choking from propaganda …


Are we really “choking the ocean with plastic”? Tracing the creation of an eco-myth

By Larry Kummer, from the Fabius Maximus website Summary: Last week Kip Hansen’s “An Ocean of Plastic” thoroughly debunked myths about the “great garbage patch”. But who created this story? Like many of the scary stories of our time, it came from the interaction of actual science with activist scientists and clickbait-seeking journalists. […]

So the Great Garbage Patch is a figment of Green propaganda. Fifteen years of amateur, and professional fishing, including a dozen years of cutting fish open, I can confirm that. I did find 1 cod with a plastic shopping bag in the stomach, and that’s it, pulled up from 50 fathoms deep too.

Without propaganda the activist scientists, their journalist enablers, Greens and other warmists have nothing. The world is a better place. Daily Kos is another that is so one eyed, they ought to be called Pirate Kos:

Self projection is all they know. You see, they have just realized it’s about politics and money, and the republicans know it. Nothing to do with science. National Geographic don’t know any better:

Later this century, after the North Pole is open water, we may have the technology to bring back the Arctic ice—if we want to.

I guess new owner Rupert may be quite annoyed at their lack of science and fact checking.

Then along comes the head of the World Meteorological Bureau, way out of his depth. Widespread food shortages? Disastrous crop yields, droughts and famine? Sure, we’re all going to die, again. Spouting propaganda in another year of crop records too! Someone should tell him about the record harvests.

Update, another bout of lunacy: The New Yorker’s ‘The Siege of Miami’ reveals climate propaganda at its finest

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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