new subsidized artificial reef installation …

Perth, in Western Australia, is the home of this new, heavily subsidized*, wave generator, soon to be artificial reef, as the second unit gets installed off Garden Island. Carnegie installs second CETO 5 unit at WA wave energy project

Western Australian wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy has installed the second of its home-grown CETO 5 power generation units in waters south of Perth, where it has been operating successfully for over a week.

The ASX-listed company said on Tuesday that the unit was installed in one day at its Perth Wave Energy Project site off Garden Island, where it is operating alongside the first CETO 5 unit, installed in November last year.

The second CETO 5 unit being installed off Garden Island, WA

Last week, Carnegie Wave completed its onshore power plant for the Perth Project, which when operating will become the first commercial-scale grid connected wave energy and desalinated water project.

As reported last week, the completion of the onshore plant triggered a payment to Carnegie of $54,444 from the WA government under its LEED Grant.

Carnegie also submitted a payment claim worth $316,785 for the completion of the milestone to the federal government granted under its ARENA Emerging Renewables Program.

Both installed CETO units are generating electricity against a load bank onshore, awaiting final approval from Western Power to transfer electricity to the grid at HMAS Stirling.

The third and final CETO 5 unit has been moved to the Australian Maritime Complex (AMC) in Henderson for final fit out ahead of its installation, which is expected to take place in around a month. […]

This project was foreshadowed nearly three years ago. Freo’s wave energy project gets go ahead

Ms. Stevens expects the Federal Government’s $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation will help to bridge that gap.

A 2011 CSIRO study showed Australian wave energy resources could produce up to five times the country’s electricity requirement

The other artificial reef project: $7m handout as Port Kembla eyesore rots

Oceanlinx’s inability to clean up the rusting hulk of its wave generator off Port Kembla has not stopped the company putting its hand out for almost $7 million in government funding.

Oceanlinx decommissioned the generator, which has been falling apart in recent months, in 2009. That same year, the firm received $2.95 million in funding for a new device under the federal government’s Climate Ready program. […]

*Paid for with your taxes, and increased electricity prices.

Garden Island WA, is the home base for the Australian Navy’s Submarines.

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