goodbye global warming …

Well, the science part, where the UN IPCC has corrupted the climate change science for at least a decade. The latest science is also overwhelming. Global warming from man’s  CO2 emissions is not happening. 1000 peer reviewed papers in the last three years confirm it.

[…] “The political message and funding were directed to only research that proved their hypothesis. Only journals that favored the objective were used and encouraged, so the preponderance of research and publications supported the predetermined message. It is a classic case of Lysenkoism

A lot more at notrickzone, follow links.

Dr Judith Curry this week added to the crescendo against the IPCC with her very public resignation from a tenured position:

‘CRAZINESS’ in climate field leads dissenter Dr. Judith Curry to resign: ‘I have resigned my tenured faculty position at Georgia Tech’

The question now depends on a response from the IPCC, choose politics … or science. You can not have both.

Nothing left for the mockery to begin:

Dr. Pielke Jr. mocks new claim: ‘A magic force field’ is now preventing land-falling hurricanes? – Warmists scramble to explain lack of extreme weather

The Washington Times agrees with millions more:


  • 2016’s biggest loser: Big Green — ‘Voters turned thumbs down on the climate change lobby’

    The rest of the media are on the IPCC side, just like they were on Hillary Clinton’s side. At this stage, the IPCC are on the political side, against science.

(h/t climate depot)

UPDATE, confirmation with weather:

(Graph plotted from RSS figures here)


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