another CO2 ‘surprise’ …

Broome has a good selection of seagrasses in the Ramsar wetland of Roebuck Bay. It’s monitored by volunteers as the seagrass is the only food-source for Dugongs, where a strong population exists. Now research shows that increasing atmospheric CO2 is beneficial: The Ecosystem Services of Seagrass Beds in a CO2-Enriched World (11 February 2015)
The CO2-prompted ocean-acidification-induced increases in the many and varied benefits of seagrasses – along with their monetary value – may truly surprise you, approximately 500 and 600 billion pounds sterling ($765-918 billion USD)…

That would be good!

[…] Based on projections of future anthropogenic CO2 emissions and their impacts on the above- and below-ground growth of seagrass, the two UK researchers estimate that over the remainder of this century, the global standing stock of seagrass “is expected to increase by 94%, whilst the standing stock in the UK is expected to increase by 82%.”


Sorry, guys, but the anthropogenic part of CO2 emissions is pretty small compared to natural variability and oceanic cycles! When Did Anthropogenic Global Warming Begin?


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