carbon shock … burn more coal to save the planet

Australia is the highest CO2 sequestering region on the planet according to research from satellites. That surprisingly eliminates all the fudging by the left of data to say we must reduce our CO2 emissions a lot more. The reverse is true, it seems, with Labor/Green demands possibly a threat to our Primary Industry. Burn more coal, I say!

A New Satellite-Derived Assessment of Net Continental CO2 Fluxes (27 July 2015)
Which continent is the greatest CO2 emitter? And which the greatest sequestering one? The answer may surprise you, and it presents a knotty problem for climate alarmists who are doing all they possibly can to get the nations of the Earth to come to a global agreement as to how to proceed to make the entire world a CO2-sequestering planet…

Paper Reviewed
Parker, A. and Ollier, C.D. 2015. Carbon dioxide flux measurements based on satellite observations differ considerably from the consensus values. Energy & Environment 26: 457-463.

Introducing their study of this intriguing subject, Parker and Ollier (2015) write that the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT) “provides the first measured CO2 flux data that can be used to determine if a region is sequestering or emitting CO2.” And they further note that “GOSAT measurements have been the subject of more than 140 scientific papers published in the peer-reviewed press,” and that “in none of them has the reliability of the measurements been questioned.”

Getting right to the crux of the matter, therefore, the two researchers say there has been “no explicit report of the most important inference about whether carbon dioxide is emitted or sequestered.” And they thus become the first to do so, reporting that “the top net emitting continent is Asia, followed by Africa and Europe,” that “North America is also emitting significantly, while South America is net sequestering and Antarctica has a net flux close to zero.” Most notable of all, however, was their own continent of Australia, which they found to be “the top sequestering continent.”

In concluding, Parker and Ollier write that “while the per capita GDP [Gross Domestic Product] is often used as an indicator of a country’s material standard of living, it does not necessarily follow that rich countries produce the most carbon dioxide,” which fact could well prove a knotty problem for climate alarmists who are doing all they possibly can to get the nations of the Earth to come to a global agreement as to how to proceed to make the entire world a CO2-sequestering planet.

 Temperature data also needs to have the urban heat removed to be accurate, which for most cities, is far higher than that for which CO2 is blamed. In practice, the world is cooling, except at large airports and cities.

The Progressive Increase of the Urban Heat Island’s Influence on Temperature Records (28 July 2015)
The urban heat island’s influence is not static. It changes over time and is likely inducing an ever-increasing warming bias on the temperature record, a bias that will only increase as the world’s population continues to urbanize in the years and decades ahead. And, therefore, unless researchers routinely identify and remove this growing influence from the various temperature data bases used in global change studies, there will likely be a progressive overestimation of the influence of CO2 on the temperature record…

home 019More cooked:

modi manhattan energy use

Cooking In New York

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been thinking about the idea of the urban heat island (UHI) as a result of my post on the bogus temperature “record” at Heathrow. The “urban heat island” refers to the fact that cities generally run warmer than the surrounding countryside. This is from some combination of the direct heat…

Shimmering heat at Perth Airport

Perth Airport

Perth Airport

The cause of high Heathrow recordings:

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2 Responses to carbon shock … burn more coal to save the planet

  1. john namnik says:

    Hi Tom
    This talk of sequestration is moot anyway if CO2 is not going to bump us all off. But out of interest, is the OZ good record of sequestration due to technological implementation or is it naturally-occuring as a report says of natural sequestration below Chinese deserts? You’ve no doubt seen this:

    • Tom Harley says:

      Yes, I saw that John, I believe it’s because our crops and bushland and desert areas are much greener than usual, and fewer devastating bushfires with more controlled cool-burning fires being undertaken. Could additionally be the hundreds of thousands of trees and shrubs I have grown … 🙂

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