elevated CO2 is a desirable change … warmly welcomed

The Positive Impact of Elevated CO2 on Sunflower Seed Production[…] Just as is found for most all food crops, the yield of sunflower seed oil is significantly enhanced by atmospheric CO2 enrichment, as is the quality of the oil.

Additional atmospheric CO2 improves the quality and yield of all oil seed crops, says latest research into the impact of extra CO2 emissions, by significant margins:

[…] Based on the results of the many measurements they made throughout the crop’s growth and post-harvest, Pal et al. found that (1) the CO2-induced enhancement in photosynthesis “was 31.7-52.1% in DRSH1 and 25.5-42.8% in DRSF 113,” that (2) “plants grown under elevated CO2 concentration showed 61-68% gains in biomass and 35-46% increases in seed yields of both genotypes,” that (3) “oil content increased significantly in DRSF 113 (15%), that (4) “carbohydrate seed reserves increased with similar magnitudes in both the genotypes under elevated CO2 treatment (13%),” and that (5) “fatty acid composition in seed oil contained higher proportions of unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic acid) under elevated CO2 treatment,” which result they say “is a desirable change in oil quality for human consumption.”

Also check out data for Canola, here: Canola [Brassica napus]

You can check out the rest of the extensive data-base here: Dry Weight (Biomass)

Any temperature rise is warmly welcomed too. The Accelerating Growth Rates of Central European Forest Stands (13 February 2015)
For the past 140 years they have been significantly increasing, and doing so in spite of extended periods of both acid rain and drought conditions …  
not forgetting, reportedly, warmer weather!

Sunflowers between Lawrence and Tonganoxie

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