a dangerous strategy … wind power

A new paper out shows how wind power does does serious damage to the electricity grid, and can never be used for base load power:


Engineers are required to do more than merely analyse and report on natural

phenomena. They are required to create practical solutions to real world problems. In

so doing they must test and design systems ensuring that they have addressed the worst

case scenarios. As a result, they may not concentrate merely on average values. With

these requirements firmly in mind, to the electrical engineer, a careful scrutiny of the

available wind farm operational data shows that, on the eastern Australian grid, it is

not possible for wind energy ever to displace dispatchable, reliable generation

supplying the base load demand. In this regard, an examination of the graphs

comprising Figure 3 clearly indicates that the proposal by some Australian

policymakers to replace major coal-fired power stations with a fleet of wind farms is

not technically achievable.

Additionally, the analysis shows that further increased wind penetration, even if

spread evenly across the eastern Australian grid, will result in an increasing

contribution to grid instability, potentially making wind energy an increasing threat to grid operational security and reliability. To continue a policy strategy to increase wind penetration across the eastern Australian grid, to seek to meet a target of some 20%

installed capacity, as has already been achieved in South Australia, (with the

presumption that wind may thereby meet 20% of base load requirements), has the

potential to be a dangerous strategy.

Read the full paper. Warwick Hughes has more on ABC’s wet dream, ‘coal is bad’ meme:

GreenLeft Australian ABC repeats anti-coal story five times on news front page

It must cruelly piss them off that global wind plus solar electricity generation in 2014 tallied only 3.8%

This is the yarn repeated five times – Are we witnessing a turning point in the future of coal?
Here is a chart of global electricity generation –

data from BP Statistical Review.
And amazingly 8.6% voted Green at the 2013 Federal Election.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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1 Response to a dangerous strategy … wind power

  1. Another Ian says:


    “Are we withessing a turning point in the future of coal?”

    I’m beginning to think we are.

    It is called “up”

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