Green Left, devastated …

Green Senators and their Media enablers are devastated. The new CSIRO head has likened the politics of ‘climate change’ to a religion.

Senator Rachel Siewert and ABC News shared a link.
The CSIRO’s chief says the backlash from his decision to restructure the…

So disappointing to see the manner in which CEO of CSIRO justifying cuts.

I have been telling them that for years, along with many scientists. Global warming is a Green religious agenda (The Greenies have since got to him: “CSIRO chief Larry Marshall has apologised for describing the emotion of the climate debate as almost “more religion than science”. At Senate estimates this afternoon he backed away from those comments.”)

The ‘hunt is on’ against Hunt, too, Australia’s Environment Minister, by the Green Media, devastated:

Don’t blame us! Suddenly nobody wants to take credit for giving Greg Hunt the “best minister in the world” award.

Confusion surrounds the process by which Australia’s environment minister was crowned the world’s No 1, with the news agency denying it designed the scheme|By Lenore Taylor

Check out the bile in those comments, oh, except my own:

Tom Harley Hunt approved more rehabilitation projects than all the last 5 Labor Ministers put together. Just approved a large number in the Kimberley.

First time in decades!

Ronnie James Of course Murdoch is behind this. The whole thing is laughable. The worst environmental minister, in the worst Federal Government this country has ever had, trying everything to destroy our most pristine Great Barrier Reef, our forests, and our farmland.. If I were Hunt, I would be embarrassed to accept such an award. This whole award thing has been create by Murdoch to try to boost election votes. Ridiculous!!!!

Paul RoocroftSeriously? This award could only be something Hunt’s mum made up. Smells very shonky. How can an inept and incompetent MORON, who openly admitted that he gets his environmental data from Wikipedia, be rewarded with an award of best minister in the world? They’re having a laugh. He’s a freaking JOKE!!

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Like I said, devastating, hehe. I keep telling them, self-projection is a disease of the Left.

Their Nemesis Andrew Bolt adds:

An important truth dawns on CSIRO chief Larry Marshall after staff and activists revolt against his planned switch from researching global warming to figuring out how to cope with it:

“I guess I had the realisation that the climate lobby is perhaps more powerful than the energy lobby was back in the ‘70s – and the politics of climate I think there’s a lot of emotion in this debate.

“In fact it almost sounds more like religion than science to me.”

True. but what conclusions do we then draw about his global warming scientists? Does a religious commitment to global warming make them less likely to accept or announce findings that cast doubt on their creed?

Marshall should go further and discuss how a “religious” belief in global warming theory conflicts with a scientist’s need to be objective.  With examples would be nice.

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