on media abuse … and barbarians

Bullying and abuse is now an epidemic amongst the ‘hate media’. Using the late Malcolm Fraser as an excuse to pile on. Of course, this is no more than self-projection of those writers of drivel:

[…] using Fraser’s death as an excuse to heap the wildest and most childish abuse on today’s Liberals:

Whatever you thought of his politics and his seminal role in the vice regal dismissal of the Whitlam Labor government almost 40 years ago, John Malcolm Fraser was, above all else, a genuine liberal in the best sense of the word. Thus he goes to his grave appalled, surely, by the oafs, boofheads and lesser ninnies that not only control the Liberal Party and conservative politics in this country these days, but take their disgrace to the summit of running Australia too.

Author? It’sMarkKenny again.


The media Left is vying to be the most abusive to Tony Abbott. The ABC, meant by law to be balanced, yesterday stepped up its own abuse in its increasingly frenzied attempts to destroy Tony Abbott. Host Jon Faine treated Abbott with a disgraceful disrespect, including abuse, false claims and some verballing: […]

I wont bore you with the rest of the boorish verballing and false claims, they are not worth the minute it takes to copy and paste.

At least someone has noticed the “blank sheet of opposition leader Bill Shorten”.

Troy Bramston:

BILL Shorten’s critics inside the Labor Party are growing. You don’t have to go far to find detractors in the party organisation, the unions or among the membership, including Labor elders, or to hear complaints about policy, strategy, communications or the slow pace of party reform. Even some of Shorten’s biggest supporters concede they are disappointed.

Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall at The Australian. They omit what’s obvious. They’re laughing even in London.

Shockingly, the left are headed toward becoming barbarians, or is it too late?:

“Off with his head”? Why are Abbott haters such barbarians?

iRewind Talk: The New Barbarians (1982)

350 x 500 · 50 kB · jpeg


I will say it again – the far Left sounds increasingly like the far Islamist Right. Barbarians both:

A group of musicians are using art as protest and controversially calling for the beheading of Tony Abbott.

Musicians have used song as a means of protest to the Abbott Government’s ‘bleak and sterile environment’, donating their time to compose Down the Abbott Hole.

Nothing like beheading politicians you don’t like to fix a “bleak and sterile environment”[…]

Read it all, if you have the stomach.

Update. Speaking of barbarians:


Tim Blair Saturday, March 21, 2015 (4:32am)

Former News Corp bludger Will Colvin has written a helpful warning for any potential future employers. Very considerate of him. Following his unhappy experience at News, Will has moved on to more challenging assignments – such as interviewing his dad, veteran ABC tax drain Mark Colvin. Most of the interview seems to be about Will.

UPDATE. A commenter here notes that Will Colvin now has a “comfy job” providing voiceovers for the ABC’s leftoid-loaded Media Watch. Your taxes at work, people.


Much more on this second-gen deadbeat at Quadrant.

Update. Sacked:

Tweet off: Media Watch drops young Colvin

That’s funny, they all think he was right at Media Watch, they should sack the lot. Oh, that’s right, it’s ‘their’ ABC.

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