top scientist : carbon dioxide on the ecology of the planet has nothing to do with climate

Professor Freeman Dyson, Einstein’s successor: “The good news is that the main effect of carbon dioxide on the ecology of the planet has nothing to do with climate. The main effect of carbon dioxide is to make the planet greener, feeding the growth of green plants of all kinds, increasing the fertility of farms and fields and forests.”
Professor Dyson speaks out about the Green Blob-feast happenings in Paris this week.

The Paris-ites are meeting to ‘divvy up’ the take on offer by the socialists at this years UN IPCC feast.

Joanne Nova, Science journalist and partner of the well credentialed Dr David Evans writes:

[…] If the goal is money and power, reducing CO2 through cheap efficient means would actually be counter productive. It would stop the flow of cash to the patron saints of wind and solar and show how pointless they are:

One MIT study estimated the cost of abating carbon with wind was about $60 AUD per ton, and the cost of solar was $700 AUD per ton. (Marcantonini, 2013). Another estimate put the price of carbon reduction at South Australian windfarms at $1484 per ton…

The Green Blob’s fake concerns about the environment are uncovered, exposing their fake concerns about ‘saving the environment’..

[…]  Abbott was too dangerous because he gave Greens exactly what they *said* they wanted

Tony Abbott out-greened the Greens and threatened to expose that their fake concern. His “Direct Action plan” saved far more CO2 than the carbon taxes of the GreenBlob parties. He achieved cuts in CO2 for $14 a ton instead of spending $1,500 a ton. Direct Action is 5, 10 or 327 times more effective than The Carbon Tax. For the same amount of money, he could save a lot more planet.

Fortunately, not everyone is in lockstep, with Russia, China, India, along with Conservatives in Australia and the US well aware that the whole thing is a socialist scam. Dr Tim Ball exposes the scare for what it is. A repeat of the past:


The Ozone Scare Was A Dry Run For The Global Warming Scare

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball My grandmother told me “Your sins will find you out.” I don’t know if it’s original, but it certainly seems true when you look at the sins of those who created the ozone hole and global warming deceptions.

Read all three articles from some of the best scientists and communicators out there.

Update, look out President Obama, this is coming your way:

Schematics of a new doomsday weapon capable of scaring the American President more than any bloody carnage around the world. Tremble, Infidels!

Confirming the suspicions of the world’s intelligence community, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) announced today that it had completed work on a doomsday weapon capable of destroying the world. Revealing the weapon on…

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