falling sea levels …

Cannot find any rising sea levels in Western Australia. The big tide in 2011 looks to be a 20 year high. So, the nonsense from the Climate Council is just propaganda as usual, including this useless information from CSIRO. Can’t handle their bots? Perhaps The University of Queensland should call this Sea Level Fall Partnership.




Port Hedland



Plot of monthly mean sea level data at GERALDTON.

..Cocos Islands

Plot of monthly mean sea level data at COCOS ISLAND (HOME IS.).


Tide Gauge Data

Plot of monthly mean sea level data at ALBANY.

Well, that’s Australia’s West coast sea levels. Nothing to worry about. Even Fremantle, where the Perth coastal plain is sinking under the pressure of depleting aquifers, is not rising further:


Plot of monthly mean sea level data at FREMANTLE.

The last big tide was in 2011 in Broome, the biggest since 2000 and the late 80s. Nothing new to Broome locals.

Broome Airport has little to worry about since 2011. Nor does the BoM compound next to the helicopter hangars.Way back when Iron Horse was the film of the week in Broome, tides were very high too:

High tide, 1924 I believe.

Image may contain: house and outdoor

Lost Broome

Who else remembers walking out of the pictures only to get wet feet. Image courtesy of Sun Pictures. #lostBroomeWA#lostbroome

Sun Pictures, today

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