searching for the hidden heat …

Google’s founder, Eric Schmidt, has invested heavily, here, hunting for the lost heat off the coast from Perth in Western Australia. Trenberth’s ‘can’t find the heat it’s in the bottom of the ocean’ comment must be Google’s reason for investing so much here:

Research cruise delves into Perth Canyon’s depths

[…] But by studying deep-water corals that can live for centuries, Prof McCullough and his team hope to build up a picture of how carbon dioxide levels deep in the ocean have fluctuated over time.

“These species are highly sensitive to ocean acidification, such as from the carbon dioxide channeled down into deep oceans [via the canyon],” he says.

The public can also keep tabs on the expedition, which launches today.

“We will be aiming to stream all of the video [from the ROVs] online in real time,” says fellow UWA oceanographer Charitha Pattiaratchi.

At least this report from SNWA didn’t exaggerate the hunt for global warming like ‘their’ ABC did. Whoops, is Eric related to Gavin Schmidt, I wonder?

The R/V Falkor (pictured) launches today carrying researchers to the Perth Canyon. The R/V Falkor (pictured) launches today carrying researchers to the Perth Canyon. Michael Hopkin

A WORLD-first expedition backed by Google billionaire Eric Schmidt is bidding to unlock the secrets of the Perth Canyon, the vast undersea gorge carved by the prehistoric Swan River.

The canyon—Australia’s largest undersea valley—has never been properly surveyed, despite the fact that its eastern end is just 10km west of Rottnest Island.

Researchers led by UWA […]

Google goes off the climate change deep end | Watts …

A different deep end, the one above is deeeep.

The ABC searches for global warming propaganda:

Professor Malcolm McCulloch
A group of scientists is hoping to unlock the secrets of an unexplored deep-sea canyon off Perth which could provide crucial inf…

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  1. Gavin Schmidt admitted he did not know about the Schmidt number or how it is used. I bet Eric Schmidt does not know as well. By the way Schmidt is the German word for Smith and is very common. There is a Brian Schmidt in Australia who has made a fool of himself by backing the alarmists like Flannery. (Quite a few have been critical of his Nobel prize because he does not understand about young Quasars and their red shift which show that red shift measurements are likely to be in error and maybe the universe is not expanding -but then he is not an engineer) It seems he also, would not know about the Schmidt number because he certainly does not understand heat transfer (again because he is not an engineer).

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