betting on carbon …

[…] “Carbon dioxide cannot physically cause global warming. It simply does not absorb enough heat.”

Dr Ward demonstrated his confidence and said: “I’m offering $10,000 (£7,510) of my children’s inheritance to the first scientist that can actually demonstrate that [carbon dioxide causes global warming], because I know now and my understanding of the physics, it’s physically impossible for that to happen.” ”

Dr Ward is on a winner, except that activists rarely have more than two bob to rub together. Maybe one of the Gore-Bot crowd. Perhaps Tim Flannery? No, he lost heaps when the Geothermal Energy proved a dud. Green groups always seemed to have enough to pay out for an agenda: Emails show indications that the EPA is corrupt – kowtows to green groups.

Update, Tony points out the hypocrisy, and massive exaggeration, in a comment at Jonova:


20 Sept: BBC: Roger Harrabin: China embarked on wind power frenzy, says IEA

Wow! How thrilling.

Pity it’s not quite how it is.

While last year (end of 2015) the total actual generation for wind power was 3.6%, for some context to place this year’s, umm, frenzy into perspective, now at the end of August 2016 it has risen to around 3.9% of total power generation.

For some context, the total Nameplate for NEW coal fired power is 29,000MW, just for the last 8 Months, so around 1000MW per week of new coal fired generation, all of it, the latest tech HELE USC plants. (That’s the equivalent of 11 new Bayswaters (2640MW old tech) just in the last 8 Months)

Coal fired power is still supplying 74% of China’s total generation, down fractionally from end of year 2015, when it was 74.2%.

As to actual power consumption in the Residential sector, you know, homes where people live actually having electrical power, the total for this 8 Months is 13.6% of total consumption, up from 13.3% at end 2015. Compare that with the rest of the already Developed World where the Residential sector is up around 30 to 40% of total consumption.

China has a long ….. long, long way to go to catch up to the Developed World, and only REAL electrical power with a 24/7/365 availability can provide that.


Source – Actual China Power Data from China

A 0.3% increase is frenzy? Coal is still king.

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