a BIG FAT price …

[…] ‘Poverty is not going down in the world.  It is going up’.  There’s one for Matt Ridley to take apart.  Can’t recall which CEO said that.  The inaccuracies are coming thick and fast.  I can’t keep up.

Then as a wash up we had Angel Gurria.  The programme describes him as the Secretary General, OECD.  Charismatic, dramatic and just the person to whip up some enthusiasm.  He summed up what had been said well and picked on his Big Idea for what action is needed to whip this Climate Change problem into shape: ‘A Big Fat Price on Carbon’.  I knew it was his big idea because he repeated that phrase 3 more – no, maybe 30 more times.  But there was also some comment on the IMF report that we spend $5.3 trillion dollars in subsidies for fossil fuels.  I’m not sure he was quite accepting that as a meaningful contribution to the debate. […]

The true believers at the UN, yearning after a “BIG FAT price on carbon”. Click to read more …


Ban-Ki-Moon, IMF and World Bank leaders and other UN representative for the climate ministerial, April 2015.

Send more money, $89 trillion more.


Yes, it’s getting close to the Paris COP of ‘true believers’.  In the meantime, real scientists discuss real science and policy, here:


Registration is now open for the Tenth International Conference on Climate Change

Via press release: The Heartland Institute is “the world’s most prominent think tank promoting skepticism about man-made climate change.” — The Economist, May 26, 2012 Meet us next month in Washington, DC, where we will be hosting our tenth conference with the world’s leading scientists who question whether “man-made global warming” is real. Join us…


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