Green politician denying cheap energy for those who can least afford …

This politician would be the biggest hypocrite of all, denying life-saving coal fired energy to those who can least afford:

Well done brave protectors!

LOCKED ON: Train track protest halts coal wagons on Good Friday|By Fairfax Regional Media

Buckingham is one of those Greens who would like the world’s energy use to be like North Korea’s. Even to taking risks with life and the law in regards to his energy agenda.

He has an excuse though, born in Tasmania, the ‘Greenie State’? He will ignore real evidence too: Belgian Scientist/Organic Chemistry Professor Calls UN IPCC Theories ‘Sordid’ …’Failed Again’

Eat radishes: New Study Shows How ‘Climate Science Could Be All Wrong’.

Jeremy Buckingham

Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council
Jeremy Buckingham

Jeremy Nova Buckingham is an Australian politician. He has been a Greens member of the New South Wales Legislative Council since the 2011 state election. Buckingham was born in Launceston, Tasmania and spent his early lif…


1997: Buckingham relocated to Orange in the central west of NSW in 1997 with his wife Sarah, where he worked as production manager for monumental stonemasonry McMurtrie & Co.
2003: Buckingham unsuccessfully contested the state Legislative Assembly seat of Orange in the 2003 state election.
2006: After a back injury rendered him unfit for heavy lifting, Buckingham enrolled and completed an Advanced Diploma in Ecological Agriculture and Land Management at the University of Sydney, which he graduated from in 2006.

It’s not easy to uncover a politician’ travel expenses, especially in NSW. He has had encounters himself with police as a law-breaker.

Ecological Agriculture? Now that’s an odd University course. Not for a Green who despises CO2 emissions I guess.

I am not surprised that protest laws are in the throes of receiving large penalty increases. Jeremy Buchingham, like the typical Green that he is, is blinded by his ideology:

I moved to have climate change and the impact of mining and CSG included in the terms of reference for this water inquiry, but the Liberals, Nationals and Shooters Party refused. Reckless and stupid?

Jeremy Buckingham and his peers need to read this bit of wisdom:

Michael Crichton identified as the biggest challenge facing mankind. In a 2003 speech to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco he said,

“I have been asked to talk about what I consider the most important challenge facing mankind, and I have a fundamental answer. The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance.”

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