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How they warmed the world: fiddled the figures like this from Steve Goddard

The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time—Part III

Francis Menton

A few weeks ago, in mid-January, you would have had a hard time missing the big shouting and celebration in the global warming alarmist camp of 2014 being the “hottest year ever.” As just a few examples, there was Scientific American on January 5 (“2014 Officially Hottest Year On Record”); the BBC on January 16 (“2014 warmest year on record, say US researchers””; or the New York Times on January 16 (“2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics”).  There were plenty of others like those.

If you read all of those articles, without doubt you will come away asking yourself one glaring question, namely:  So what did the satellites show?  Not one of these articles, or for that matter any of many others from the alarmist camp that I have looked at, so much as mentions the satellite data.  But anybody who follows this issue even a little knows that beginning in 1979 the U.S. government at great taxpayer expense has put up satellites with sophisticated instruments to get much more accurate measurements of world temperatures than previously available.  The alternative networks of ground based thermometers still exist, but have widely scattered coverage and are subject to large inaccuracies (like from having cities grow up around them, or having their sites moved over the years).  So SA, BBC, NYT: How could you insult our intelligence with articles trumpeting “hottest year ever” without telling us what the satellites say?

Luckily it’s not too hard to figure out what the satellites say—their data is published monthly by two sources, UAH and RSS.  Here’s an article summarizing the results from both.  Of course it’s exactly what you knew it would be as soon as you saw that the likes of the liars at SA, BBC and NYT wouldn’t tell you what the satellites say:  2014 was not the hottest year, nor close, but rather tied for 6th/7th place in the 36 year record from RSS, 0.3 degrees C cooler than the warmest year, which was 1998—16 years ago.  Now 0.3 degrees C may not be a lot, but it’s also not a little in a record that only varies by about 1.2 degrees C from coolest to warmest year.

But it gets worse.  Regular readers of this blog know that there is a gigantic issue out there of the extent to which the ground thermometer records can be trusted because the guardians of the data (who are the same people putting out the press releases about 2014 being the “hottest year ever”) have been systematically tampering with the data to make the earlier years cooler and therefore make the present appear warmer by comparison.  I previously wrote about this issue on July 3, 2014 (”What Is The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time—Part IIwink and on July 19, 2013 (”What Is The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time?wink Those articles name names, both of the crooked U.S. government paid fake scientists who “adjust” the raw thermometer data without explanation to fit the desired narrative of “hottest year ever,” and also of the independent researchers who laboriously track down old archived temperature records to uncover the tampering […]

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