Chile’s volcanic haze reaches Broome? …

Years ago, when Mt Pinatubo blew in the Phillipines, Broome was subjected to some amazing sunsets. I am not sure, but I cannot fathom any other reason for this hazy sunset tonight than Chile’s recent volcanic explosions. I guess if it persists in the days ahead, I will know for sure. It’s too soon following the wet season for fires to affect the atmosphere.

(Update, there is a fair bit of burning off hundreds of km away to the NWest, so it is possible that may be the cause. Northern Australian Fire Information although most of the winds over the last few days are SE to East here,-20.07,1350)

Posted here in the order taken, some using zoom. Radar shows a few wispy clouds, and humidity is around 65%, temperature dropped rapidly from 32C to 24C. it’s going to be a cool night.

Click to enlarge: a - Copy b - Copy c - Copy d - Copy e - Copy f - CopyUpdate 2:

Global warming? We should not underestimate the planet. “So many volcanoes throwing so much gas, ash and particulates into the air can have an effect on climate, this is a scientific fact. I’m not saying that these volcanoes herald the start of a new ice age but the planet certainly seems to be getting a bit more active of late.”

A new island has appeared in the Pacific. A submarine eruption just off Nishino-Shima Island Japan has erupted for the first time in 40 years. The…

Update, the next evening:

The haze, still there all around the horizon, and only visible just before sunset.

a c d e

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