tourists find more dinosaur footprints at Cable Beach …

Dinosaur footprints can be seen at most beaches around Broome and north to Cape Leveque whenever strong winds and tides move the sand around, exposing the Broome Sandstone. I have found some myself close to the Port, and now a tourist has just found more from a predatory dinosaur on Cable Beach, close to tourism facilities. ABC reports:

Bind Lee Porth places her hand in the dinosaur tracks she discovered.

Bindi Lee Porth places her hand in the dinosaur tracks she discovered.

ABC Kimberley: Sophia O’Rourke

Footprints of a Tyrannosaurus-type dinosaur have been found by a woman collecting shells on the most popular part of one of Australia’s best-loved beaches.

Bindi Lee Porth was collecting shells on Broome’s Cable Beach on Sunday, while hundreds of tourists watched the sun setting into the Indian Ocean, when she made the incredible discovery.

“I went to put my foot down, and the best way that I could describe it is that I felt a very strong energy,” Ms Porth told ABC Local Radio.

“When I’d taken my foot slightly off, I could see a bit of a hole, and I thought, ‘This is a bit weird.’

“So I just sort off brushed all the sand away and it’s revealed this beautiful, like a bird, foot.”

Could not believe they were real

The Broome coastline is renowned for 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprints stretching from Roebuck Bay in the south and over 150 kilometres north along the Dampier Peninsula. […]


Read the rest at the link including comments from researcher Dr Steve Salisbury, who has spent considerable time documenting and describing all the species of footprints found here. Below, in Roebuck Bay:port 022DSC02536Above, just a hundred metres from the Broome Port.

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