snakes in the grass …

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, or is it  Prime Minister Goldman Sachs, is a snake in the grass when his full history is looked at. This latest stab in the back of Tony Abbott, egged on by his leftist media grubs, is not the first. A previous attempt to remove John Howard was published today where he funded an even worse ‘snake in the grass’, Bill Shorten, the Labor Party leader.

Shorten was responsible for dumping Kevin Rudd, then Julia Gillard. Lets hope the Royal commission is able to complete it’s investigation of Shorten’s double dealings, bribery and coercion.

Michael Smith is equally concerned about Turnbull’s past

Malcolm of the left.

He is outraged in fact, as he points to Turnbull’s duplicity. History repeats:

Turnbull’s Kevin Rudd valedictory – “scale of your betrayal…most shocking thing any of us has seen, discarding a PM who won election”



Update2, from Andrew Bolt:

[…] This week’s Spectator is brutal:


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