solar power bubble busted …

Energy subsidies failed to save this major supplier of Solar energy:

Reuters: Jessica DiNapoli: SunEdison to file for bankruptcy as early as Sunday night -source
Solar energy company SunEdison Inc is preparing to file for bankruptcy as early as the evening of April 17, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday, nine months after its market value had reached $10 billion.
A SunEdison spokesman declined to comment…

SunEdison’s implosion:

3 pages: 16 Apr: Forbes: William Pentland: Burned By The Sun: SunEdison Braces For Bankruptcy, But Why?
(William Pentland is a Partner at Brookside Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm in Kennebunk, ME that focuses on issues in utility regulation, market strategy and energy policy)
There are several theories about the causes of SunEdison’s spectacular decline. Most of the theories are at least partially true, but none of them seem sufficiently compelling to explain the scope and scale of SunEdison’s implosion…READ ON

This link, from Judith Curry’s Energy Review:

This is very interesting: Ontario Society of Professional Engineers on why C02 emissions will double as we add wind and solar plants …

Ontario, one of the few States in Canada that is powered almost solely from Nuclear and Hydro Power. How Ontario Won Its War on Coal (Sunshine Hours)

Previous energy failures courtesy of President Obama.

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