derangement syndrome …

The media, bar one or two that didn’t fall for the hype, confirmed their agenda over the past few days in their attacks on Prime Minister Abbott. The Facebook fascists soon followed through with the name-calling bullying, buoyed by the frenzy. They were all backing Malcolm Turnbull, a former Liberal Party leader, convinced he would win this one. Abbott Derangement Syndrome has set in.

Tony Abbott had become leader a few years earlier by just scraping in to beat Turnbull in a ballot. His win this time was by a more convincing 61 to 39, far more than the previous close shave. Of course, if you read, listened or watched the Syndrome Suffering media, you would think this ballot was very close.

Turnbull, the member for “Goldman Sachs” has always been a favorite of the left, so I wont be surprised if the media try it on again. The latest interview of the Prime Minister is proof that the ‘Syndrome’ is alive and well. Andrew Bolt: The modern interviewing technique at the ABC: throw pies at Abbott’s face

 Yes, ask the tough questions. Yes, ask how he will survive and how he will change.

But there’s a difference between that and just sitting there with a smirk, being as rude and patronising as possible.

Also this. Bill Shorten blames Turnbull, for not winning:

[…] Tanya Plibersek was little better. She started by whingeing about poll figures for Abbott. If Parliament passed no confidence motions in Prime Ministers every time they got bad poll figures, Gillard would not have lasted six months.

And the sheer hide of Shorten and Plibersek protesting about leadership disunity and treachery. Shorten! The man who knifed two Labor leaders in just three years!


A fired-up Abbott then goes Shorten like a man celebrating the new power in his limbs. Liberal hearts would have lifted.


Below the fold, the Facebook Fascists at work:

What a weak desperate man, spending your money to get support from his own party. Honestly when you have to buy friends, you haven’t got any.

For all the talk of the Prime Minister being a dead man walking, another move against him can only be triggered by further frustration at his failure to change or sustained pressure from a popular rival. And the latter doesn’t look likely.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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