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“insights to climate change” …

Jim Steele writes about his journey in environmentalism , along with the video presentations of his, to “speak to the Life Members of the International Electrical and Electronic Engineers and speak about my insights to climate change as presented in … Continue reading

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firewall penetration … at ‘your’ ABC

Heads exploding at your ABC. How did this speaker get past the ABC Firewall. A pleasure to see. A Big ‘Whoops’ at the ABC Radio National’s Fran Kelly called on the University of Maryland’s Peter Morici to explain Wall Street’s … Continue reading

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Inconvenient editing…hearing aid needed

Tim Blair notes: “Attorney General Nicola Roxon during an ABC radio interview: Look, I think it would be great if Kevin ruled out that he ever wants to be the Prime Minister again, but I don’t think that he’s likely … Continue reading

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ABC and their science bias…

Remember the infamous Bob Ward interview, from a year ago? bobfjones.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/remember-the-infamous-bob-ward-interview-from-a-year-ago/ 10/09/2011 by Bob Fernley-Jones 2 Comments Minor EDIT 15/Oct,  (corrected two hyperlinks) 11/Oct/11   Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones (AKA Bob_FJ) With the help of Mr Ward, Australia’s national broadcaster attacked the work … Continue reading

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Industrializing the Kimberley…by doctoring the vote

Protect the Kimberley ‎“two groups central to the fight to stop the development were defiant yesterday. The Wilderness Society blamed Mr Barnett for fuelling tensions with “his incessant advocacy of this unwanted proposal” and Save the Kimberley blamed Woodside workers … Continue reading

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