competing headlines, warming or cooling … thriving or dying

Climate change pushing krill to the North? Or at least, activists would say that, without understanding the full story:

[…] All parties were enjoying the krill fishing; except perhaps the krill, some of whom foolishly took refuge in our net. Whereupon they were delivered into the clutches of another group of voracious seagoing mammals more commonly known as marine scientists. Just like the whales, the scientists were pretty excited to be catching large numbers of Euphausia superba this far north where in theory they should not be. Construction work on a new theory will commence as soon as the rubble from the old theory has been cleared away. This morning, we completed leg 9 and are taking a more south westerly course down towards the Antarctic Continent over the next few days.

The Aurora Australia is doing trawling and other scientific experiments all this month before returning to Mawson to relieve the summer crew. The Antarctic ice sheet has been growing in the last few decades, so I am not surprised krill moves north too. Maybe the title would be: Expanding Antarctic Ice-sheet moves Whale’s food North. Or Global Cooling expands Ice-sheet. At least they say, if the facts are wrong, you need to find a new theory.

Then, Professor Turney, the leader of the magical mystery tour stranding, now says icebergs killed off thousands of penguins.

Adelie penguin at eggs. Bellingshausen Station, Antarctic. Author Akulovz, source Wikimedia

Chris Turney: Penguins Don’t Migrate, they’re dying!

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Chris Turney, leader of the ill fated 2013/14 Ship of fools expedition to the Antarctic, which got stuck in the global warming while trying to retrace the Mawson Expedition, has been urging people to listen to his expert knowledge of Penguin colonies. More than 150,000 Adélie penguins have perished in…

Yeah sure Professor, pull the other one:

Not A Lot of People Know That

Headline News, Global Cooling confuses Penguins./sarc


The idea that global warming causes icebergs would be laughable if it had not come from a supposed scientist. But what is really interesting is this comment on the SMH web page:




I originally dismissed the comment as unverifiable, but on checking it turns out that David Killick is the official photographer, sent as part of a team of six to dig out one of the Mawson’s huts at Cape Dension. (See here)

Mawson, you may recall, was one of Australia’s most famous Antarctic explorers, who explored the region a century ago.

Also, the figures Killick quotes are correctly sourced from Turney’s own paper here. Clearly, if the figures are correct, there have been large variations in the Adelie population over the years. The idea that the recent decline is of any real significance is potty.

Killick’s criticism about making the count in just a day also appears valid. Stacey Adlard works for the British Antarctic Survey, and spends five months every year on Signy Island, part of the South Orkneys, doing little but count bird populations. Her blog is here.


Nature, unfortunately, is cruel, and there will always be local events which affect animal populations. But there is no evidence whatsoever that Adelie populations are in decline, or under any stress. […]

Turney, wrong still.

Update: Penguins thriving in East Antarctica

The AAD reported this research in October 2015 – Adélie penguin population almost doubles in East Antarctica. The SMH has just reported – Giant iceberg could wipe out Adélie penguin colony at Cape Denison, Antarctica

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