“deaths for profit” …

Watering down drugs for HIV/AIDS patients in third world countries is a rotten, nasty, filthy thing to do. The Clinton Foundation has questions to answer: US Congressional report on Bill Clinton’s role in the deaths for profit Indian Aids drugs scandal

Clinton Foundation Report

Here are a few comments from Charles Ortel. (podcast)


This is worth a close read–Rep. Marsha Blackburn continues to dig into the massive set of public filings issued by the Clinton Foundation and by some of its many affiliates.

The attached report concentrates most upon efforts to “fight HIV/AIDS” internationally that have never, in my view, been validly authorized by the IRS, regulated by government authorities, controlled by independent trustees or audited by competent and informed accounting professionals. […]

Michael Smith, former policeman, detective and journalist has been investigating Clinton Foundation discrepancies and possible criminal activity with the help of US investgator Charles Ortel for some time. Go to his site and check it all out. Here is his latest look at Julia Gillard’s actions with the Clintons: Clinton investment in its Cash Splashing Gillard Tool pays off with $600M CHARGE to the Clintons

Regular readers will be familiar with the Gillard advances towards Hillary Clinton.

It all started 4 years ago at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative.

Gillard snubbed dinner with Obama to give Hillary more time  to interlock fingers with her billion dollar baby.


After the 2012 $14M Pay for Play top tier treatment, Gillard eased into her Global Philanthropist post political life at the 2013 GCI. […]

Read it all.

Scrolling down will find several posts of Smiths that show the full extent of corrupt practices from retired leaders.

Update, Smith’s latest:  Joint report to PNG Police Commissioner and PNG Ombudsman regarding Clinton Foundation Frauds in Papua New Guinea


Dear Commissioner and Ombudsman,


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  1. jmsabbagh says:

    Do the Clintons answer questions?

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