the global warming invention …

The fiction behind a fact. Global warming is an agenda made up by some on the extreme left, to push their agenda to finance the UN and their corrupt cronies. Maurice Strong and Al Gore saw AGW as the way forward as a money-making venture:

National security agency whistleblower edward snowden, has made a new controv…

Before that, it was a cooling agenda that was going to cost us dearly:

Adrian Donley They must have invented it after 1976:…/1976-cia-said-global…/

 Of course, the whole thing was always bollocks:

Derek AlkerMaurice Strong got a select group of climate modellers to invent man made global warming during the 1970s and early 1980s. Then Gore sold it to the public, whilst Hansen presented the pc (pseudo) science that “proved it”. So, by the 2nd earth summit (the 1st one was in Stockholm 1972) in Rio in 1992 “they” had a new poster child to justify a whole new raft of new global “environmental” controls and taxes. ALL based on Lewis Fry Richardson’s paper published in 1920 that was written in 1910. That to this day is admitted as a series of massively over complex computations that violate, in several ways the known laws of thermodynamics… In other words, AGW it’s all “rollocks”…

You see, CO2 has nothing to do with global warming, but El Nino is responsible for warmer temperatures. Meteorologist Anthony Watts reports:

Dr Ryan Maue of Weatherbell follows the data, wherever that data leads him. He’s not shy of telling it like it is. Yesterday he released what I consider the most important graph of the year.


2015 ENSO event

For all those people that want to claim 2015/2016 “proves” that human caused global warming is at work (while at the same time ignoring a record El Niño event as seen above), this graph indisputably proves that the El Niño is the driver of record high temperatures, not carbon dioxide.

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