the ‘dying debate’ …

The hysteria from the usual culprits would suggest this is their wish, to remove tourists and visitors from the Great Barrier Reef. Of course the usual media followers embellish it even further.

James Cook University has even threatened one of their own, to toe the line, or … I hope that Professor Ridd one day gets rewarded for telling the truth.

At least, they have now been noticed. Firstly, Andrew Bolt:

The ludicrous scaremongering by global warming activists about the “dying” reef is costing Australians jobs and money:

Three surveys conducted in Britain, China, and the United States, have shown citizens in those countries – when the situation is raised with them – say that are concerned that the world-renowned reef is under severe threat. And many would reconsider visiting as a result…

An estimated 175,000 fewer tourists could visit Australia if the bleaching persists and worse if the [claimed] damage becomes permanent.

The polls, which surveyed the attitudes and awareness of 1000 people in each market, found potential visitors were concerned over the state of the reef, which in turn could feed into them deciding to visit other Australian attractions or to go to places other than Australia entirely.

The finding suggests the tourism businesses and related local economies adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, could suffer the loss of 10,000 jobs and that the Australian economy could lose as much as $1 billion per year in overseas income.

The reef supports an estimated 70,000 jobs in the tourism and related sectors and accounts for a significant proportion of Australia’s tourist income.

These activists Mr Bolt warns us about really are a joke. The government might like to take a peek, this is the same University that tossed the late Dr Barry Bob Carter. He was too good for them!

Modern Scientific Controversies Part 2: The Great Barrier Reef Wars

Read it all:

GBR Marine Park, giving the Authority an interest in activities on land as well as in the sea.


Update, Thanks to PJ for pointing out my lazy lapse in making sure I had Dr Carter’s name right. I even have his book “Taxing Air”.

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1 Response to the ‘dying debate’ …

  1. PJ Optus says:

    A great post.

    However I would like to draw you attention to the fact that the name of the late emeritus professor that JCU pushed out was “Bob Carter” – not “Barry”.

    Keep up the good work.


    Paul Johnson

    Sent from Paul Johnson’s iPad


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