climate fear and anxiety …

A highly credentialled climate study group has just demolished the warming agenda. Ideological”nudge’ factors have contributed to the failed global warming agenda. The 1940-1970 cooling scare is repeated by the warmists in the period since 1980, where temperatures returned to 1930-1940 warm levels. Unwarranted data adjustments have been used to cool this period to give a false idea of unstoppable climbing temperatures: Psychology and Climate Alarm: how fear and anxiety trump evidence.

[…] The Conclusion

 There is no evidence CO2 has determined climate in the past or that it could do so in the future. Just as there was needless alarm over the 37 year cooling from 1940 there is now unwarranted public alarm over a threat of dangerous

global warming. The next ice age remains the real global climate threat.

Australia should save the $3 billion plus spent annually supporting renewable energy programs. The heavy burden of these costs falls on taxpayers, business, and households.

No Australian post-2020 emissions reduction target could be justified which requires additional costs for consumers and/or tax payers.



Further information

The Climate Study Group:

John Chambers BCom, MBA, CA, FAICD, FFin;
Andrew Miller BBus;
Richard Morgan AM BSc (Ag), BCom, FAIAST (Convenor);
Bob Officer AM BSc (Ag), MAgEc (UNE), MBA, PhD (Chicago), FASSA, SFFin;
Mark Rayner BSc (Hons), ChemEng (UNSW), FTSE, FAusIMM, FIEA, FAICD;
Graham Sellars-Jones BCom.
Tom Quirk MSc, MA, DPhil (Oxon), SMP (Harv).

Go ahead and read it all.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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