparing versions 1 and 3 of the … Continue reading

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A forensic look at climate e-mails…#Climategate 2.0

This forensic look at climate e-mails comes from ‘The Chiefio’, EMSmith. Foia – README selections 17 12 2011 I thought I’d seen the README file, but all I had seen was a small excerpt on another web site. (Understandable as the … Continue reading

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