Union blackmail and extortion continues …

Extortion is the name of the game by the Union movement in Queensland and Victoria, both states that have recently been won by Labor.

It’s your money they are after.


Des Houghton:

EXTORTION allegations against unions should be investigated by the Queensland commission of inquiry into organised crime, says Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg.

In a letter to crime commissioner Michael Byrne QC, Mr Springborg yesterday said a long history of intimidation and unlawful strikes by the CFMEU cost taxpayers millions extra in capital works projects such as the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane…

(T)he Royal Commission into Union Governance and Corruption in its interim report … found “conduct which may constitute the criminal offences of blackmail and extortion by officers of the CFMEU”…

Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon … said the behaviour of CFMEU officials in Queensland and other states “may give rise to contraventions of the boycott, cartel and other provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act”.

Former attorney-general Jarrod Bleijie told Parliament last year that stoppages at the children’s hospital alone cost taxpayers an extra $7.5 million.

Read it all.


Trade unions are monopolies with immense power and no competitors – their leaders make their own rules, they pay no tax, they have their own political wing, they select their own legislators and the scale and audacity of their corrupt and racketeer influenced codes of conduct are too vast for most of us to accept, let alone to fix.

I hope this year the TURC will rise to that challenge.  Pursuing young girls in the witness box over cab chits and text messages  makes good theatre, but it’s hardly likely to trigger societal change.  Make no mistake, societal change is what we need now.  That’s a big job.  That’s why we have a Royal Commission with big powers.

The first step for the TURC is to see the problem and the TURC is not there yet.

It’s up to Justice Heydon and his team to decide whether the Heydon legacy will be cabchits, SMSs and embarrassed girls – or an Australia with a cleansed soul.

Thanks Muso, sometimes it takes a piece of art.


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