disconnected Green minds …

Eeek: Claim: ‘A Look At The Utopian Minds Of Environmentalists Shows Derangement, Confusion And Reality-Disconnect’

I must admit, my own take would be less severe, so let’s have a look: […]

Evans admits that his utopia was doomed to failure. It attracted only idealists and disaffected romantics when what was needed were people with practical skills… […]

…the small group began to disintegrate. One member even started to invent his own religion, building a shrine. […]

He himself was soon fed up with sleeping under rancid fleece blankets  … the sanitary arrangements were grotesque. […]

It soon became apparent that ‘the whole experiment had been a huge mistake’. […]

Evans was eventually detained under the Mental Health Act in a maximum security psychiatric hospital. […]

He fretted unduly about global warming and ‘the looming energy crisis’… Evans, the doctors concluded, was already craving the abyss and in the throes of panic-attacks and a breakdown.”

If the story of Evans tells us anything, it is that it vividly illustrates how far out to lunch academics in the ivory towers can sometimes become. Why on earth would policymakers ever listen to their loony utopian ideas to begin with? Evans just proved that its all lunacy.

The claim was right. Read the whole thing.

It’s contagious:

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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