media’s hypocritical double standards … and Derangement Syndrome

The Australian media left are increasingly out of touch, hypocritical, full of double standards and shouting out lots of fake outrage.


On it goes:

Abbott’s comments on drinking were very few and hardly offensive.

Mr Abbott …  describes St Patrick’s Day as the one day when “it’s good to be green”.

He proclaims Ireland’s most famous day “a great day for the Irish, and the English, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians and everyone who cares to come to a party”.

Mr Abbott signs off his message with an apology that “I can’t be there to share a Guinness or two or maybe even three”.

Wow, the manufactured outrage, beaten up by Fairfax (and not just by those journalists):


But now check out what the media allowed Julia Gillard to say about Irish boozing without a word of this fake media outrage:

I’m sure it’s a good thing, a very good thing, that you all have the weekend to recover from this lunch…

And I do want to say this too. That hasn’t changed either. Patrick O’Farrell reminds us of the United Irishman Joseph Holt – a true political prisoner – sent here after 1798 and who found himself farming near Sydney, and he said in 1803: ‘My usual time to commence to sow crops was the first Monday after St Patrick’s Day. it requiring a few days to get the men sober.’

Or how about this, from then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2009: […]

So much more at the top link.

You see, Malcolm Turnbull was the media darling until defeated three years ago by Tony Abbott with a close margin. Conservative voters preferred Tony Abbott, and the media has been a victim of Abbott Derangement Syndrome ever since, even trying on an unsuccessful coup, with Turnbull’s help. Abbott’s vote was greatly increased.

Fairfax also threw a party for all their friends and readers(12): FAIRFAX AND FRIENDS

Fairfax threw a party but nobody came:

The first weekend of Fairfax Media’s major new events division project, the Spectrum Now festival, has seen a disastrously low public turnout.

The free Spectrum Playground event in Sydney’s Domain saw just a few hundred people attend over the weekend at a venue which has a capacity of tens of thousands.

Please click and scroll to observe a completely ignored Sydney Morning Herald stand. Why did this stupid, shrinking company try to throw a massive public party in the first place?

Fairfax has signalled that it sees a significant part of its future business model based on building mass public events.

Good start.

Update. Not just the media but their enablers too:

Watch this video very carefully. Where does the Prime Minister accuse the Labor members opposite of laughing at child abuse? NOWHERE. After detailing that metadata has been used for 100% of suspected terrorism cases, the Opposition members interrupt him with laughing and carrying on. You can clearly see Jenny Macklin, Bill Shorten and the Opposition front bench members smiling and joking among themselves. The camera then returns to the PM who restarts his address to include child abuse and then says “And they’re still laughing”. WHICH THEY WERE!!! Its there for all to see.…/abbott-taunt-labor-outrage-635…

Uproar in question time as Tony Abbott accuses Labor of laughing at child abuse.

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