Labor and the ‘piggy bank’ …

The Unions want more of your cash. The . Then the Labor Party, yes you can see what’s coming. Thank goodness for the current sitting of the Royal Commission, letting some light shine on the corruption of the renewable ‘industry’. This could have cost us another sum equivalent to the losses of the 4 moth-balled Desalination plants.

Australia: Rogue union on the side of the Warmists

Collusion between two lots of crooks.  ETU members get to install a lot of the “sustainable” crap

Thousands of Australian jobs in the renewable energy sector are at risk due to the ongoing failure of the Federal Government to adopt a reasonable renewable energy target, Electrical Trades Union assistant national secretary David Mier has warned.

“The Abbott Government has already destroyed jobs, trashed Australia’s renewable energy sector, destabilised the industry and damaged its international reputation with its ideological crusade against renewable energy,” Mr Mier said.

“It is time for the Federal Government to pull its finger out and come to the negotiating table on this vitally important matter, before further damage is done.

 “We’ve waited for well over 12 months for Abbott and co to get it together on renewable energy, and they’re still quibbling over a matter of 1000 gigawatt-hours. In the interests of industry, workers and the country, they need to make a deal.”

Mr Mier said that the Labor Opposition had led the way on the target, maintaining their pre-election promise of a decent renewable energy target and working with industry to form a plan for the future.

“This morning on ABC radio we saw Mr Shorten indicate the ALP was willing to consider accepting 33000 gigawatt-hours if that’s what it takes to resolve the impasse, 500 less than what was offered for bi-partisan support last month,” he said.

“Labor’s offer to take a bipartisan approach to the renewable energy target, in line with the recommendations of the industry, puts the ball firmly in the Federal Government’s court.

“The Government can’t blame the Senate cross-bench for causing uncertainty, because there is now a clear offer on the table that could pass through the parliament that also  comes with industry backing.”

Mr Mier said that it was vital for Australia to adopt a progressive and ambitious renewable energy target, in order to take its place among the world’s leaders in the sector.

“Let me be clear -the original RET target was appropriate and it has only been the Government’s intransigence and incompetence that has led to this point. We need to forge ahead on this issue,” he said.

“A deal needs to be done, and it needs to be done now. But then it needs to be improved on, and quickly. “Our jobs, our businesses, and our nation’s energy future depends on it.”

Press release

The crooks, paying bribes, read it all at the link, here’s a short excerpt of the dirty dealing. Senator Dastyari will soon be in the focus:

UNION heavyweight Bernie Riordan is being sued by his own members over $1.8 million in fees he allegedly pocketed while serving on four boards connected with their superannuation funds.

The unprecedented legal action against one of the nation’s most powerful union bosses follows reports in The Sunday Telegraph about claims the former NSW ALP president was almost trebling his income by sitting on company boards.

As the head of the Electrical Trades Union, Mr Riordan receives an annual salary of $133,000 plus super but he has allegedly supplemented that with as much as $264,625 a year in board sitting fees.

Mr Riordan was deposed as president of the NSW Labor Party last year after The Sunday Telegraph revealed he had rallied his members against then premier Kristina Keneally, urging them to back the NSW Coalition and the Greens in the March election.

But he is still regarded as one of the most influential union figures in the NSW Labor Party.

In a statement of claim lodged with the Federal Court last week, it is alleged Mr Riordan has received $1,807,884 in fees since 1998 from sitting on the boards of the Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme, Futureplus Financial Services, Chifley Financial Services Limited and Mert Limited.

The claim states that under the ETU’s rules, any sitting fees “received by officials must be reimbursed to the union” for the benefit of all members.

Two other ETU officials, Neville Betts and Paul Sinclair, are also part of the action which seeks to recover a combined total of $3.4 million in board fees dating back to 1998.

Mr Betts has taken home $595,374 since 1998, while from sitting on the board of state-owned electricity company, Transgrid, and the ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority. The writ also claims Mr Sinclair has kept $991,839 from sitting on the board of the electrical industry super scheme and Integral Energy.

While Mr Riordan declined to comment, a NSW ETU spokesman said the legal action was “an ugly stunt” by Victorian ETU boss Dean Mighell and his branch of the union, which was trying to take over the NSW branch at the forthcoming election.

He said the claims were “a cynical ploy” and “completely wrong”, and would be vigorously defended.

While Mr Sinclair also declined to comment on the lawsuit, Mr Betts said the allegations were “incorrect”.

Mr Mighell rejected claims it was a stunt.

“I absolutely reject that. This legal action isn’t something I want to do, but it’s something I have no choice to do, because of the lack of transparency,” he said. “That money is union money, it belongs to our members.”

The legal action was dropped just before the hearing. Bribes all covered nice and neat.

Stoljar, “did you care about that, did that cause you concern?   You were just abandoning the proceedings despite the fact that you had no agreement at all (in relation to the reasons you brought the case in the first place)?”

Stoljar, “Mr Riordan was going to go off to the Fair Work Commission and therefore he was no longer going to be a threat to you – if Mr Riordan was moving on, you didn’t see any need to continue the proceedings because he was no longer going to be a political opponent?”

Mr Mighell agrees that he got not one dollar back from Riordan or others.

More at the Commission tomorrow!

The final total of payments to Labor were in excess of $4million:


The Royal Commission’s ALP Loans Affair hearing (after lunch) is now in session.


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