“man-made, inflated temperature trends” …

Man made global warming, caused by concrete, asphalt, and all the rest of life’s comforts such as Airports, Freeways and air conditioners. The siting of instruments in the US has been examined intensely in this new paper, released at the AGU conference in California yesterday.

Press Release – Watts at #AGU15 The quality of temperature station siting matters for temperature trends

30 year trends of temperature are shown to be lower, using well-sited high quality NOAA weather stations that do not require adjustments to the data. This was in AGU’s press release news feed today. At about the time this story publishes, I am presenting it at the AGU 2015 Fall meeting in San Francisco. Here are the details.  …

Over the years, instruments were gradually moved in many places to Airports, as the weather at each airport is one of the most important measurement required for their operations. They were never meant for use in climate science!: […]

Lead author Anthony Watts said of the study: “The majority of weather stations used by NOAA to detect climate change temperature signal have been compromised by encroachment of artificial surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and heat sources like air conditioner exhausts. This study demonstrates conclusively that this issue affects temperature trend and that NOAA’s methods are not correcting for this problem, resulting in an inflated temperature trend. It suggests that the trend for U.S. temperature will need to be corrected.” He added: “We also see evidence of this same sort of siting problem around the world at many other official weather stations, suggesting that the same upward bias on trend also manifests itself in the global temperature record”. […]

Read the whole post.

Four days ago, I posted this, when I became aware of sharp temperature spikes in the daily maximum around the time of aircraft movements at Broome Airport.

5 helicopters at 12.18pm, all gone by 12.45pm

5 helicopters at 12.18pm, all gone by 12.45pm

Broome AirportFour large hangers, just to the South and South East of BoM’s premises. The Passenger terminal is on the bottom left.

Now, lets see some funding to look at Australian instrument siting. Joanne Nova adds: Anthony Watts at AGU2015 shows that hot air rises off concrete (it does affect thermometers)

Who would have thought that temperature stations near concrete are warming faster than those over grass?

Anthony Watts carefully analyzed all 1,218 surface stations in the USA and  managed to find 410 good ones in the last 35 years (1979 onwards) — which is an achievement in itself.  But the real point of his paper is to see if the best stations show less warming than the rest. (The good ones are the ones that are not near artificial heat sources, and haven’t been moved around). Watts finds (again) that  the NOAA homogenisation practice appears to be adjusting the good stations up to the bad ones.

About a third of the US recorded warming trend in the last 35 years may have just disappeared…

Watts presents it today at the AGU 2015 conference.

Congratulations to Anthony Watts for what must have been a mammoth amount of work. The irony is that the conclusion — that hot air radiates or rises off concrete, asphalt, and from bricks affects thermometers is banal, yet so few can demonstrate it across such a big network. We have to wonder why no one else was looking… Maybe the Earth’s climate doesn’t matter that much to NOAA? – Jo

The paper has hit the big-time, posted at Drudge. 

NOAA Relies On 'Compromised' Thermometers That Inflate 'Warming'...


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