cover-up, uncovered …

Labor’s cover for Craig Thomson’s spending has now been shown for what it was, a criminal act.

Disgraced former union boss Craig Thomson is facing financial penalties after the federal court ruled he did pay for escorts and political campaign activities with Health Services Union money.[…]

All the more reason for the unions to be investigated, despite Labor hypocritically trying to shut down the Royal Commission that has also found at least 26 Union officials have breached their duty to their members, to put it kindly!

Journalist Michael Smith, who was relentless in his pursuit of Union wrong doing, mentions Thomson’s ‘big night in’ for Union and Labor supporters of his:

Link to Craig Thomson Judgement delivered in the Federal Court of Australia today

Some details are emerging as Judge Jessup reads his judgement in Melbourne this morning.


Serious findings against Thomson today – penalty hearing to follow.

The following element of the judgement deals with the infamous Sydney Outcalls $2475 big night in for Craig. […]

Thomson, pictured with crocodile tears when lying in Parliament:


I have noted that most news reports fail to mention his Party connections.

Update, of course the media class is at war with Tony Abbott, suffering Abbott Derangement Syndrome.

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