Indonesia laud Tony Abbott … media, crickets, here

Indonesia’s media has a different opinion on Prime Minister Tony Abbott. One you wont find at the ABC, let alone a report like this from Jakarta: Positive and influential Indonesian media commentary about Tony Abbott you don’t hear about here

The Jakarta Globe newspaper is an influential English language paper published daily in Jakarta.

The publisher is the Berita Satu (literally one news or the (as in singular) news) group which owns television and other assets.

Today’s edition of the Jakarta Globe is still reporting on the effects of the executions last week – it’s still big news for thinking Indonesians concerned about their country’s reputation and relationships.

The newspaper’s editorial last week immediately after the executions finished with these paragraphs:

Editorial: Damage Is Done, So What Next?


Joko must now show the world that Indonesia is a nation with full respect for human rights principles — no more arbitrary killings in Papua, no more persecution of religious minorities, and no more murdering of drug convicts just to make a point.

Indonesia can also show Australia how sorry we are, committing that our relations with the country will remain strong. We laud Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s intention to maintain ties with Indonesia. We should humbly welcome his statement that he is a friend of Indonesia.

These are very strong words in face-conscious Indonesia:

We laud Tony Abbott

We should humbly welcome his statement that he (personal to Abbott) is a friend of Indonesia

But how much of that have you seen reported here in Australia?   Tony Abbott has handled this relationship exceptionally well on both sides of the Timor Sea.

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