the Paris-ites claim victory …

They achieved enough cash to to expand the UN bureaucracy, but not much else. What a farce, and a complete waste of time and money. You see, the ‘science’ they use is nonsense. They are obviously blind and Maths challenged, says one wag on Jonova.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Even the warmist idol, James Hansen thinks it’s a failure, but for the wrong reasons. Former NASA lead ‘global warming’ scientist James Hansen on UN summit: ‘It’s a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bullshit’

Now, that’s too funny, especially when you read the Climategate emails.

They’re real and they’re spectacular!  with a hat tip to Jerry Seinfeld. The relevance of that headline is particularly interesting in the context of where Dr. James Hansen of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) has his office in NYC.

The agreement, as expected does nothing for the environment, nothing to climate change or global warming, and nothing for the populations of the poorest countries. But it makes the Paris-ites feel good about themselves.

Jim Hoft is even more scathing:

Paris Junk Science Pact Calls for US to Redistribute Wealth to Banana Republics and 3rd World Hell Holes

Dec 12th, 2015 2:14 pm by

It’s a liberal’s wet dream… Global elites released details of their global warming junk science pact Saturday. The international agreement […]

Hehe, Rick Moran writes, calling it “a load of ‘hornswaggle'”:

[…] is an exercise in narcissistic self congratulations. Each leader will be able to go home, point to something or other in the document, and proclaim that they have saved the planet.

DSC00513So, in conclusion, what was it all about? Nothing:b4345-6a010536b58035970c01b7c7f4b97f970b-piUpdate, Dr Jennifer Marohasy  adds:

“Most expensive treaty in the history of the world.” That is political economist Bjørn Lomborg ‘s assessment of the newly sealed COP21 Paris Treaty. Furthermore, uncritical media reporting that states the treaty will keep temperature rises below 2 degrees Celsius are baloney. Indeed, according to Lomborg, “The math is simple: in an implausibly optimistic best-case scenario, Paris leaves 99 per cent of the problem in place.” The official maths claims the need to reduce emissions by 6,000 gigatonnes to ensure no more than a 2 degree rise, yet the expensive Paris Treaty only delivers a reduction of 56 gigatonnes! Of course, the official maths is based on its own fake remodelled temperature data, and a physical model that ignores key atmospheric feed-back mechanisms. In short, its all really expensive baloney, with 40,000 key contributors to the baloney now jetting their way home from Paris.

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1 Response to the Paris-ites claim victory …

  1. cartoonmick says:

    When all the gloss has gone from the Paris talks,,, when all the backslapping has finished,,, when all the dust has settled and all the spin, smoke and mirrors have been scraped away ,,,,,, what will we be left with ? Yes, WHAT ?

    What effective action has been initiated ? I mean action which really will achieve a substantial and real reduction in pollution next week. I mean substantial action which will start NOW, and not weak political promises which may happen “soon”.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I feel the outcome may look something like this cartoon . . . . . . .


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