rocking the energy debate …

Looks as though the Scottish are now worried that wind turbines are not what was advertised, and are about to break their ban on frakking. South of the border has already embraced frakking after another hellish Winter.

The massive debt from the renewable subsidy push will take decades to recover from:

Solar Energy Delivers Too Little Bang For Billions Invested …

Now, France is about to throw good Euros onto roads and turn them into the most expensive power out there.

France’s Solar Roads Plan a Costly, Inefficient Boondoggle …

Feb 8, 2016 – And lo, the idea that wouldn’t die raises its head once again. That’s right: Solar roads, the impractical concept that has nonetheless captured the …

Completely mad.

Along with 14,000 immobile wind turbines around the world, billions of dollars and Euros have been wasted on renewable energy.

[…] Not because the wind isn’t blowing but because the tax subsidies that made these behemoths profitable have expired and their owners have simply walked away leaving someone else to figure out how to pay for tearing them down.

On the other hand, solar is good value off grid with battery storage and diesel back-up of course.

nursery 040The future:

Modular nukes: coming soonish.

I’m a bit distracted today, so blogging is going to be light. However, I notice with interest that NuScale Power, a US firm that specialises in modular nuclear reactors, has been given permission to develop its first plant on land owned by the Department of Energy in Utah.

Commercial generation is scheduled for…2024.

(Bishop Hill)

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