bigots to the left … botoxed

Name calling is the preserve of bullies. The left are constantly telling us what a rotten lot conservatives are. Well here is their self-projectionism, railing at their latest target, Sonia Kruger. Name and shame, I say, which includes Neil McMahon at SMH:

Cameron Harris liked this.
Jenny Haines ·

Sonia says…..she is about as tedious as Pauline.

Is Sonia Kruger’s elevation to right-wing rant machine an accident, or something much more calculated?|By Neil McMahon
Malcolm Comrie Chalmers Since when has this woman been employed as a social commentator anyway?
Barry McDonald
Barry McDonald there good money and notoriety in extreme right views….
Susan Elfert
Susan Elfert She appears to do more Botox than Bolt…
Susan Baslia- Mackay
Susan Baslia- Mackay It’s the Botox
Gregory Clark
Gregory Clark Bolt seems to be getting more extreme right with apparent support for vigilantes!
Michael Rolfe
Michael Rolfe…but prettier…..
Damien Stapleton
Damien Stapleton Another untalented ignorant Talking Head!
Imogen Wareing
Imogen Wareing What life knowledge or other qualifications does she have? Why should we have to hear her ill informed , uneducated views on every social issue that passes as a thought bubble in her mind?
If she still hosts it, I for one will not be watching the Voice next season, nowhere will be safe from her divisive statements.
Damien Stapleton
Damien Stapleton Could she? She is!

Name-calling self-projected Bigots, all of them! Look in the mirror … know lots about Botox, eh?

Update, had to revise the title and add “Botoxed”. I think it fits.

Update2, the same bigoted and botoxed about new Senator, Engineer, physicist, miner and businessman, Malcolm Roberts:

Cameron Harris liked this.

“One of Australia’s new senators, One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts, sent a bizarre affidavit to then prime minister Julia Gillard in 2011 demanding to be exempt from the carbon tax and using language consistent with the “sovereign citizen” movement.

Mr Roberts has also written numerous reports claiming climate change is an international conspiracy fostered by the United Nations and international banks to impose a socialist world order. At least one report cites several anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, including notorious Holocaust denier Eustace Mullins among its “primary references”.

Australia’s newest senator, One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts, sent a bizarre affidavit to then Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2011 demanding to be exempt from the…|By Michael Koziol
Lucinda McKay How the hell did he even get nominated? This is Pauline’s responsibility.

Col Hesse
Col Hesse Mining company executive as well. He’ll understand the poor and disposessed for sure.

Roy Drew
Roy Drew He got 77 primary votes .He used to to be an executive in the coal industry.

Jocelyn McGahey
Jocelyn McGahey Looney Tunes that one

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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2 Responses to bigots to the left … botoxed

  1. Martin Lovegrove says:

    Just like Waleed Ali, only because she is a white conservative christian female we are able to publicly chastise her for speaking her mind.
    You cant do that Waleed or you are a rascist islamophobiac bully.

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